I encourage and welcome letters and reviews of our time together.  Most recent reviews are posted at the top. All of the following are from my clients:

I went to see Mistress Justine in order to experience a session with a dominatrix for the first time and I can honestly say it was an experience that was worth the wait.  I went to see her for a tickle torture session and was surprised not only with her professionalism and beauty, but her skill was also top tier. She ended up placing me mostly on the sex swing and bondage bed so that my spots would be exposed and she tormented them mercilessly. It was a great experience that I hope to have again someday.”
–c. Los Angeles, 2024
I had a great session with Mistress Justine. She is even more beautiful in person. She is very elegant and moves with grace. She is the perfect combination of feminine and strong confident woman. As a first timer with a dominatrix, she was very clear with instructions and patient with me. I had a great session and I’m sure to return. I have a lot to improve to not disappoint Mistress. But I also enjoyed making mistakes and being punished. I recommend Mistress Justine Cross to everyone.”
–j Los Angeles 2024 (Also on Session Girls)
“I had the privilege and honor of serving Mistress Justine Cross recently at Dungeon East. Truly an amazing time.  Dungeon East is a well appointed and perfectly stocked space, and so much more light and airy vs a traditional dungeon. All the same torture, with just a more classy feel.
I know it’s cliche to say, but it’s so true I can’t resist. Mistress looks amazing in all of her online content: I assure you it pales to how she looks in person.  Her amazing figure, with the confidence and poise to go with it sets the scene and brings you to your knees upon first sight.
I’ve found many pros to be inconsistent: talk a good game while making arrangements, only to have the experience be routine and cookie cutter. Not so with Mistress Justine. She leveraged every bit of our pre session communication to plan the scene. What’s more, she was very perceptive of my reactions/responses during the session and focused in on the areas that were building excitement . She is safe, sane, and consensual friendly, and open and communicative during the session, while making sure you know who is in charge. A key takeaway was watching her enjoy the session, her taking in the view in the mirror, and particularly being present in the scene. Her timing, cadence, planning and adaptation created the perfect session experience, from ramping up at the start to an amazing catharsis at the end.
“Best Mistress I’ve served and I can’t wait until I’m able to visit again.”

–s. Los Angeles 2024 (Also on Session Girls)

“Justine is incredible! I had an absolutely wonderful time sessioning with her and would happily recommend her to anyone.”

–t. Los Angeles 2024 (Also on Session Girls.)

“I had never been to a pro-domme before and I am so glad I had my first experience with Justine Cross. Justine is very professional and our session exceeded all of my expectations. Her space is incredible and sets the mood perfectly. I had some special requests/nerves going into it and she accommodated everything brilliantly. I’ve been going to kink events and dungeons for about 10 years, and I have subbed to other people before. I came in for an impact focused session with some extended aftercare, and there was definitely a big difference going to a professional. I plan on visiting Justine again and can’t recommend her enough.”

–c. Los Angeles 2023

The session began with Mistress Justine assertively establishing control by humiliating, immediately creating an atmosphere of tension and anticipation. Her understanding and expertise in foot fetish play were clearly evident. The level of intimacy, the softness of her feet, and the captivating rhythm of her movements; all contributed to a mesmerizing experience that kept me on the edge, creating an addictive blend of pleasure and torment.

In closing, if you’re in search of an experienced, creative, and intuitive Mistress, I wholeheartedly recommend Mistress Justine. Her profound understanding of this dynamic, combined with her striking ability to keep you constantly guessing and wanting, creates a uniquely thrilling experience that will remain etched in your memory long after the session concludes.

–Z, Los Angeles 2023

I wanted to take a moment to really thank you for your time on Monday. Like a lot of people I think I’ve really struggled with trying to accept my kinks growing up, but you really gave me a really fulfilling, powerful experience with them that makes me feel really secure and at peace with myself and who I am.

It was a lot of fun and really made me feel great. I was nervous to go, but I’m so glad I did. I feel lot more confident in myself and am excited to embrace this side of myself that used to make me really feel ashamed.

You seem like a really compassionate, great person and I am grateful that you were able to introduce me to this exciting side of myself. I hope to see you again sometime, but in the meantime, thank you for everything!

–D, Los Angeles 2022

Hi Mistress Justine,

We had such an incredible time last week, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for itwhile I’m feeling inspired. And to sing your praises, in case you’re inclined to updating your reviews section. Not only as the keen mistress that many other reviewers have attested to, but also as a teacher and a purveyor of all manner of fantasy that you so clearly are…

As an enthusiastic, but novice dominant woman, I’d fantasized about getting the opportunity to play at my Femdom fantasies somewhere immersive and well equipped, yet still beautiful, for some time. But I’d always had some insecurities around know-how and safety that created some hesitancies. After connecting with my submissive, we decided to pursue living out some of our mutual fantasies and exploring some more heavy play. We reached out to Mistress Justine about renting Dungeon East for the night, as well as the possibility of a session with her. She was immediately responsive, clearly communicative, and a consummate professional when acting in her role as business owner. So often rare when dealing with adult-oriented businesses.

I am so glad we sprung for the session with her in addition to renting the space overnight. She perfectly balanced deferring to me on what I wanted included in the session, while still guiding us and taking charge. She was able to recognize nervousness, and both disarm it with her charms to create a sense of ease, as well as use it for erotic tension.

She had an obvious nack for the delicate balance of working with couples. She intuitively read how to engage so our dynamic was respected. My sub got all the excitement that accompanied two women dominating him. I got my appetite wet by her beauty, and the rush of playing off her dominant energy. All while she nurtured  my confidence and guided me in the things I wanted to learn. The opportunity to have someone bear witness to our dynamic, to fan the flames of excitement, to participate and facilitate without ever overshadowing, was amazing and honestly exceeded expectations.

She created a totally un-rushed environment, while still managing to fit in all the things I wanted to experience. She even suggested we take a few pictures in the space at the end, which would not have occurred to me while in the moment, but I now cherish. And she ended us on a note that left us both aroused beyond belief.

She’s a goddess. I imagine any submissive man lucky enough to secure her company will be more than satisfied with the experience, but her versatility and dominant energy knows no bounds. I hope I’m lucky enough to enjoy her presence again, and will keep an eye out for the classes she occasionally offers at Dungeon East. But in the mean time, she’ll continue to live in our fantasies.

Thank you again!

R & H, Los Angeles 2022

Dear Justine,

In one of your podcasts you said you thought people just wanted to be understood. It’s true. For me, so much of my sexuality is also to want to understand others. To fall down a rabbit hole. While I was waiting outside your dungeon I wrote a poem:

Justine, I am a writer and a romantic and so it is impossible for me to not deliver a glowing review of your services without it being made up of the language we created together in our small time together. Also my favorite thing is to write a beautiful woman a love letter. I hope that’s ok. What a treat to wake up in so much pain, completely bruised. To be marked by you. To be beaten by such an absolute babe is a treat. I am sorry I didn’t give in from the get go— I always want to fight. Also, I love being in control too. You’re the dream fantasy, Justine.  Understand? But my body is wrecked today so I guess you won. I love being marked by you. I loved your hands covering my face so much, and the weight of you sitting on my back, and your boots digging into me. I loved smelling the leather of your outfit and boots. I wanted to come for you but I was conflicted because I wanted your fingers in my mouth and also to kiss you which I know is not part of the deal. My only regret is that if my desire to fight in anyway disrespected your space . . . I loved when you reached for the back of my leg looking for welts . . .

–a, Los Angeles 2022

Hello, Mistress!

Oh my gosh, am I ever! Thank you so, so much for such an incredible session and for checking in. I had to revisit the Duncan Trussell podcast episode yesterday, it’s still such a fantastic listen! It also gave me the biggest smile ever when I saw your Tweet!

But oh my god, the shivers your nails gave me will stick with me for so, SO long, believe me 😉
Thank you again for everything, I definitely hope to be back sooner rather than later!

T., Los Angeles 2022

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is
made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my
infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take
pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in
distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.”
–2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Mistress Justine Cross is such a person with good heart that she welcomes and supports
every open minded individual for their greatest pain and joy in life. Last week I had my
first Erotic scene in Dungeon West with the most beautiful Mistress Justine. I always feel
the most exciting moment of any BDSM is me being tied up in an inescapable bondage
and experience the pain till the most euphoric endorphin eruption occurs. I promise to
you Mistress Justine will take you to that moment of excitement in an unimaginable way.
For an accurate analogy, Mistress Justine is just like a drug that once you tried, you
discover an unimaginable “high” from it that will change the rest of your life.

As soon as I dropped my knees, I realized the rest of my life will be different because she
is such a Goddess in mortal form who knows everything in my mind. Believe it or not,
she was even able to miraculously tell where I went to school in the past, so be prepared
to bear your wickedest afflictions for her even before you verbally beg for them. Mistress
Justine has her divine power to penetrate every man’s skull to a point it started haunting
his thoughts, emotions and actions for a lifetime.

I knew that feeling is going to haunt my life in a dangerous way, because on the third
day after I left for my first scene with Mistress Justine, I experienced the horrible effect
of “subdrop”, the feeling when the endorphins I experienced suddenly vanishes out of my
body causing unendurable withdrawals. To be honest, those who are reading this now
need to be aware that your life will feel so dull and meaningless after you left her for your
first scene unless you go back to her again. During my scene with her, I tried as hard as
possible to grasp every aspects of the charm of the Goddess, but my eyeballs are
constantly rolled back into my head for an entire ninety minutes of pain. Mistress
Justine will eventually teach you a good lesson on what is paired conditioning. As an
example myself, even without my humble presence around the Goddess, my eyeballs will
still roll to the back of my head every time her divine charm flashback in my mind.

I invite all humble man everywhere to worship and serve Mistress Justine Cross, to
ponder in their hearts what kind of afflictions they are willing to bear upon them; your
Goddess on earth will understand every feeling of your heart if you drop your knees and
beg for forgiveness. Those who pursue her divinity will gain an eternal testimony that a
true heaven presence at the tip of Mistress Justine Cross’s shinny sharp fingernails
digging into the welts both on my flesh and in my heart.

by Desmond on Sunday, October 8, 2018

I contacted Mistress Justine Cross a couple of month back when I knew I would be in LA on business for a few days. I am a nervous novice from the UK, but thought work travel would allow me the courage and anonymity to visit a domme, and so I took the initial nerve-wracking step of sending an email. Unfortunately Mistress was away during my only free day in town, and I resigned myself to the fact that a session wouldn’t be possible. However a last-minute free afternoon presented itself on the day i was to fly home, so I enquired if a short notice session would be possible – i knew it was a very long shot. I guess because of our earlier correspondence, and sheer luck that our schedules aligned, i was surprised when Mistress told me a session would be possible at her Dungeon West studio.

I had pre-warned mistress that i would tongue-tied and extremely nervous. When I arrived she greeted me wearing the most incredible outfit – black leather thigh-length boots, a short leather skirt and satin bra top. She was stunning, statuesque, immaculate hair and makeup; i knew she looked incredible from her website, but even so, in the flesh she was unbelievable, a true dominatrix fantasy figure. This did nothing to ease my nerves.

Mistress was very understanding about my nerves, and, whilst very clearly and firmly in control, put me at ease quickly – though obviously enjoyed making me feel nervous when she felt like toying with me. She ordered me to strip whilst she left the room. When she returned i felt extremely vulnerable – she ordered me to my knees in front of the mirror and stood over me looking at herself in the mirror, before parading in front of me, every stride rubbing the knee of her leather boot against my hard cock, teasing but with the air of menace that at any moment she could knee me hard if she chose to.

Next she tied me to the cross, and once again teased my cock with the hem of her leather skirt, whilst looking in to my eyes – before calmly standing back and kicking me firmly in the balls, taking my breath away. She laughed at my shock, and alternated between teasing and kicking – it was an incredible experience wit Mistress playing with my head like that, lulling into a false sense of security before sadistically punishing me over and over again.

Next she untied me and ordered me to crawl in to her cage and lie on my back. there was a hole above my cock that she could fit her booted leg through and continue to kick and trample my cock. She then paced over to a cabinet and produced a long crop. Crouching down she spanked the tip of my cock, teasing at first, then harder and harder, as well as several hard spanks to my balls. Again she started to alternate between teasing strokes, keeping me on edge, to shockingly hard spanks. Eventually she started to ask how badly i wanted to cum, on a scale of 1-10. I said 8, she smiled sadistically and said that wasn’t enough. She then walked away and came back with vibrating massage wand. Again crouching by the cage Mistress used the wand on the very tip of my cock, for short bursts, then stopping, between each time asking me how badly i wanted to cum. “10” I stammered – again she smiled and said not enough, and kept up the torment.. I was literally shaking, i begged Mistress that i was at 11, again, she said not enough.. At this point Mistress became extra sadistic, musing that she could send me away not letting me orgasm, knowing i was heading to the airport and an 11 hour flight. This amused her, as did the look of panic in my eyes. Her next suggestion was that she could ruin my orgasm, all the while teasing the head of my cock. I gasped in shock, at the thought of this, she wasn’t playing around. Eventually she told me i would have permission to cum if i agreed to write a review (here it is) and purchase something from her wish-list (its coming Mistress!).. I quickly stammered in agreement, i had little choice, i’ve never been edged so intensely like that before!

After the most intense orgasm of my life, Mistress ordered me to clean up with some sanitary wipes she handed to me, and allowed me to shower. As i waited for my cab we chatted – still very much the queen of her domain, but witty, intelligent and welcoming, i was blown away, especially at the way she dealt with a novice who was clearly nervous and out of his depth. I just wish i had plans to be back in LA in the near future! Maybe Skype sessions would be possible next time?

Tim x, Los Angeles, May 2017

Hello Mistress,

Just a quick note of thanks for an amazing and testing session with you earlier today.

Thank you for taking control so well and ensuring I knew my place at all times.

Your generosity in allowing me to cum, eventually, was also overwhelming.

I am still on a high from the session and just wanted to say THANK YOU.

As always, you looked stunning too Mistress.

As I am always trying to become a better sub and slave if there is any feedback or guidance you would be so kind as to provide me about the session it would truly be appreciated.

Thank You again Mistress and have a wonderful and successful rest of your stay in San Jose.
–m., San Jose April 2017

FANTASY FEMME-FATALE: Announcement to all you gentlemen out there who think you’re the toughest thing that walked this earth. I have the perfect match for you. Her name is Mistress Justine Cross. She is no ordinary woman. When the client approaches this female’s path, he better be prepared to leave all male prejudices at the door. If not, trust me, she’ll do it for you. Putting you in your place is one of her amazing talents.

Mistress Justine is a master at playing mind games on her slave/client. No matter where you are in your social development, this girl’s intellectual tools will make you dizzy & confused which is just how she wants you to be while in her capable clutches. The conversation can at first seem normal and on a dime she can flip the mood from heavenly ecstatic to painfully hellish. And here’s the kicker, through whatever torments she inflicts upon the victim, the client almost invariably leaves totally satisfied & even begging for more. Crazy, huh?

From the time I entered her lair to the final goodbye, Mistress Justine was this beautiful goddess like hostess who,while in superior control still managed to entertain me in all sorts of salacious & seductive ways. As I said to her, “we both have fun…” Neither feels deprived or left out in this dominant/submissive relationship.

I don’t care how wild or tame the fantasies may be. Mistress Justine Cross has years of experience & plenty know-how to fulfill your every need. But let me warn you ahead of time that it is true she is providing a much needed service to us out there & as her client, have freedom to be almost like a director who tells her what to do. But don’t for one minute labor under the delusion that you are the master of the situation. I assure you, you are not! Mistress Justine will always manipulate the moments to her desires & ultimately bring the session to its enjoyable conclusion.

The mere image of all her gorgeous attributes will be burned into your subconscious during and long after the session, provided she doesn’t leave a mark on your body as a souvenir of the occasion. You will ache in your heart to see her again. That soft, sultry, seemingly merciless voice will resound in your ears. She’s quite addictive to be around & somewhat dangerous to contradict. But always bank on having a most memorable time when employing this dominatrix’s services.
One last thought. Guys & even gals, I challenge you all to spend a session with this delightful domme. Make it a priority of things to do on your bucket list. She will do everything in her power to make you not regret it. Oh, yeah and by the way, good luck!

–C. April 2017

Serving Mistress Justine has been the greatest time of my life. Not only is She stunningly beautiful and superior, but She was also a calming influence during my experience as I was very shy and nervous. As She dominated me, She did it with a tenderness that knew I was terrified, but reminded me it was going to be alright and my proper place was at Her feet. As She dominated me, I found comfort the entire time with my face buried in Her feet. I will never forget the smell and taste, I feel it was what truly got me through the session as I was very nervous. Knowing that I was able to bury my face in Her feet and inhale and taste as I experienced new things and limits with Her and Mistress Carissa got me through much easier. Don’t get me wrong, She was strict and put me in my place several times, but there was an aura that it felt right to serve Her and it was my proper place at Her feet. I have not done too many sessions and I have never served someone of Mistress Justine’s stature, but it has by far been my best experience and I recommend it for anyone, beginner like me or professional She will show you the proper place in Her life at Her feet and She will make you feel comfortable and open about it.

–s. Pittsburgh July 2016

Imagine yourself in this scene…

Sitting naked in a desk chair with your arms cuffed behind the back as it is stationed parallel to a large mirror. A world famous Domme in high-end black lingerie next to you… bra encasing her pert and beautifully natural breasts… basque wrapped around her petite waist acting as a garter belt while the straps, straps she allowed you to connect to the lace at the top of her long black stockings, stretch downwards… past the tight black silky panties barely covering one of the most amazing asses you have ever been close to… down to impossibly long nylon encased legs that finally end in 6” strappy heels. She leans across your body to put her elbows on the desk, admiring herself in the mirror… her long black hair flowing to one side of her head… knowing how stunning she is and the effect it has on you as she takes out her liquid lipstick and paints another coat on her already perfect red lips while she taunts you with a soft and sexy voice about how you will never get to taste them.

Or this one…

Laying on your back on a bed so soft you sink deeply into it. Each wrist and ankle cuffed and connected to each other with your legs spread wide open. Her laying at the foot of the bed, up on her elbows… alternating between staring at her legs and at you as she twirls them across each other in the air with the ease of a dancer trained in the details of performance…bringing one down so close to your body that you can almost feel her nylons on your crotch while not actually touching you before pulling it away and taunting you with the rubbing and twirling of her legs again. A constant play of teasing… sliding her stockings along the inside of your knee and thigh as she moves down.. each pass bringing more and more contact until she shifts and uses her high heels as the focal point of her taunting… moving up and down over your body with one then the other. She moves your legs further apart with each foot as she slips down them rather than just ordering that you do so.. teasing you mercilessly with the sight and touch of them before placing one shoe on either side of your manhood… not touching it but surrounding it as the points from her heels press into the top of your ass. Holding you there, a quivering mass of desire as you stare past her legs and into her beautiful blue eyes.

Or this…

Blindfolded and cuffed on the bed. Unable to see what is going on, but feeling her next to you having a drink of something. Ordering you to open your mouth and feeling a steady stream of slightly bitter juice dripping into the opening. Holding it there, letting your mouth fill with the juice then swallowing when told to and ordered to open again. This time a different taste, a different liquid being poured from a bottle… the Powerade you brought with you. Then, a laugh as you feel a sour citrus spray into your mouth followed quickly by a harsh spit of saliva from the Domme herself. Swallowing each as she gives them to you as a present for you to enjoy or a demand you are to accept. Totally under her control as she alternates between the different tastes and feel, while you want her juices more than the others.

Then, finally this…

A Domme with the most amazing legs, sitting perpendicular to you across the top of the bed. Stretching them across the top of your chest so that her knee and thigh are within reach of your lips. A magic wand buzzing against your hard-on as she taunts and teases it with the device. Finally, giving in to your base desires that you have been fighting for over an hour and kissing her legs without first being told to or even getting her permission. Her allowing it for a few moments before wrapping her hand over your mouth and pinching your nose. Denying you of both orgasm and air, two things you as a man need most. Holding you until you start to gasp a little then releasing her hands as the wand continues to work its magic down below. The same ritual repeated over and over, the Domme leaning forward and grasping some of her lustrious, long black hair and including it under her hand covering your mouth. The wonderful smell of the perfume of her shampoo invading your senses until it, along with your air, is taken away as she pinches your nose again.

You are completely overwhelmed with desire while she denies you in these multiple ways. Each arm stretched downwards to each ankle, cuffed and unable to move… Wand buzzing uncontrollably against your hardness as you fight the urge because permission has not been given… long stockinged legs stretched across the top of your chest and your neck… her beautiful hands with perfectly manicured nails controlling your very breath… one pinching your nose while the other wraps over your mouth with her hair in between. All this while she stares down at you… locking your gaze… one amazing blue eye staring deep into you while the other is hidden behind her dark hair. Totally lost in all the sensations and completely overwhelmed by her total control over you.

Go ahead… you imagine it. Because I just have to remember it.

–A. June 2016. Columbus

I have met Mistress Justine Cross for switch tickling, and it was fantastic. She was extremely game as a ticklee with a delightful laugh and plenty of endurance. Of course she relished her revenge as a tickler, with a perfect mix of playfulness and cruelty – she intuitively adopted the exact right techniques and demeanor. In addition, she was friendly, professional, charming and receptive.

–tklr5150, July 2016. Originally posted on The Tickle Forum

Mistress Justine Cross and Mistress Natalie West prepared a very special birthday session for me. They are both drop-dead gorgeous and oh, so sadistic and creative! This was day one of a two-day session.

I was led in to the spectacular Dungeon East and Mistress Natalie proceeded to put me in the most delicious rope bondage I have ever experienced. She is an expert with ropes. As I lay face up on the bondage bed, the ropes digging in my bare skin, I was informed that, since it was my birthday, I would be tortured with hot wax from birthday candles. I felt completely helpless, bound, naked and in chastity as the hot wax was dripped all over me, with special attention given to my nipples and balls. A lighted candle was placed inside my chastity, with the flame end sticking out over my balls. The pain was very intense – I never knew the wax from those little birthday candles would hurt so much! Both Mistresses kept burning my flesh, and even put out a candle on my skin. It was such a “hot” scene to watch these two beautiful women torture me and laugh as they were doing it. My cock was straining in chastity, and Mistress Justine noted that, and was clearly pleased that I was so aroused by the wax torture.

Not only was I bound with rope, but each Mistress sat on my legs so that I couldn’t even writhe in pain, but simply lay there and take it. I absolutely love being completely unable to move during torture! Apparently I was moaning too loudly, and a gag was roughly shoved in my mouth.

When it was time to stop (I wish it could have gone on for more time, but then that’s always the case), I was untied and so happy to see the rope marks all over my body from Mistress Natalie’s ropes.

I thought we were finished, but then Mistress Justine announced that it was time for my birthday caning . . . one cane stroke for each year . . . so it was more strokes that I care to admit! She hit me hard, repeatedly, as I was forced to count each stroke. She was beating me so hard that her cane broke on my ass – and that was so fucking awesome!

I can hardly wait to see what they have planned for day two of my birthday torture!

Be sure to check out their websites:

Mistress Natalie West and Mistress Justine Cross

And here is where this most amazing session happened: Dungeon East

Thank you for reading!
–billypilgrim April 2016. Orginally posted on Maxfisch.

CAT-SCRATCH-FEVER Holy Captivations! It’s the Catwoman again. That’s right all you bat-fans, New Orleans was prowled upon last night by none other than the feline sorceress herself. And her prey was, as usual Batman. The superhero who’s aging & ready to hang up his cape for good was trapped into finally making peace with the Villainess Catwoman but she cleverly turned the tables on him and managed to effectively drug the caped crusader for a long night of torture.

This is a typical scenario familiar to all the bat adventures. Role play was our preferred game of choice. Mistress Justine, sexily outfitted in her skin tight catsuit played the evil role of the Catwoman. She was an expert in delivering an unscripted dialogue in our session which helped me to surrender all my senses to her capable hands. Yes, for me, it was all hands on deck. This voluptuous female with meticulous attention to detail figured out ways to bring an ecstasy to my body by using just her fingernails to prod, scratch, rub, and ultimately tickle me. Then, later she proceeded to whack me on my buttocks soft and hard ’til it simultaneously burned and itched. That was much to her delight because she could really make it tickle worse due to all that itching. Mistress Justine all the while staying in character used special implements of her choice to make me cringe with excitement and fear.

Understand though, at no time did she make me feel uncomfortable or that I was in any danger. The client’s safety was always a focal point & there were actually 2 separate occasions where she graciously stopped & untied me due to a leg cramp or just my own body pain. This woman was a pure professional and knew what to do, when to do it and how to do the job. Her mesmerizing presence was enough to make men melt. I certainly was made to turn into mush that evening.

The last hour of this 3 hour drama had Mistress Justine toying agonizingly with my cock and balls. Tying a string to it’s head and arranging a high powered vibrator to be carefully secured for unlimited, seemingly timeless stimulation to that most sensitive of areas, she performed a most sensual striptease in front of me. She moved her flexible body in cat like motions on the bed near me and then SLOWLY stripped off her catsuit exposing only 90% of her body, leaving me aroused, vibrated, and wanting more. It was pure hell,—I mean heaven for me. After I was granted a satisfactory release, she decided that some post-orgasm torture was in order-just for good measure. Mistress Justine loves to place these types of adventures under the tag of #CATWOMANWINS, but I can assure you all that in spite of being her victim of relentless torture, I also win! It behooves you who read this review to contact Mistress Justine Cross and schedule a lengthy session with her. You’ll never know what you’re missing & you will regret not having the exquisite experience.

–c. New Orleans April 2016

my spouse and I had business in LA and decided to try out one of M. Justine’s elite play spaces during our visit (Dungeon East). M. Justine was incredibly responsive and resourceful in helping us plan our stay. We did a bit of kinky shopping first, at a nearby store, which was so welcoming of her and really helped break the ice. The Dungeon loft was absolutely stunning, featuring exposed wood and steel beams–worth the price of admission alone! It would have been romantic to stay there overnight. Couples can be tricky and M. Justine did not know us so she did exceptionally well at alternating between observing us interact and getting involved to steer the extended play session. I was having so much fun that I did not realize quite how nicely raw my backside was when we returned to the hotel for the evening. For your trusted “Domme away from home” you cannot do better!

–S. Los Angeles March 2016

I have been serving Mistress Justine Cross for over four years, and last night what happened changed my life.

She gets very annoyed at clients who do not take the time to review her website before booking a session with her, and ask for things that she clearly states on her website that she will not do. Although I have never asked her for things she won’t do, she decided to make an example of me. I was told to print her “No Thank You” list from her website and bring it to our session. She said she was going to pin it to my cock as a lesson to anyone who asks for something she doesn’t do. She told me to bring pins as well.

I brought the printed list, but not pins. Honestly, I didn’t think she was serious about pinning it to
my cock. I was wrong. I was tied up and nipple clamps were roughly applied. She then disappeared, and returned with a box of push-pins and an evil smile. She sterilized a pin and approached me. My cock was shriveled in fear, and I started begging her not to put a pin through my cock.

“There must be some other way, Mistress,” I kept saying. She started slowly pushing the pin into my foreskin. I begged and begged her to stop, but she didn’t. She then grabbed the head of my cock and opened it wide to expose my hole. She then brought the pin very close to it and said, “Hmm . . . should I fuck your cock with this pin?” I begged and begged her not to. She kept teasing and taunting, and lightly pricked the head of my cock with the pin.

At that moment, I realized that she was going to do exactly what she wanted to do, and I could not stop her. It was also at that exact moment of total surrender that an unexpected thing happened: my dick stared getting hard. I looked at her and said, “This is the hottest thing ever!” And I meant it. For me, it was the realization that she does, in fact, have all the power. My role is to do exactly as she says, and accept what she will do.

When she was finished with the pin, she untied me and allowed me to masturbate while kneeling at her feet, without the benefit of lube. My cock was really, really sore from the pin torture, so I could not masturbate to orgasm, although I tried. Eventually I had to stop. All I could do was kneel silently before her, realizing what I just happened: She made me realize that she, and she alone, will decide what happens to me. And I have willingly surrendered to her.

Yet again, she has changed my life. It was the hottest experience ever. She led me into the
deepest feelings of submission that I have ever felt. I find myself craving the next opportunity to
do anything she asks of me.

–slave j., Los Angeles March 2016

Good Morning Justine!

I hope your day is off to a fabulous start!

Wow, I don’t know where to start!! For starters, I LOVED the payphone video you just did for me. Every bit of it was something to be savored and treasured.

Just so you know, I have ordered payphone and dialing videos for many years now. True story, if you see it on the internet than it was probably one of my requests. But in all these years I never saw anyone play to the camera and do the things you did! To say I was mesmerized would be an understatement!! The way you looked at the camera, did hair flips, talked, and twirled with the phone cord were all amazing.

It’s almost like you reached into my mind. Pointer finger dialing a little on the slow/medium side like you did is my favorite.

So I sent a gift as a thank you, knowing that I can’t repay what you did. You made me very happy and I feel so good about myself knowing that someone as talented and beautiful as you would do such a wonderful thing for me.

If you had fun and it was worth your while I would be open to many more in the future.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
K. March 2016 (review of custom clip)

Mistress Justine is an expert at delivering intense pain as well as extreme teasing pleasure.
Sometimes her sessions focus exclusively on one or the other. But for this session, I was in for
a special treat. I was to be given both pleasure and pain.

It started with Mistress Justine greeting me wearing black lingerie. Her body is stunningly
beautiful, and the lingerie only makes her perfect body look even more sexy. I was ordered to
strip and kneel before her while she began by alternatively pinching and teasing my nipples.
After a while, I was worked up into such a frenzy I heard myself begging Mistress to allow me to
touch or worship ANY part of her body . . . oh, to have some contact with her perfection. But I
was denied.

Then I was ordered to the spanking horse, where I was restrained, wrists and ankles tightly
bound. And then the pain began. Mistress paddled my ass and thighs with her wooden paddle.
The stinging was intense, and my yelps of pain only seemed to amuse Mistress. Then, it
stopped. Nothing. As Iooked around, Mistress was only inches from my face, teasing me with
her perfect abs and belly button (one of my favorite parts of her body). The sight was amazing,
and again I begged to be allowed to worship her. This time, she did allow it, but only for a brief
time. Then it was back to the beating. Stroke after stroke, the intensity of the pain was building
in my ass and thighs, and Mistress Justine laughed and taunted me.

It was then that I realized the rhythm of the session Mistress Justine was creating. I would only
be allowed the pleasure of looking at her body (and possibly worshipping it) after the pain of the
beating. This cycle of pleasure and pain continued for a long time until Mistress Justine said

I was released from the spanking horse, and ordered to kneel before Mistress and told to start
masturbating. Mistress knows that this is my favorite position to be in: naked at her feet. She
mercifully allowed me to orgasm, and I collapsed at her feet. Once again, Mistress Justine
proved that she is far superior to me in every way, and has total control over me. I am so happy
to be her slave!
–j. November 2015, Los Angeles

I just had one of the very best sessions of my life with Mistress Justine Cross in Los Angeles. It was a full evening of dining, public servitude, and private torture time.

Our evening started with a casual dinner at a favorite restaurant. We enjoyed great conversation over a delicious meal. Then it was off to a public event at Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles. There, I wore my slave collar. Mistress Justine said I needed to be leashed, so she picked out a leash for me to purchase. She led me around wherever she wanted to go. During the evening I fetched drinks for her and her hot friends. It was so great to be serving her in public! I love it when other people know how devoted I am to her, and so fortunate to be in her service.

At one point at the event, she turned me over to a dom who made me kneel and suck his strap-on while Mistress Justine watched and laughed. Other people were looking as well. I felt humiliated, but also very turned on to be amusing Mistress Justine.

While browsing, she picked out a set of wonderful nipple clamps with weights on them, and made me purchase them for use later. I was very excited thinking about what torture was in store for me!

After more shopping and conversation with friends, we went to Dungeon East in downtown Los Angeles for our session. She immediately ordered me to take off my shirt as she attached the new nipple clamps. They were very painful, and the weights only added to the torture. She then ordered me to strip naked, and led me to the spanking horse where she repeatedly flogged my ass and legs. She also whipped my clamped nipples as I yelped in pain. When she had enough, she allowed me to kneel at her feet. I was granted the mercy of an orgasm. Completely spent, I fell to her feet and thanked her over and over again for such a perfect evening. As I looked up at her face staring down at me, there was no doubt in either of our minds that she possesses complete control over my mind and body. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

I can hardly wait for our next session, as Mistress is so very fiendishly creative in directing our sessions. I am still thinking about one of the best nights of my life!
–j. Novmber 2015

I have had many first-time experiences with Mistress Justine, and tonight’s session was another first for me, a role playing session.

She became Catwoman, and I was Batman, lured into her lair at Dungeon West. As soon as I saw her, I knew it would be a session to remember. Mistres Justine was perfectly dressed as Catwoman, with skin-tight pants, a black top, black boots and even Catwoman’s gold belt and necklace. She wore cat ears in her hair.

I was stripped naked and ordered to kneel before her as the teasing began. She teased and taunted me, then led me to the St. Andrew’s cross, where I was restrained. In an especially fiendish move, she put nipple clamps on me, and attached them to the cross, which was very painful. But more torture was to come.

Catwoman wanted the combination to my safe, which contained Batman’s fortune. When I gave her a fake combination, she saw right through my lie.

Catwoman began whipping me with her single-tail. As the blows hit my back and ass, I involuntarily jumped in pain, and the nipple clamps dug even deeper into my sore nipples. Then Catwoman began shocking me with a zapper all over my back and ass. She was very thorough, and when the shock came to my balls, I moaned and jumped and the clamps ripped off my nipples, causing even more pain. Still, I refused to give her the combination. More beating and electrical shocks followed, and more teasing in between. She put the Hitachi on my cock, but took it away before I could cum.

Then Catwoman said that since I had not given her the right combination to my safe, she was going to lock me in chastity. I begged her not to take my manhood, but she laughed and did it anyway. Then she placed the nipple clamps back on my very tender nipples and sent me away to await her further instructions …

–B., October 2015.  Also posted on Maxfisch and

Due to business, i was going to be for one night in LA and i wanted to use this opportunity to meet Mistress Justine, so one month in advance i booked a session with Her. In the application request i detailed my likes and dislikes, and very important, my weakness, this because i wanted Her to know and use these to have real and complete control over me.

Finally, after the long wait, it was the day i had been waiting for a month. Lucky me, She had granted me the opportunity to have dinner with Her before the session. So we met at the appointed restaurant. i was really nervous and told it to Her, She held my hands, rubbed my legs with her knee-high boots, looked me deeply into my eyes and whispered “relax my little puppy, you are with your owner now”. Somehow i lost notion of the outer world, i wasn’t nervous anymore and just wanted to be at Her feet. My journey to be Her puppy had begun, i felt completely submissive to Her.

After dinner we arrived to Dungeon West, by far the best BDSM play space i had seen. She ordered me to undress and went to dress herself. After 5 minutes She appeared wearing a leather corset, leather skirt and leather knee-high boots.  A rock hard erection was an immediate consequence. She ordered me down to the floor and collared me. Before the session i considered myself only a fetishist who liked puppy training, but with Her knowing my weakness, She managed to control me and do whatever She told me to do. She made me want to only please Her and the thoughts of disappointing Her were terrifying to me, not because She would punish me, but because i felt she deserved to be pleased in everything.

During the two hour session, i was completely surrendered and submitted to Her, in mind, body and soul, She performed what i had requested but also very easily trained me over my limits and i could not be more in ecstasy:  i had never licked the soles of boots so devotedly wanting them really to be shining, i had never begged so desperately for the golden elixir, really wanting it, i never had drank the golden elixir and moreover, bursting into tears when it ended and wanting more, She let me lick the spilled drops in her boots and i could not see how to thank Her for that. Then She allowed me to cum, with a long tease and denial, it was heaven.

Here something that probably changed in me forever, usually after ejaculation, my excitement ends and probably i regret of what i have just done, this time i was still completely surrendered to Her. i wanted Her to train me further and to exceed my limits. i told Her that i would try to change my flight in order to be at Her feet the next morning but it was impossible. Now i am counting the days to be able to see Her and get a deeper experience. ”

–j. Los Angeles, October 2015

I haven’t posted on this site in many years, but I just had to login again and share my recommendation for L.A.’s Mistress Justine Cross, whom I saw on her recent visit to my hometown (Seattle).

I usually don’t see visiting prodommes because I tend to prefer local providers with whom I can establish an ongoing relationship, as I feel this allows for more fulfilling sessions over time. But when I saw that Mistress Justine was coming to Seattle, out of curiosity I checked her website and online profile, and decided to take the plunge, mostly on the strength of her reviews and her photos (I am a huge foot fetishist and her feet look simply mouthwatering).

Boy, am I glad I did! To put it simply, I had a fantastic time. Our meeting was more fulfilling than many sessions I’ve had with prodommes that I’ve seen many, many times. We just clicked.

Of course, it helps that she’s very experienced, stunningly beautiful and that she knew exactly what I needed and how to give it to me. We exchanged a few emails to discuss limits and interests, and then I paid her a visit in her downtown hotel. As soon as I walked into the room, I knew I was going to have a memorable experience.

My interests, and the focus of our session, are foot worship, bondage, CBT and nipple torture. Mistress Justine gave me exactly what I was craving, and then some. I was mesmerized by her beauty (her statuesque body and intoxicating presence are surpassed only by her piercing eyes: as soon as I was on my knees and looking up into her eyes, I was putty in her hands).

Her fingers inflicted exquisite, excruciating pain to my nipples that had me moaning and begging for more. And the ultimate reward was being able to worship her flawless feet, which I kissed, licked and adored as if my life depended on it.

And throughout the session, she whispered words of encouragement and smiled like the Cheshire Cat, watching me squirm and enjoying every minute of it.

I have only one regret: that I didn’t book a longer session. Because I could have spent hours in that hotel room, and still have begged for more.

When you have had the chance to taste a fine 25-year old single malt Scotch, going back to cheap blended hooch is really hard: you’ve tried the good stuff, and now you know the difference.

That’s the problem with seeing someone like Mistress Justine: it’s really hard getting back to your everyday life after you’ve spent 90 minutes naked at the feet of a amazingly beautiful woman, begging and hoping that she will do terrible and yet so pleasurable things to your body. You keep wanting to go back to that. It’s been 5 days, and I can’t shake her out of my mind. She was that good.

After our session, I have made a number of resolutions:

1) I am definitely going to see her again if she comes back to Seattle
2) I will do my best to pay her a visit if I get a chance to go to L.A.;


3) I will definitely book a longer session. I can’t get enough of her.

If you live in L.A. or anywhere near, and crave to serve a Mistress whose gaze can turn grown men into stone and whose legs will make you go weak at the knees, you should do yourself a favor and go see her. Now. I can’t praise her highly enough.

–Originally posted on Maxfisch by italysub, April 2015, Seattle

Dear Mistress Justine,

I just wanted to say thank you for today’s session. It was incredibly intense and hardcore. You took me places I haven’t been before in other sessions. I loved the way you used and abused me throughout our time together. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it yet and likely won’t anytime soon. Thank you also for complying with my wardrobe request. You looked incredibly hot in those fishnets. Hope to see you again soon.

Nick April 2015, Seattle

I’ve been wanting to see Mistress Justine for a long time now. I missed her the last few times when she came into Dallas. This time I wasn’t going to miss her. It was easy to set up a session with her as well as making the deposit. She is very prompt with her responses. We set up a late night session in Dallas from her hotel location. I was really nervous when I went up to her room because she sounded so dominant over the phone.

She greeted at the door and was dominant from the start. She gave me stern directions on where to put my clothes, lay the donation, etc. She demanded that I kneel before her. She put her left foot out and told me to start worshiping her foot. Then the right foot. She has lovely feet that tasted so good! She was sitting on the edge of the bed while she was making me worship her feet. She then told me to turn around and sit in front of her, facing the same direction. She dropped her legs over my shoulder. She grabbed her right foot and held it to my mouth, “Open up.” She made me worship her foot. Then she did the same with her left foot. I worshiped her feet for probably about 30 minutes or so.

I requested that she do intense penis humiliation on me. After I was done worshiping her feet she told me to stand up. She stood in front of my and started slapping my penis with her hand. While doing so she told me how pathetic my cock was. Mistress Justine was brutal and very creative with her verbal humiliation. She is on another level compared to most mistresses that I’ve seen in Dallas.

My final request was ballbusting. I’ve never seen her before so I wasn’t quite sure how much I could take from her ballbusting. This is why I wanted to do this at the very end of the session. I told Mistress Justine I wanted the ballbusting to be intense. She told me to stand up straight. She nailed me with a vicious kick to my nuts. I instantly went down in pain. She laughed at me and demanded that I get up. I was on my side in pain. Justine put her foot on my shoulder and straitened me out so I was laying flat on my back. She put her right foot in my mouth and said, “It looks like you’re not man enough.” One kick to the balls and I was done.

After we were done we talked for a little bit. Mistress Justine is very intelligent and is a joy to talk to. If she comes to your town you should go see her. She’s a first class mistress.

–Originally posted on Maxfisch by footguy33 Dallas

Dear Mistress Justine,

Thank you so much for the session. I made it back safely, but with warmth on my cheeks from your stern but lovely face slaps (p.s. I had a full beard earlier this week, which I shaved off in anticipation of being lucky enough to be slapped by you, Thank you.)

I was truly lucky to witness your beauty in person, from your glamorous appearance, and your sharp mind and sharper tongue. I can still smell the arousing aroma of your leather and feel soreness from my back being used as a pin cushion from your booted heels. The intensity of this session has left me quite exhausted, both from furiously trying to get hard, but failing, and from the physical abuse. Your enthusiasm for female domination is quite genuine and unique, which your laughs after my moans from being used as your doormat attest to. As sexy and glamorous as I see you, I am truly floored by your intelligence and cleverness. Thank you. (Hope you feel better soon! and wish you a safe travel during the rest of your tour – thank you for including Dallas and me in it!)

Sincerely, Chris Dallas March 2015

Hello again, Mistress…

Wow!!! I’m still reeling from our session today…and my bottom still feels sun-burned. Thank You for one of the best sessions I’ve had as a bottom! I’ve only been spanked by a handful of women…and You are, hands-down, the most beautiful, sexy, and seductive woman I’ve ever been spanked by. And it was everything I’d hoped for…and more!! Of course, I’d fantasized about it ending similar to the way it did today, I’ve only experienced that with one other Domme. All of the others were strictly spanking.

And the spanking was absolutely perfect! Started off lightly, and slowly built up. Of course, that paddle got me squirming quickly!!! But, even as bad as I hated it, as you could see….every time you’d stop, I’d crave more. And I was simply putty in your hands and willing to take it because I knew it pleased you. I was simply captivated by you, like I’ve never been before. I’m sure those amazing fingernails had something to do with it, and the outfit you had on was simply stuffing! I cannot wait to be called into your office again!! 🙂

I do hope You enjoy Your visit here in Dallas. I’m sorry the weather didn’t cooperate yesterday and caused You some scheduling issues. Hopefully You were able to work everything out. Very much looking forward to seeing You again soon!

–B. Dallas March 2015

Mistress Justine,
Thank you for a very enlightening 2 hour adventure on Saturday morning in Dallas. It was a pleasure and an honor to be shown some of the scenarios and toys of the trade. I may have been a little more quiet than some of your more experienced clients. I was trying like a disciplined student to observe and learn. Please let me know when you will be in Dallas again. I will be able to be more interactive and involved in role play. After feeling 1-10 scale with the paddle I have been thinking of you every time I would sit down all during the day on Sunday.

Your beauty and stature is intoxicating.

Your new fan,
T. (newbie); March Dallas 2015

WOW!! Where do I start!! Mistress Justine Cross is a True Femdom Goddess!! She is not a only a Queen to be Worshipped but her combination of Beauty, Intelligence, Class, & Refinement is Truly Refreshing . . . in the world of Fem Dom’s she is what a Ferrari is to the car world . . . I can be very picky when it comes to a Dominatrix but meeting with Mistress Justine exceeded all my expectation & more. I had seen her involvement virtually in the scene and while the many pictures I had seen a Phenomenal nothing compares to seeing her in person. Beautiful & Commanding from “Hear to Toe” with exquisite feet & hands. Her aire, height, & nobility make her Breathtaking! This is an Absolute Package! Meeting with her was like touring a art exhibit filled with Masterpieces . . . it filled all of my senses leaving me euphoric. I can’t wait to explore more with this Wonderful Goddess”.

–j. Los Angeles January 2015

Mistress Justine,

I just wanted to write a formal thank you for the session we had on Tuesday this past week. It was amazing and I am very grateful that you spent your time with me. Beforehand, I was nervous about seeing a professional who was specialized in Femdom but now I’m very happy I did see you. Thank you for torturing me. I thoroughly enjoyed everything. I was surprised at how much I liked the corporal punishment too. Tickling was great as well. Also, I was absolutely losing my mind with those countdowns towards the end.

Forever grateful,

Sub Jake, New Orleans December 2014

I met Mistress Justine during her last visit to Houston. I had requested to experiment with small penis humiliation, cuckold fantasy, tease and denial, edging, and to experience my first ever ruined orgasm. I am hooked!

Mistress Justine looks absolutely gorgeous in her pictures, but let me tell you, she is even prettier in person; I could not believe my eyes!

Mistress Justine succeeded ad making me feel tiny throughout our meeting; she teased and teased, keeping the little one at full attention for most of the time, and playing with it as you would with a clitoris. I got close a few times and, as I though I was about to blow, she stopped stimulation and my cum dribbled out in a very incomplete, physically unsatisfying and ruined orgasm. Her timing was impeccable, witness to her amazing ability to read a slave’s reaction.

We will meet again, I hope, and this time I will be placed in chastity for the month leading to that time when I am honored with her presence again. I can’t wait, and will be sure to write describing the experience.

If you have a chance, do not hesitate to reach out and surrender control; it is only natural..,
–A., Houston October 2014

Mistress Justine with slave

I recently had my first overnight session with the Lovely Mistress Justine and I cannot put into words how amazing it was.

I have seen Mistress Justine several times before, and she need only open the door and look at me to remind me why I would go no where else. Not only is Mistress Justine’s beauty fit for a Goddess, but her personality, skillset, and creativity are so incredibly dominant and sexy that it simply leaves one tongue-tied and aching just being in her presence.

First, the Mistress allowed me the honor of letting me worship her feet while bound and nearly unable to move, in a very precarious position, all while she tantilized me with her beauty. This was an amazing predicament which will serve for much happy future fantasizing.

After that she tied me to her horse and to my delight, and with very cleverly placed ropes and clamps, acted as the puppeteer- forcing me to play the puppet in her show.

Next she was kind enough to wire me up and zap me to agony and ecstasy while on her table. This is where I would spend my night, masked and bound and gyrating myself to sleep. WOW.

Mistress, you are a gracious host and a diabolical Domme. Thank you for a session I will never forget.
Latex gimp slut

T., Los Angeles October 2014

I had the pleasure and privilege to serve Mistress Justine Cross on one of her trips to Texas. As he had not met before we exchanged emails before our session and I got more and more excited with each and every message I got from her. Mistress Justine allowed me to take her out for lunch and I expected an entertaining time with a very dominant, smart and beautiful lady. When I picked her up in her hotel I realized that she exceeded my expectations by far. The way she approached me in her stunning, sexy and elegant outfit was breath taking. I got weak knees, when she approached me in her high heels and her eyes were like a firework. I lost completely control before she even talked to me.

During lunch she treated me like a little toy and I had to entertain her. We got a lot of attention from the other tables due to the beauty of my Goddess and the way she treated me. My Mistress was not shy to show in public that I am her servant and slave. I had to carry her bag and was not allowed to take a seat at the table, to order food or go to the restroom without her permission. She did spit into my wine and I got only the remainders of the delicious lunch. I almost exploded being so close to this stunning woman, but also fully under her control and completely at her mercy.

On the way back to the hotel Mistress Justine allowed me to kiss one foot in her elegant pumps in the elevator. I would have died for her permission to kiss the other foot as well, but got only a face slap instead. In her hotel room she played with me for an hour and it felt only like a few minutes. She kept me every second on my toes. I am not too much into pain she brought me to my limits as no Dominatrix has ever done before. I begged to be kicked by her stocking clad feet into my balls. There was nothing more I wanted than being touched by this Goddess. Mistress Justine had a lot of fun torturing my nipples and I will not forget the expression of her face when her perfect, sharp nails squeezed my nipples. I would have done everything to please her and she was absolutely incredible to get me where she wanted me to get – complete surrender!

Mistress Justine is a truly dominant, superior woman and it is hard to express with words how much I enjoyed tease and denial. In the last decade I have served many mistresses all over the world, but there has been none which got even close to Mistress Justine. She bandaged me with her eyes, gesture and voice. In the very first second I saw her, I knew that she will make me her property. I hope that Mistress Justine will allow me to be her domestic slave.

–f., Dallas Septemer 2014

Justine Cross….what can I say about her? She’s absolutely gorgeous, has an incredible attitude and really knows how to get you going! Seen her twice now, and I’ve left more than satisfied twice.

— excerpt from review posted on TER by original1andonly, Houston

Mistress Justine,

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about scheduling a session with you on your recent visit to Texas. Seeing that you were fully-booked on the day that we scheduled, I figured that you might just “go through the motions” due to your whirlwind schedule. However, nothing could have been further from the truth as you gave me the most incredible experience I have had in my 15 years of BDSM sessioning. Normally it takes a Domme a few sessions to learn a sub, but your sixth intuitive sense made it seem like we had sessioned many times before. You made me feel like I was your only sub for the day and that you were determined to blow my mind during our time together. I am sure you made the others feel the same.

As you know, I am more of a sensual sub. I was totally amazed how you were able to understand my interests and know exactly how to use them to bring me totally under your complete spell. The combination your beauty and skills was intoxicating and your tease and denial techniques were absolutely mind blowing. I literally felt waves of submission and have never been in such a deep state of subspace in my BDSM life. And you seemed to be enjoying your dominance as much as I was.

I have served more than 10 Dommes in my BDSM life but you are absolutely the best I have met and there isn’t a close second. It’s probably good for me that you don’t live in Texas because there is no telling how deep I might be in with you (although it would be fun to find out). Having said that, please let me know when you will be coming back and the sooner the better. Any sub that gets the opportunity to have a session with you should jump at the chance. They will never forget it.
–r. Houston, September 2014

My session with Mistress Justine was everything that I was looking for. For years I had looked at domination type fantasies on the internet but had never acted on them. However things clicked and I realized I was in the right place in life for me to finally take the step to have my first session. When I saw that Mistress Justine (someone that I had recently noticed on some LA websites) was going to be in Chicago for a few days, I suddenly felt like I had to finally jump in and have my first session. I sent her an email and the process unfolded from there rather easily, which was perfect as I would have been very uncomfortable trying to set up a session over the phone. We set up a 3 hour session in her hotel room.

At the very beginning of the session we talked about what I was looking for and she said something to the effect of, “I want you to have a good time. If you aren’t having a good time, I’m not having a good time.” And so really from the beginning, everything was very professional and I also got the feeling that she wouldn’t just be going through the motions. I got the sense that she really wanted me to have a good experience and that although she was a dominatrix, which by nature meant that she was about to dominate me, she cared about my ultimate well-being.

As I was tied down on the floor spread eagle to the bed posts and dresser legs, she tied my balls separately apart and then the rope around my cock. I remember lifting my head up at some point and saying, “They look kind of cute like that actually.” And she said, “That’s the only time.” At one point I said that, “It’s not fair that beautiful women own men by their balls.” She said, “We do, don’t we.” When she was standing on my cock with her stiletto, I admired her entire body as I was looking up at her. I said, “You look so sexy from down her.” And she responded, “I know.”

She proceeded to kick my balls repeatedly for quite some time – which is one of the things I wanted to experience. Later on, she turned it up a notch and really started kicking them. Halfway through I was instinctively flexing my arms against the restraints (I didn’t think I would do that as I thought the restraints were more to add to the mental thought of knowing you couldn’t get away.) And then the added up total of kicks I was receiving combined with the increased intensity with no break suddenly forced my legs to shake against the restraints and then I started trying to crawl away, which of course I couldn’t. At that point, I was instinctively whimpering like a wounded animal, I couldn’t stop whimpering for a minute even if I tired. She still kept kicking me and said in kind of a mocking tone, “Oh. You’re whimpering.” She then reminded me that I could use a safe word to stop if I needed. I didn’t use it so she kept going. Then she moved on to my cock at which point I finally relented. Then she got a large paddle and knelt on my thighs. I said “Oh no” as I saw the paddle she had. She proceeded to slap each ball with that for who knows how long……My balls got so worked over, which was one of the things I had wanted to experience in my life. It amazes me that they took that kind of abuse and that just days later look and feel completely fine. Mistress Justine knew exactly what she was doing by inflicting various amounts of pain without long term damage.

At this point, I had no idea what time it was and was worried that our session was almost over. I had lost all track of time and felt like I had been getting abused for 4 hours and that we wouldn’t get to do the other activities I was hoping to experience. I lost track of time not because I was not having a good time, rather, I lost all track of time because everything was so exquisite. She then moved on to the other two main things I wanted to experience, foot and leg worship and tease and denial.

She sat up on the couch and ordered me to take off her stilettos. I then worshiped her stocking clad feet and she then peeled off her stockings. I worshiped her feet and then her legs. I had never done foot worship before and had always wanted to and so that was a great experience as she has very nice feet and legs. I tried giving a foot massage, but I was horrible at it as I had never done a true foot message for a woman. Mistress Justine gave me many pointers and greatly increased my knowledge of how a woman would ideally want her foot massaged. This was a great lesson that I know will help me throughout the rest of my life.

She told me to get it hard. She told me to go fast, slow, fast, etc. while sitting on the couch and looking down into my eyes. It was such an erotic experience for me. Then she told me to tell her when I think I would be able to cum. I was having trouble getting completely hard at this point as this was after 3 hours of being on constant arousal and my balls being thoroughly worked over. She put her feet on the inside of my legs as I was sitting on the floor in front of her on the couch. She put her arm around my neck and with her hair falling down past my shoulders whispered into my ear and I quickly reached my climax. That was such an erotic moment for me and it has only gotten hotter in my mind since.

Just before I was ready to leave, she said, “Thank you for trusting me.” Later on that night I thought about that and that was a good point that I didn’t even think about enough. What if I had a session with someone that I couldn’t trust? After you are tied down and completely at her mercy it would be too late to try to get away if your body or life were truly in danger. Thankfully with Mistress Justine you can be completely at her mercy, expect her to push you as far as you are willing to let yourself be pushed, but you can trust her to deliver the type of session you are looking for while being a plaything at her whim. The whole time you feel safe as you are in the hands of a professional. You can trust her to push you. But most importantly you can trust her with your balls and not be afraid of losing them for life. Although she almost seemed to enjoy hurting them as much as I enjoyed the erotic nature of being hurt, she knows exactly what she is doing and is professional in every way and I never once felt as though she would cause me permanent damage (which is obviously important!).

Oddly enough, I have felt like such a man all week for taking the abuse that she gave my balls and walking around in public with no one else knowing what had just happened. The entire session was all exactly how I had wanted it to be and I had never done anything even remotely like that before and everything was perfect.

–A., Chicago July 2014

Dear Mistress Justine,

I know you have heard this from me before, but I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be your slave. Truly, I never knew such happiness was possible until I started serving you:) You are an amazing woman, in every way possible, and it is such an honor to know you.

The party was awesome, and I cannot help but think it was a really good event for DW and for you.

Finally, thank you for such an epic beating! Public beatings are so great! I love watching you in the mirror, and the feeling of being sore the next day. I love how you shoved me back down when I tried to get up. And I also loved the unexpected cocktail:)

Epic beating by Mistress Justine Cross

–slave jack, Los Angeles June 2014

Dearest Justine,

Just a note to say Thank You Mistress and that it was lovely to meet such an extraordinary and beautiful woman! I look forward to seeing you again soon to capture that beauty as the world can never have too many images of you! I hope that we will be good friends and wish you a safe journey home and sweet dreams of your newest admirer!

XO, C., Houston 2014

Dear Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie,

i still can’t stop thinking about last night and how great it was being at Your divine feet and serving You Both while being under Your complete control all night long. It was truly the greatest night and best experience of my life. i don’t think anything will ever top it, unless You grant me that honor to serve You once again, which of course i do not deserve. i can now die happy as this bucket list item of being the slave and plaything to a beautiful lesbian couple has come true. i never thought it would ever happen let alone with the two most beautiful women in the world, but it did. You truly are the best Dommes, the best at what You do,in the world not just in LA (whether it be Los Angeles or Louisiana).

Doubles with Myself and Mistress Natalie
From the moment i walked into the room to meet You Both i was practically paralyzed and rendered speechless as i lay sight of Your angelic beauty in total awe. The sight before me of two Goddess who looked even better than i could have possibly ever imagined and even better than Their pictures was enough to make any man fall to his knees in worship. As i fell to my knees You collared me thus making me Your property. It was the greatest feeling in the world knowing that i was Yours to do with as You pleased. As You proceeded to mark me and emphasize what a true sissy i am i couldn’t help but agree and have a sense of belonging. Throughout the night You constantly kept me in my place and reminded me of my servitude to You by torturing my nipples, beating and slapping me, and busting my pathetic balls You then tied me to the bed to tease and torment me all the more as You tied up my cock and balls, preventing me from even the slightest bit of arousal, while You used Your hitachi wand on me. i wanted nothing more than to feel the sweet sensation of release, but You were only just getting started. You had ordered me not to have any pleasure or release of my own in the week leading up to my visit with You. You also had me read Your websites and look at Your pictures to keep me in a constant state arousal as well. As difficult as it was i followed Your orders to prove myself to be a good slave for You. Leaving my pathetic male parts all tied up You then decided it was time for U/us to go out to dinner. i felt like the envy of all who saw U/us as W/we went out in public seeing as i was with two most beautiful women every place we went. You kept me in my place at dinner as You reminded me that i should dine under the table in Your presence, told me what i could and could not order, and ignored me as You enjoyed each Other’s company. This was a constant reminder to me that two is company and three truly is a crowd as i was merely taking up space in Your presence at the dinner table. i am so appreciative that You allowed me to share and treat You to a meal, and i thank You for it.
Returning to the room You both decided that the bathroom was in need of cleaning and i would be the slave for the job. As You Both relaxed and enjoyed champagne after dinner i was on my hands and knees licking and cleaning the bathtub, then the toilet, so that they would be spotless for Your use of them later. i also cleaned the bathroom floor with my tongue as per Your commands once You had groomed me and shaved me to be a more presentable slave for You. As i proceeded to lick up every hair on the floor and every one from the tub and toilet, as well as any other grime or filth on them, i couldn’t help but once again feel that this was exactly where i belonged. i was constantly reminded to whom i belonged as well. As the champagne continued to flow You made it evident that i would only be drinking Your own personal cocktails after the champagne had run its course. True to Your word i would consume many glasses full of Your sweet and precious nectar, my Goddesses, throughout the night. It tasted so good i would drink it every day if You allowed it and made me Your toilet for good. At one point You even had me consume my own liquid waste to further my humiliation at Your hands. After the bathroom was clean and up to Your standards You attached the leash to my collar and dragged me back out into the room. You then ordered me up on my knees and had me beg to suck cock like the little sissy bitch i am. You proceeded to make out, showing Your affection for each other, while i was made to suck on a number of dildos and sex toys. Any time i gagged on them, You made me crawl to the toilet on all fours to take a drink from it like the bitch i am. i can only imagine that this was out of pure generosity on Your parts so I could clean out my mouth and keep the cocks clean. i couldn’t help but smile excitedly and feel so good, knowing that i was Your bitch.
After a long time of sucking cock and drinking from the toilet would come my favorite part of the evening. It is almost impossible to pick a favorite moment, but this really stands out as a time when all of my fantasies came true. You had me crawl up on the bed on my hands and knees, tying me down in the doggie position with my ass straight up in the air exposed for whatever You wished to do with it. It was so amazing and incredible being Your dirty little sissy slut in between the two of You as You took turns filling me up with Your cocks making me beg for more as the Other would be in front of me tightly pulling on my leash keeping me balanced and reminding me of my place. As You did this You also had me stare straight into Your eyes and look on upon perfection personified. As i gazed upon Your Divine perfection i could see You looking back at me. In those moments i could sense Your eyes piercing my very soul and reading my thoughts and inner desires perfectly. Another of my favorite parts of the evening were the many times when You would come in as close as You possibly could, right up into my face, and remind me that i was Yours, as well as how pathetic i am. You especially did this, much to my total delight and debasement while shoving cock up my sissy hole repeatedly. Many of those times i actually thought You may be allowing me the opportunity to kiss You, but i had to snap out of it and remember that i was nothing more than a slave for Your amusement. This happened many times throughout the evening, but the only thing i would kiss would be Your feet of course, which i was more than happy to do.

Following the fucking of a lifetime You Both came around and smothered me with Your feet and had me worship them. Your perfect feet felt so good in my mouth as i licked and sucked on them as You kicked me and continued to shove Your bare feet in my face while a dildo was shoved up my sissy ass tied firmly in place. Once You tired of me worshiping Your feet. You had me reposition myself to where i was sitting on the bed tied down while Your hitachi was forcing the dildo within me to vibrate, so You could keep Your attention on each Other. It was so frustrating, but such an amazing sight being so near You as You played with each other, kissing and groping one Another, Your beautiful bodies right in front of me, but just out of reach. i continued to grind up and down on the hitachi, much to Your delight, causing the dildo to further stimulate me, but with my cock and balls still tied up there was no way i could get hard. Once You thought i had had enough You kept on going. After what seemed like an eternity, You finally relented as You tied me down to the bed spread eagle after asking how turned on and ready to cum i was on a scale of 1 to 10. It was so much higher than ten by that point that i had to be honest and say as much as a hundred as i was now panting for sweet release, hoping it would be given to me. You put the hitachi up against the dildo, still up my ass, and proceeded to make out with each Other on top of me. You were so kind, generous, gracious, and benevolent enough to free one of my hands and allow me to touch myself as my cock and balls were then untied. Once i was ready to cum, which didn’t take long, i had to ask permission from both of You to have the release i know i didn’t deserve, but needed so badly. You counted me down slowly from ten, and as my cum shot out from me You gathered it in Your hands and rubbed it all over my lips to give me a shiny coat of lip gloss while feeding it to me as well. The night was far from over from there as You kept me tied to the bed all night long as i was mere feet away from You. You slept together in a warm embrace while i was spread eagled and blindfolded all night long. The next morning You were generous enough to allow me to relieve my bladder once again. Still weary and recovering from the previous night’s activities i forgot to put the seat down. i am so sorry for that grievous offense Mistresses and will serve my punishment of sitting down to urinate for the next week, or as long as you wish, as You have commanded without complaint.

Doubles with Myself and Mistress Natalie

Your chemistry with each other is undeniable, and You seem to even be able to read each other’s minds as You were always in sync throughout O/our time together. You seemed to also be able to read me very well also and know exactly what i was thinking as well even without looking into my eyes. Your beauty is matched only by Your intelligence and creativity as You showed so many ways to tease me and keep in my place as well as on edge throughout the night. There is no greater experience in this world than to be the plaything of two beautiful women such as Yourselves and You proved that You are the best. i can never thank You enough for making Your slut and Your slave, but will do everything i can think of, so Thank You so very much Mistresses Justine and Natalie!!!. i did honestly come in nervous not fully knowing what to expect, but You put me at ease and made a truly unforgettable experience that will be replayed in my mind, probably continuously, for years to come.

Doubles with Myself and Mistress Natalie West

–n. New Orleans June 2014

I had the privilege and the most unique pleasure of being Mistress Justine Cross’ last client (slave) to be treated in New Orleans this past Saturday night. She has a devilish variety of instruments that can make your skin crawl with sheer delight. Many of you out there are apprehensive about surrendering all to a dominatrix. Well guys Mistress Justine is not just any domme. She’s the ultimate in every facet of her services. What you see on her ads is arousing to be sure but pales in comparison to the radiating beauty of this seductress. This woman carries with her a mystique which would appeal to anybody with a pulse. My session was somewhat soft core because of a disability I have with my sciatic nerve so I’m not a pain slut. My body responds mostly to tickling. As an aside, for me it’s developed into a fetish. Ms. Justine now understands this about me and effectively accomodates this need. Another thing to consider is I love role playing. You wannabe actors and actresses can get some useful practice with someone like her. For example I played a burglar caught off guard by Ms. Justine who incapacitates me long enough to cuff my hands and feet so she can tickle torture every inch of my body. Wow, what a rush. She plays out the dominant role to sensual perfection. Torture never felt so good. Whatever your fantasy may be, I highly recommend you include Mistress Justine in the scene. She’ll leava a lasting impression on you and I’m warning all of you now she’s addictive. You will want to see her again and again. I’m so enthralled by her that even these words don’t really do her justice. I’m just going to end this by saying you owe it to yourself to experience this delectable dish of a dominatrix named “Mystress” Justine Cross.

–C.H. Ticklish, New Orleans June 2014

I saw Justine for a leg fetish session today. Although we had never met before and just communicated with a couple of emails, she quickly picked up on my cues and provided me with the type of session that I wanted. She provided just the right mix of pain and pleasure. Justine is indeed a rare Mistress in that she listens to her client and is willing to adjust her demeanor to provide a most satisfying and unique experience.

B., Houston June 2014

Suddenly a dream came true

Already a few years I was very much impressed by the appearance and the beauty of the LosAngeles Mistress Justine Cross. It really was a dream to meet her once in person.

An then there was a message on her site that she would visit Amsterdam. A first mail contact was set in which she indicated that she would give sessions but had to find a appropriate place.
After a few weeks of waiting a date was set. What was I nervous to meet this famous Dominatrix.
When opening the door she already looked gorgeous in her outfit. She is very well aware of her appearance and beauty. I made the mistake to doubt her severity, I couldn’t imagine that this pretty lady could hurt a slave in any way. Wat a stupidity. Within a minute she proved to be able to bring me to my knees and tortured my nipples like hell. With her nails and her killer high heels. She really impressed me, standing on these high heels and towering over me. I’m still feeling the pain of her long, painted nails. There was no doubt at all who was the real Mistress here. She fixated me completely in a box and i was delivered to her whims. Helpless, and there was no mercy for me.

Within seconds she took away the last control I thought I had. I was in heaven, suffering for her and her tremendous beauty. This was really my dream which came true. And when she tortures you she can laugh, so sweetly that you think you get crazy. Then came her nails, then her feet, then the whip or all at the same time.

I really felt like having no control at all, my balls were separated and suspended, i was completely under her control. As i had dreamed of.

Unfortunately as always time flies. Much to soon I had to say goodbye. But there was an encore, as I could pick her up three days later with her friend Mistress Natalie West and could bring her to the airport for her next destination.

And now let’s hope that she comes back soon, this super Mistress with her magical aura

Thank you very much Mistress Justine.

–n. May 2014; Amsterdam

(Same review in Dutch below)

Mijn droom kwam uit

Dat dromen niet altijd bedrog zijn werd afgelopen week bewezen. Reeds enige tijd was ik zeer geimponeerd door de beroemde LosAngeles meesteres Justine Cross.
Haar verschijning, optreden en schoonheid maakte een diepe indruk op mij. Wat was het een mooie droom haar eens te ontmoeten.

Toen was daar plotseling het bericht op haar website dat ze naar Nederland kwam. Amsterdam stond er als verblijfplaats, en er waren sessies mogelijk.

Zou mijn droom dan toch uitkomen? Snel kontakt gelegd en na wat heen en weer schrijven lukte het om een afspraak te maken. Er moest alleen nog een locatie gevonden worden, maar ook dat lukte. Zo werd ik haar eerste slaafje in Nederland en afgelopen dinsdag was het zover. Nerveus belde ik aan, en wat een schoonheid liet mij binnen. Ze zag er fantastisch uit, zeer sexy, op enorme hoge hakken waardoor ze van boven op mij neerkeek. Ik kon mij niet voorstellen dat deze schoonheid, die zichzelf daar zeer goed van bewust was, eigenlijk wel streng kon zijn. Had ik mijn twijfel maar niet geuit, want enige tijd later lag ik voor haar en werd gepijnigd op een manier die geen twijfel overliet wie hier de meesteres was. Tepels en andere lichaamsdelen moesten het ontgelden onder haar lange gelakte nagels, hoge hakken en voeten. Maar ook met de zweep kan ze prima overweg en weet precies tot hoever ze kan gaan.

Binnen no time lag ik kompleet vastgebonden in een box en kon geen kant meer op. Ballen gescheiden en opgetakeld, mijn laatste beetje controle was zo verdwenen. Maar een heerlijke ervaring.
Wat kan zij pijnigen, en dat met een heerlijke lach op het gezicht. Voor mij als liefhebber onvergetelijk.

Natuurlijk was alles weer veel te snel voorbij. Maar er was een toetje. Afgelopen vrijdag mocht ik haar en haar vriendin meesteres Natalie West naar Schiphol brengen. Ze reisden samen door Europa, maar Natalie West had ik nog niet eerder ontmoet. Twee loodzware koffers, waarvan één vol met schoenen. Daar gingen de dames weer, verder op avontuur.
Maar mijn droom kwam uit en dit avontuur vergeet ik nooit.

–n. May 2014; Amsterdam

Bondage in Amsterdam

Bondage in Amsterdam

Dear Mistress Justine,

I followed your instructions to the letter tonight. I have just finished masturbating my bruised cock while looking at your pictures and came as I slapped my balls, which are still tender from the kicks, slaps and trampling I suffered at your hands.

I am very thankful that you allowed me in your presence today. From the moment I saw you I fell under your spell. I knew from the start that I was in the presence of a powerful Mistress who was under complete control. You are clearly my superior and it was an amazing experience to witness your gorgeous face, eyes, mouth and your amazing body. I thank you for allowing me to witness your wonderful assets as you wore that sexy, skimpy outfit that showed me what I could never have.

The feeling of being at your mercy increased as I presented myself to you completely naked. I get a painful hard on thinking about crawling behind you and kissing your ass as you walked. Little did I know that would be the last time I would be allowed to touch you.

It was great to see how you improvised a torture chair in your room where you restrained me. The torture to my cock and balls was painful and merciless. The thought of my balls and cock being tied and pulled while you slapped them, kicked them, whipped them and in general had your way with them will remain in my mind for a long time. I apologize for my whimpering, screaming and cries for mercy. I deserved that pain and more.

Thank you for allowing me to lick the bottom of your shoes. The struggle to reach them with my tongue and the pain as the rope tied to my cock and balls tugged at them were completely worth it as I was able to worship you like a dog.

I will also enjoy the marks left by your heels, which you mercilessly pushed into my naked back and brought me close to tears.

But the worst torture I endured was being so close to your beautiful body without being able to touch it at all. Having your ass half an inch from my face and not being allowed to touch it in any way was very cruel, but I know I am not worthy of being in your presence, let alone touch you in any way. Still, staring at your perfect figure was all I needed to endure the pain you put me through.

I thank you for the amazing experience and I hope you come back to Columbus soon. But regardless, I look forward to visiting you at your dungeon in LA and experiencing your beauty and cruelty once again.


Your Limp Dick Slave JLM, May 2014 (Columbus)
(not slave who wrote review)
(not slave who wrote review)

Hotel coffee table turned into bondage chair Hotel coffee table turned into bondage chair[/caption]

Mistress Justine,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to session with me this past Sunday in Philly. I was pretty cautious in choosing a dom to finally meet up with, and I have to say your professionalism and beauty was above what I could have imagined. You made the whole process from the first email to finally meeting up very simple and easy to follow through on.

Although I was half nervous . . . for the session, it was everything I expected and more. You really know how to push all the right buttons, and I hope you had half as much fun as I had with everything. You definitely set the bar high for anyone else to try to match up to.

Thanks again,

C., March 2014

Dear Mistress,

I want to thank You for our session earlier this week, and for all the time we’ve spent together. You are a master at what You do and I am grateful for the time I’ve spent in Your presence and submitting to You. I have certainly learned a lot from You and, as I have gone from being a novice in the BDSM world to the more experienced player that I am now, I owe a great deal of my growth to You.

I wanted to write to You, not only to pay You these compliments, but also to pay You the respect that You deserve . . . .

I hope that You will be pleased with the knowledge that You have helped me learn who I am and You have helped shape my knowledge of and approach to Dominance.

Again, I thank You, from the bottom of my heart, and I look forward to seeing You in the future.

Yours truly,

E., February 2014

Los Angeles Dominatrix | Mistress Justine Cross

Those of you who checked the Tickling Discussion forum may have seen that she was back in [Chicago] for a few days. She e-mailed me just before she traveled, since we’d sessioned before, and I was quick to book her for a few hours after our last experience.

She’d recently done all her nails in a bright red, and knowing that I was on her calendar she’d added a little sharpness to her fingernails – just enough to tickle instantly but without scratching skin.

The first half was me tickling her. Her athletic, tattoo-free, 5’9″ frame was dressed in lacy black top and pink panties, stretched out openly on the bed of her upscale hotel room such that her long dark brown hair lay leisurely at her side.

We both tend to spend a lot of time on each other’s feet since it’s a good spot for us both; hers are slender and flawless size 8 and while she had some nice reactions to pipe cleaners between her toes and toothbrush on her soles, fingernails worked especially well pretty much everywhere but especially on her arches and pads. She pretty much enjoys anything (massage, tickle, suck) gentle you’d like to do to her feet. I bring my own tickle toys and would recommend.

Nothing gets her kicking quite like rib-counting, spidering, or hip-squeezing tickles (but no bruises please!). It’s all in fun as the ler – private parts, neck and ears are off limits – and she has a melodic and wild laugh. She’s genuinely ticklish enough to need breaks now and then, though I have yet to actually get her to safeword.

When she’s the ler, her strong and teasing domme side comes out – that sing-song verbal taunting voice that I love. She remembered that my feet were the worst spot and mercilessly, meticulously tortured each side of each toe multiple times with multiple tools. And, of course, the arches, tops and pads. She flipped me over for a while and attacked from behind. She feathered my ears for a long time on each side which many of you know to be an unbearably ticklish spot.

When will she be back in town? Not soon enough! As a person she’s extremely friendly, professional, kind and educated. It’s an enchanting mix, hopefully other TMFers will get the chance to experience.

–JoePTickle, Jan. 2014 Originally posted on TMF

Mistress Justine, Thanks for a wonderful session Sunday night. I really appreciate you accommodating my schedule and also for asserting your dominance. You totally nailed the role playing scenario which made our time together really fun. It was a pleasure to meet and serve you and if I return to LA again I will definitely contact you. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2014.

J. January 2013

However, I did get to meet Mistress Justine Cross when she paid a Chicago visit from L.A., and we had a tremendously fun switch session together. She’s been on television so it could be said that she’s the closest thing to a tickling celebrity I’ve met.

–JoePTickle, Jan. 2014 Originally posted on TMF

I really love sessioning with you. I loved your scent, I loved your eyes, and I loved your curves. Being close to you felt so addictive, erotic, and sensational. I hope you enjoyed the massage as well. I will visit you again.

Take care,
A. Jan. 2014

Mistress Justine,

Now that I have had time to process what happened, let me say thank You. What I experienced has certainly made me better as a whole. Your beauty was greater than any photo could illustrate and You were a divine combination of cruel and caring.

I learned a lot about myself, my interests, and my limits. I enjoyed being handcuffed and really enjoyed the nipple play, that was very exciting for me. The verbal humiliation definitely impacted me. And Your feet. I nor any of the greatest wordsmiths could describe them enough to do them justice. Let me just say I tasted them while feeling the delightful pain in my nipples all the way home. I am definitely excited for Your return and hope to try something new then.

Your words about my physical appearance rang true. My physique is disgusting and needs to be worked on. I will send You updates and hopefully have lost enough weight by the next time you return to New Orleans.

Thank You so much,
–C. Dec. 2013

Hello Mistress Cross,
I hope your return to LA was smooth.
I really cannot thank you enough for the session today. You were amazing. I can honestly say today was the best orgasm I ever had . . .
Anyway just cant thank you enough
take care
–M. Dec. 2013

I am exhausted from a long drive in LA but, I just have to say I just had a session with Mistress Justine Cross and OMG, what a woman! I have lived in twenty eight countries, this isn’t my first rodeo, and nobody compares to her. She is everything I asked for and she didn’t try to get me out the door before I received every second that I paid for. She is like meth: one hit and you are hooked for life.

–crouchingbillko, originally posted on Maxfisch 12/10/13

Just want to thank you both again for last night . . .

I have to say again that being held by the throat and staring into your eyes while you each took turns beating me was one of the hottest things EVER!!! You could both see the pain/submission on my face, and I could see the total sadism in yours . . . you each looked playful, but oh, so cruel 🙂 I still can’t get that image out of my head.

You both kept me mentally off balance during the session, in the best possible way. I literally didn’t know what to say or do a few times . . . sooo hot!!

And then, after I came, when Natalie (I think it was Natalie, not totally sure) beat me, the pain was excruciating in the best possible way. I was seeing stars. It seemed to last forever, and I was actually hoping it would not stop . . . the searing pain, and the fact that all I could do was kneel and “take it.” What made it even hotter was the fact that I was unrestrained, and physically could have moved, but I didn’t even consider that . . . because I was feeling your complete dominance over me.

Was it me, or were you both extra sadistic last night?:)

I’m sorry I was a little quiet at dinner. Honest to god, whenever I looked at either of you across the table, all I could see was your expressions while I was being beaten in our session. I hope you didn’t think I was bored or tired . . . my mind was just lost, looking at you, remembering what had just happened . . .

Just when I think I kinda know what’s coming, you always come up with something totally new, wonderful, and unexpected.

“Thank you” doesn’t even come close to how I feel right now.

–j. October 2013

I had been saving for a while in order to have a certain special session I’ve been dreaming about. Some people (like myself) have to hide my “side projects” and keep a low profile about Domme sessions. And so, when I booked my first session with Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie at Dungeonwest I was naturally concerned whether or not I had made the right decision.

Being a fan of Sardax and his “Sartopian” image of beautiful women and their pathetic and doting male slaves, I had always wanted to try and experience that world somehow (if even for a short time). I made a call to Mistress Justine and she ‘lit up’ when I mentioned Sardax, asking me which were my favorites. Clearly she was a fan of his artwork as well, which was very exciting for me.

I requested a specialty session with her and Mistress Natalie. They do specialty “Lesbian Femdom” sessions and that just strikes at the heart of my kink, since I want to feel completely useless beneath their Female superiority.

My session was everything I hoped and more. A day or two before our meeting I received an email from Mistress Natalie giving me specific orders as to how I was to arrive, undress and kneel before them.. and the added thrill of being told I was not allowed to cum until (perhaps) they allowed me.. and that I was to tease myself every waking hour on the hour until we met. (There were a few difficult moments during the day, but I was excited to comply – and it kept me in the headspace wonderfully).

When I arrived I was told to kneel in front of a large black curtain while they did a few final touches inside the dungeon – and that my cock was to be ‘hard’ when they were ready for me. I’ll admit I was nervous and my mouth was dry, but DungeonWest has such a great vibe. It’s very large, and the entrance area has a large installation of pictures on the wall entitled “Modern Domme” with pictures of both Mistresses Justine and Natalie along with many other strikingly beautiful Dominatrices. The thought that I was on my knees waiting for a few of those gorgeous girls on the wall to have their way with me was absolutely exhilirating. I knew right there at that moment I had made the right choice.

And when they opened the black curtain and stood above me in their high heels and leather corsets, with light shining from behind them inside the dungeon, I felt that I had just seen a perfect vision of Angels from Hell. Two of those gorgeous women on the wall were here to dominate me!

They had clearly gone over my email in advance, and hit on all my major little “fantasy requests” such as watching them fix their makeup (and each others) while I knelt nearby.. and there was one unbelievably special moment while Mistress Natalie was closely fixing Mistress Justine’s lipgloss that they looked in each others eyes, smiled, and gently kissed. I just knelt there with my mouth agape at this beautiful vision.. and then caught a peak at myself in their mirror – and there I was in the Sardax fantasy of my dreams.

Without going into too much further detail about my very private session I will say that I was strung up by a winch in the ceiling and caned 41 times by each Mistress. (Ms Justine’s clever idea because that’s how long she was kept on hold that afternoon by Time Warner Cable, ha!). And then made to bend and be shackled inside some kind of medieval torture implement called “The Scavenger’s Daughter,” while receiving more canings on my thighs, butt, and shoulder blades. Then finally I was instructed to lay upon their torture table where I was firmly strapped down, teased to tears with a vibrator for about a half hour (of this two hour session), then forced to wait to cum while they counted backwards from 10. They had an evil look in their eyes, I knew something else was coming.

And it wasn’t ME!

I had timed myself perfectly, and at their count of ‘One’ I felt my body begin to shudder with a long awaited, and desperately needed orgasm. Mistress Justine gave one last bit of pressure on the vibrator which she held at the head of my tied up cock, then quickly REMOVED IT as I shuddered and struggled with the ankle and wrist restraints. I had just experienced my first (wonderfully terrible) ruined orgasm.

They laughed and laughed as I lay there spurting on myself while feeling absolutely NO satisfaction or relief. It was so wonderfully evil and so amazingly frustrating.. and truly defines the sublime pleasure of a submissive. Since you’re reading this, I’m sure you understand. While I did not get the relief my body was so desperate for… the memory of this perfect moment of pure wickedness beneath two stunningly beautiful women laughing at my pathetic struggling is going to fire my fantasies for years to come.

I will be back. And whether next time is “ruined” or not… either way it will be Perfect.

Thank you Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie for this submissive’s life defining session. I jokingly whispered to myself “I can die now” when I drove away last night…

Slave Fred, October 2013

Dear Mistress Justine,

You have kept me in chastity for several months, only allowing me to orgasm in your presence. You literally hold the keys to the lock, so there is no way for me to cum without your knowledge. Yes, I could use a bolt cutter to remove the lock, but then you would know what I had done. This reality has made me completely submissive to you because you have control over the most intimate part of my body.

And so I always look forward to our weekly sessions, because you let me cum at the end of the session. I thought last night would be the same when you told me to lay on the bondage bed. You put the Hitachi on my cock, and brought me to the edge of orgasm a few times. It felt wonderful, and I was lost in a state of bliss as my cock swelled and neared orgasm. I was looking at your perfect body standing over me, and staring into your eyes as I started to cum. The Hitachi felt so good, and I was in heaven.

But then something completely unexpected happened. Just as I was cumming, you took the Hitachi away, leaving me begging and pleading you to put it back so I could finish. My cock was helplessly throbbing, trying to finish my orgasm. You laughed and said, “And that is a ruined orgasm” as you walked away. I begged you even more to come back so I could finish, but you wouldn’t. I was desperate, and couldn’t believe you would do that to me. I said, “My god, that was so cruel.” And you said, “I know,” with a smile on your face.

That experience was a combination of things: super hot, horribly frustrating, maddening, sexy beyond words. As I write this, I am back in chastity for another long week, already thinking about our next session. I am hoping that you will be merciful and allow me a complete orgasm.

But beyond that, I feel even more dedicated to you than ever before. And, strangely, I am so grateful to you for teaching me a valuable lesson: you can, and will, do whatever you want with my body. I will no longer “expect” to be allowed an orgasm. Yes, I will desperately hope for it, but I now know that an orgasm is not a sure thing.

You can be so sweet, caring, wonderful, sexy, and teasing. And yet, at the very next moment, totally sadistic, ready to fuck with every part of my mind and body. And I always want more.

And that, Mistress Justine, is why you are the best Dominatrix ever.

–j. September 2013

Dear Mistress Justine,

Now that you literally hold the key to my chastity device, you have total control of my sexual life. I am only allowed to cum with your permission and in your presence. I have always looked forward to our sessions with eager anticipation. But now, we both know that the only sex life that I have is at Dungeon West. This adds a whole new dimension to our sessions. That’s what made our session of extreme tease and denial so memorable.

When you fastened my hands to the spreader bar, and then raised them above my head on the winch, I was completely helpless and at your mercy, naked except for the chastity devise on my cock and balls. You were dressed in such a sexy outfit, and my cock was painfully straining in chastity. You held the key to my release in your hand, dangling it in front of me, asking me if I wanted it. Of course I said “yes.” Your voice was so sultry. Then you blindfolded me and painfully clamped my nipples.

You fastened the key on the front of my mask in such a way that I could barely reach it with my restrained hands. Every time I tried, the nipple clamps pulled, giving me a jolt of pain on my tender nipples.

Then you started to laugh at me as I struggled. Taunting me, teasing me, coming close enough to whisper in my ear, then pulling the clamps on my nipples. I was dizzy with the wonderful combination of desire and pain. Over and over again you laughed and teased and taunted.

You added new torment when you put the Hitachi on my chastity, making my cock ache with even more desire. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips toward the Hitachi while you laughed and took it away. I begged for you to bring it back, but you wouldn’t. Instead, you put it on the tight nipple clamps, making them vibrate with more pain.

I could never get the knot holding the key on my mask loose enough to get the key. Then, in sheer desperation, I ripped the key off the ring, feeling very happy. But then you said, “that’s cheating,” and tortured my nipples even more.

During the whole time, I was aware of how silly I must have looked, dancing around like a puppet on strings, begging and struggling so hard while you laughed. I felt complete humiliation and utterly submissive to you. You showed me that you do, in fact, have complete control over me. I will do whatever you want.

Even as I write this, I am getting turned on by reliving the experience.

You are so creative in the ways you think of to torture and humiliate me. And I love it. I cannot get enough. Thank you, Mistress Justine, from the bottom of my heart.

–.j, August 2013

I Scheduled a session with Mistress Justine. This wasn’t my first time to see a professional Dominatrix, however this was my first time to see Mistress Justine. As I arrived at her dungeon I knocked on the door. It opened and as I walked in my jaw dropped. I could not believe what I was seeing. She is very beautiful in her photos, but she is even more beautiful in person. I was so anxious to be trampled on by such a beautiful Goddess. I was a bit nervous but she made me feel relaxed even though she knew I was totally at her mercy. It started out with Mistress ordering me to place all her various shoes out on the table. Then she ordered me to lay down on the floor and from then on I was in heaven. I wish I could always be beneath her. Mistress Justine isn’t your typical Dominatrix. She is very intelligent and does not rush her sessions. She makes sure to take her time and she totally gets into the session.

Her dungeon is by far the best I have ever seen. You MUST schedule a session with Mistress Justine. She is the BEST Dominatrix I have ever seen and our session was the best I have ever had. I can tell you that this is the first of many sessions to come. After a session with Mistress Justine, there is no other. I promise you will not be disappointed.


–Originally posted by Slave Michael on Yelp on 7/13/13

I had never seen a dominatrix before, but after watching some documentaries about BDSM I decided this was something I needed to explore. I emailed a bunch of dominatrixes in Los Angeles and described an elaborate role play scenario that incorporated one particularly peculiar fetish of mine. Mistress Justine’s response was the only one that indicated she not only read my message, but seemed to be as excited about it as me, so I booked a session.

After getting dolled up, I arrived at her dungeon and knocked nervously at the door. I was so nervous, I didn’t spend as much time absorbing the setting as I should have, but it seemed perfect. Warehouse space. Concrete and candles. Mirrors, chains and devices that I don’t know the names of. In the middle of it, Mistress Justine in gorgeous spike-covered stilettos and not much else. I could have passed out right then.

I had no idea what to expect. Not really. Pleasure and pain? Yes, of course, but Mistress Justine guided me through far more emotions and physical sensations than those two. I’m not even going to try to list them off. I’m still trying to grasp it all myself.

And Mistress Justine enjoys what she does. There were moments when she would be paddling me and I would sneak a glance back at her and see that smile. It wasn’t there for my benefit. She didn’t know I was looking. I’ve never seen a smile quite like hers. It’s mischievous, almost diabolical, supervillainess-like at times. It’s powerful, but strangely sweet too, and crushingly beautiful. My heart beat faster every time that smile flashed in my direction, and seeing that she was so into it made the experience that much more fulfilling.

Mistress Justine knows what she’s doing. She knows how far to go. She knows when to push and when not to. At the end, she seemed to sense that I was a bit overwhelmed, all of this being new to me, and our session closed with a surprisingly tender moment. All claims of her being the best dominatrix in Los Angeles seem to be accurate.

–Originally posted on Yelp by Agent M. 7/7/13

This evening I had an experience that I thought was only possible in the movies. Two beautiful women came to my home and rocked my world.

I had been following a Dominatrix for a while, Mistress Justine of Los Angeles. I watched as she began her career at a House and eventually went Independent. It was then that she seemed to flourish. Not only did she improve her website and skills, but also grew into a gorgeous and elegant woman.

Being someone who likes to keeps abreast of all the Dommes in town, their strengths and specialties, I finally knew I had to have an experience with Mistress Justine. I had no idea what I was in for.

After a pleasant chat by way of introduction, Mistress Justine asked me what I was into and told me a little about herself and what she enjoyed. During the brief conversation she had mentioned something I hadn’t even heard of before; Lesbian Cuckolding. It’s sort of obvious really, and I’m surprised I didn’t see more of it. She suggested since I wasn’t familiar with this dynamic, that we set something like this up.

Naturally I was a bit leary being that it would almost double my session fee, but I was so intrigued that curiosity got the better of me and I agreed. At worst, I thought it would be simply someone who wanted to get their friend involved and they’d put on a “good enough” show of it, but I could hear the smile in her voice as she discussed it and it made me want to share in the excitement.

Since I have a rather large downtown loft and plenty of gear of my own we decided they would come to see me. I took the afternoon to set things up for their arrival by setting up a cage, a torture table with manacles for arms and legs, mirrors all around, and champagne chilling in the refrigerator.

Upon arrival I buzzed them into the guest parking, sending a text message that my door was unlocked and to please come in and make themselves at home. I lowered the lights halfway, put on my collar, lit all the candles and got into the cage. I heard the door open and the wonderful sound of high heels clicking on the hardwood floors. My cage was out of their view at first but when they rounded the couch they could see me crouching inside on my knees. I saw the amused look on their smiling faces, knowing I had planned everything ahead.

They were in “character” the entire time and went about humiliating me and my helpless position. I saw the beautiful view of two pairs of gorgeous high heeled shoes standing above me and peered through the thin bars of the cage to see them dressed in very sexy black dresses that one might wear to a cocktail party, along with seamed stockings and their very high shoes. They both looked like they had just stepped off the pages of a magazine editorial for Vogue. Natalie, my other Mistress for the evening, opened the door of my cage and gestured for me to crawl out and kneel before them as they sat on a small couch. Mistress Justine presented a small tray that would attach to my collar and around my waist. Then, “objectified” me by using me as their cosmetics tray while they finished their makeup and took their hair down from being pinned up. I was made to hold very still, and watch as they deftly applied each others eyeshadow, lashes, and fixed each other’s hair. At one point Mistress Natalie hung a heavy cosmetics bag on my erect cock. The hook wasn’t long enough to go around, and so it’s tip dug harshly into my skin. It was quite painful and I grimaced as she smiled back at me with not a shred of pity. They went back to their coiffing, it was wonderful to get to watch these two women enjoying each other’s beauty. It was also wonderful to be completely ignored and “used” simply as piece of furniture by them both.

After a time I must have been distracted because a small eyeliner pencil had rolled off the edge of my tray and onto the floor. They both stared at me coldly, suddenly I could feel the mood of the room change. Justine was just finishing taking her hair down, and stood up from the chair, arched her back, smoothed her skirt, and looked down at me imperiously. She was an absolute vision of cold beauty.

Natalie was already removing the tray and putting away their makeup. Taking the hook out of my cock hurt as much as when it was first put in. There was a noticeable dent or hole, not bleeding, but very very painful. Luckily, it did not diminish my hard-on in any way, however. Dropping that bag was something that I hoped to avoid.

I knew it was time for my torture and I asked permission to kiss their feet and beg for mercy beforehand. They graciously allowed it and I kissed their shoes and begged out loud to please show me mercy, all the while they took the opportunity of my upturned ass to use paddles on me and make it red and stinging.

Then, Justine’s gentle voice changed sharply as she ordered me up on the table. I knew immediately to move quickly, she understood how to use the authority of her voice. It wasn’t long before I was helplessly attached by my wrists and ankles. They became sweet and tender again, like two cats toying with their prey. They explained that they had some new toys they needed to test, and I was going to be their guinea pig.

First was something called Sadistix. These were very thin black sticks, perhaps made of flexible nylon of varying lengths from about a three to six inches. They had elegantly bejeweled handles, definitely a feminine touch. It was such a turn on to know that these seemed to be specifically designed for an elegant and sadistic Torturess. Justine held one end then bent the other end back with her finger and flicked it sharply onto my thigh. Though these things didn’t look like much, they sure felt like much. The pain felt like tongues of fire on my skin. Both Justine and Natalie were attacking my thighs with their toys and laughing at me while I flexed and flinched from the pain. Justine moved up to my chest area, aiming for the nipples and again it felt like someone was using a cigarette light on me.

Because the two of them were working me over, there wasn’t really a chance to rest at all. If one stopped for a moment the other was sure to keep me jumping. I was falling deep into subspace now, feeling trapped and suffering at their whim. I felt my body relax down into the table just a bit, still feeling the pain but accepting it rather than fighting it, and focused on their faces and the obvious joy they took in making me hurt. There is nothing more beautiful to me… except… at one point during the torture, they paused and looked in each other’s eyes – I don’t remember who complimented who, but all of a sudden they were making out above me as I was strapped beneath them and waiting for more torment. This was no show for horny client, they were absolutely getting off on the torture and each other. My mind reeled with desperation and desire, all points were firing in my brain. Then they looked back down at me and went right back to the hurting.

The brief rest helped just a bit but my skin was so tender that when they started again it seemed to hurt even more. They must have thought that my rest was enough, because they did not relent this second time. This was not just a reminder, I was only halfway though.

After trying each of the different lengths of Sadistix and judging their severity, they finished by making sure that both sides were marked evenly. Natalie’s side of my body had slightly less marks and so I had to undergo some more punishment to make them happy. I knew they were playing with me when she went too far on purpose; meaning that Justine then had to make her side even. My muscles were weak and I was shaking all over, and drenched with sweat.

Next, Justine explained that she had some electrical equipment that she wanted to teach Natalie to use. Her gear was actually quite advanced, all top of the line. They each placed harsh metal alligator clamps on my nipples connected to a TENS unit. Natalie must have found a nerve because hers hurt so much that it was too much to take even without the electricity. I begged for her to move it. She stared at me impassively with only mild interest, with a look that told me that it was all about my pain and I better get used to it. I tried again to beg her to move it when all of a sudden I felt a tightness on both nipples that gave way to a feeling of sharp needles. Mistress Justine was already turning up the electricity, they had no intention of making the clamps “comfortable.” (what was I thinking?)

I looked over and saw her watching my reaction intently. There was a seriousness in her eyes, and her perfectly manicured fingers were turning one knob up slowly and steadily. I was already screaming nooooo and then she must have really jolted it because I screamed loudly and my body raised off the table as I arched in pain. It stopped quickly but then jolted just as harshly again. Now I was really scared. This was definitely torture and the simple turn of her finger was sending me to the depths. I heard Natalie say, “Oooh, look how he jumps” which encouraged Justine to send the punishing current through me again. I’d say she left it about two thirds of the most severe jolt but just left it there and watched me. I was begging for her to turn it off but to my astonishment she shook her head, put the control down, and checked her makeup and hair in the mirror while I laid there suffering and begging. I glanced over at Mistress Natalie for what I hoped would be some sort of help but she was just looking down at me with the warmest of smiles, her eyes in slits of evil joy.

After reapplying some lipgloss, Mistress Justine finally lowered the controller and asked Natalie if she would like to try it. Natalie preferred the sharp jolts to the steady pain, and I proceeded to jump and flex and yelp for a while as she had her fun at my expense.

Knowing how willing they were to take it just past my limits, I gulped when they brought out the electrical cock rings and the metallic loop for my balls to be connected to an Erostek. Justine place them on me, quite harshly I should add. This only served to increase my fear. She explained them to Natalie, suggesting she use this one and that one because they were the “hurty” ones. It was so sexy to watch them look over the device as my eyes traced down the wires from it, and down to my helpless cock and balls. I was definitely a lab experiment at this point.

Then the slight vibration began, I was afraid and jumped.. not knowing how harsh it was going to get or how quickly. I was admonished, they decided that they would have to double my torture for being such a coward. Lucky me.

I first felt the pain around my balls which felt like a clamp tightening around them, quickly after I felt a serious pain inside the head of my cock. The pain spread and increased until the entire area was on fire with electrical current. It was coming in steady waves and I dreaded the crest of each. Justine was showing Natalie how to increase the wave frequency and when they turned it up the waves became fast vibrations and that’s when the screaming started again. They were laughing and smiling at the new reactions. Justine walked over to me and leaned over my face, explaining that since they didn’t have cocks or balls, they would have to experiment on me to know exactly what the torturous instruments were capable of. Justine has an incredibly sexy voice, and she leaned down and spoke huskily in my ear – asking how it felt to be at the mercy of two beautiful, dominant, sadistic women. The entire time I saw Natalie’s eyes looking over the box she was holding, playing with knobs and watching my pain and their utter conquest and ownership of me.

Justine asked me if I understood what it meant to be owned by a woman. She asked if I believed in the dominance of the female. She asked if I understood my place beneath them. I tried as best I could to answer each and every question in a way that would be acceptable as Natalie continued the electrical torture. They were breaking me. My desire forced me to beg to be taken and owned by them, and they surely accomplished this through both their feminine charms and their sadistic natures.

Justine took control of the box again and I knew what was coming. I shook my head and said, “Oh no, please,” but she just smiled and said, “Oh YES,” as she ramped up the “hurty” knob to what must have been full power. I screamed loudly again, and was very conscious of my voice echoing in the room. I have thick walls but this was probably too loud for even those. Justine must have read my mind because she gave the box back to Natalie and said, “Give it to him,” while she held her hand over my mouth and muffled my screaming. They were both laughing as I struggled and tried to yell. Justine is actually quite strong for her thin frame and held me tightly. I was lost, it was too much. Then it stopped. They always seemed to know how to go just a touch over the line then pull back. This is SO rare.. I’ve had so many sessions where I was either wondering when or if the Mistress was going to get serious, or others where I had to “mercy out” simply because I could tell that damage was going to occur from the naievete of the Domme.

Although the Erostek was switched off and the electrodes removed from my cock and balls, they weren’t done with the hurting. Those wicked little Sadistix came back out and they renewed all the pain in my thighs, chest, and nipples as they both happily snapped them down on me again. Either I was weakened from the other treatment or they were using them more forcefully because it was just as bad as the electrical though different. They had obviously studied methods of Torture and were layering different treatments in order to fire fresh nerve endings in my brain and body. Once again I pleaded for them to stop but they simply laughed and continued without any regard to the suffering they were causing. Their smiles were sincere, they truly enjoyed this.

Finally the treatment slowed a bit, Mistress Justine loosened one manacled hand just a bit to allow me to make myself harder for them – which was quite easy with their gorgeous faces looking down on me and the sense of absolute authority they had created by teaching me how helpless I really was. Then while I was quite erect once again they discussed whether or not I had had enough, and leaned into each other and began kissing again. Justine said she thought it was time for them to have their own fun and Natalie agreed. They unlocked my arms and legs and I was ordered to quickly get on the floor and back into my cage. Once inside they locked it and ordered me to tease myself but not to cum. They removed their high heels and placed them on the top of the cage for me to stare at. Natalie made me put a doggie toy in my mouth and keep it there and they both got a good laugh out of it. Then they forgot about me and got on the couch and out of my view. I heard them giggling, kissing, and the sound of one or two vibrators. I’m not sure what else specifically went on because I couldn’t see them, but they got each other off on the couch while I laid in the cage with my rock hard cock, rendered useless and ignored. My torture was their foreplay, and now I was to be denied – a cuckold of two dominant lesbians who used me simply for sadistic entertainment.

I remained on the edge the entire time as directed. Eventually two heads appeared above the couch, and peered down into my cage. Their laughter was renewed as they saw me, still with the dog toy in my mouth and still fully and desperately erect. Then they rose arm in arm from the couch and moved to a smaller love seat in front of my cage where I was interrogated as to how desperate I was on a scale of 1 to 10. I answered 10 but that was apparently not good enough and I was directed to continue to tease myself. They put their shoes back on and crossed their perfect legs, still sitting and watching me with mild amusement. I was asked again and this time I answered “11.” Luckily that was more acceptable and they directed me to cum on command as they counted down from 10 to 1. I was not to come a second before or after, or I would be put back up on the table.

I listed to them count and tried to catch the rhythm of the numbers and they descended, allowing my body to finally go past the point of no return at about number 2, hoping that they stayed with that cadence. I was lucky that they didn’t hold at 1 as I timed it perfectly.. and as they both gave permission my body rose up and I exploded with a long shuddering orgasm that made me cry out.

They laughed at me as I came. I caught a glimpse of them both just as my eyes turned to slits. I was a slab of obedient meat, jacking off in a cage by their command. The humiliation sent me over the edge. I was owned and broken by these two model gorgeous woman. Nothing again could ever come close to this experience for me. Their triumph over me was secure.

–T. June 2013

Mistress Justine, thank you for accommodating me today. You are even more beautiful and intimidating in person! I will absolutely need to schedule another session when I am back in July as i doubt any other dommes measure up to your professionalism, cleanliness, and obvious supremacy. Till next time, those spiked heels will haunt my thoughts. Thanks again.

–M. May 2013

Dearest Mistress Justine,

Words cannot adequately describe the experience of serving you, but in homage and thanks I’ll try my best to convey my thoughts here. I hope you enjoy this well-deserved and humble note of admiration, and that it’s not too long and sappy for your tastes. I mean every word.

First, let’s dispense with the obvious. You’re absolutely stunning – nothing you don’t already know, I realize – but you’re even more gorgeous than I imagined. Other things surprised me though, such as your statuesque height, especially in those heels, and this only added to my feelings of submission and inferiority as you towered over this kneeling sissy. Watching you don your Turkish stockings, I couldn’t help but admire your long, gorgeous legs, especially as I fastened your garters and replaced your shiny pumps. But perhaps your best asset lies behind you (yes, pun intended). You have the most absolutely perfect, perky, tight, flawless bum I’ve ever seen! And somehow your height positions it ever so perfectly at eye level for a kneeling sub, causing my caged-up little cocklette to swell as you teasingly shook your gorgeous tush before me. That you felt me worthy to kiss and worship your devine derriere warms my little subbie heart. I absolutely loved your ass-kissing game too! I only hope that my performance was close enough to perfection to please you. I only face-planted into your cheek once, after all! 🙂

The build-up to our time together was unimaginable. I’m so happy that we talked ahead of time! Your orders to tease and edge myself for several days beforehand, followed by several days in chastity, put me in subspace for the whole week. Even during daily, mundane activities, I was constantly reminded by the tightness of the cage that you had complete control over my cock. It was sweet torture as I waited and anticipated our time together, like a kid 2 days before Christmas, but in this case the package to be opened was mine! (I hoped).

And then I messed up! Showing me your table of wicked implements, you asked which items I wouldn’t be comfortable playing with. I pointed to the scissors, imagining they might be used for some sort of wicked mutilation beyond my limits. Not missing a beat, you said, “Awww, well then I guess I’m not going to be able to let you out of chastity then, am I,” and you set them aside, out of play. Perhaps seeing my face drop with disappointment, you asked, “Well, do you know another way out?” Of course I should have realized you would need to cut the plastic lock….how stupid of me! In true dominant fashion, you used this slip-up to torture me further, such that I really wasn’t sure if you’d ever release me from my cage!

The ongoing teasing thereafter was simply delicious. The nipple torture, the clamps, your fingernails, your crop, your heels, and especially your softly seductive yet dominant voice…’tis the stuff subbie dreams are made of. Kneeling before you, being collared, then serving as your human laptop desk…it was all so amazing! Finally though, after much teasing, you mercifully released me from chastity after threatening to leave the choice up to a friend you said you’d call…and then you made me worship one of your new black cocks! Being on my knees before you, in panties but finally out of chastity, looking up at your statuesque figure with a mouthful of domme-dick….it’s where I belong, and it made my sissy heart melt. As you said, males like me exist to serve and glorify powerful women like you. And I’m so happy that I was afforded the privilege!

Simply put, serving you was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It felt so incredibly genuine and so purely rooted in true female supremacy. Your dominance wasn’t an act, it was real. You meant what you said, and you enjoyed it. At times, worshipping your divine bottom, I could even smell your arousal through that sexy black thong, and it was nothing short of intoxicating! I’m so jealous of your personal slaves, whom I imagine you might afford the privilege of worshipping at the womanly altar beneath that sexy little strip of fabric, or to be your cuckold. Alas, a sissy can dream…

I hope you don’t mind me expressing all these thoughts. They’re meant in deep respect and admiration. Mistress Justine, I really can’t thank you enough. I’m so impressed with your smarts and sincerity. In talking with you it’s very evident that you’re a highly intelligent, refined woman, and you have created a truly brilliant brand. I’ll never forget our time together! I only wish I were in town longer, so that I could have been your pool boy date today 🙁

I really hope that our paths will cross again. You’re so delightful and so smart, I would love take you to dinner next time! And next time, perhaps we can do a transformation session…oh how I’d love to be all whored-up like a sissy tramp in your studio!


sissy J
–March 2013

A few days ago I had a very intense, sensual, and amazing session with Mistress Justine Cross and Mistress Natalie West at the all-new Dungeon West. I will never forget it.

First, a word about Dungeon West. Having outgrown her old space, Mistress Justine has a new, large, modern play space. It is gorgeous. Polished concrete floors, high ceilings with exposed beams, an amazing array of BDSM furniture and toys, as well as a spectacular four-poster bed (more on that later). I really appreciate lighting and music in sessions, it definitely sets the mood for me. Both the sound system and lighting added so much to my experience there!

There is complete privacy when you enter Dungeon West. No separate rooms with various sessions happening, only you and your Mistress. I really like that! You get the feeling that nothing except your session matters: no distractions of any sort. I felt completely at ease, safe, and relaxed. The space is enormous (over 1400 square feet). There is a full bathroom with shower, a kitchenette, and free street parking. It is super-easy to access from all Los Angeles freeways. The dungeon is located in an up-and-coming Artist District of Los Angeles.

In short, Dungeon West sets a new standard for play spaces in Los Angeles. And I have seen many of them over the years. Mistress Justine says, it is “squeaky clean for kinky fun!” And she’s right. You could eat off the floors. And it is wall-to-wall kinky fun!

Now, on to the session itself. It was a sadistic, lesbian cuckolding session. Both Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie greeted me dressed in sexy lingerie. If you have not met them, let me just say they are both drop-dead gorgeous. Perfect bodies, and beautiful smiles hiding sinister thoughts If you have met them, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Both Mistresses clearly love what they do. Their passion for BDSM ignited our session into an experience unlike any I have ever had. Throughout the entire time, I always felt they were really, really into what they were doing to me.

After exchanging our hellos, I was roughly shoved onto the four-poster bed and Mistress Justine towered over me and immediately began digging her stiletto heels into my thighs (I love that), while Mistress Natalie tied me, spread-eagled, to the four-poster bed. I was on my back, feeling completely and totally helpless and at their mercy. I was beaten with leather paddles and canes and my nipples were tortured with their nails and nipple clamps. My cock and balls were beaten, trampled and clamped.

They took breaks from torturing me to enjoy each other, while I was tied to the bed, going out of my mind while watching their passion for each other, wishing they would let me join in (of course that did not happen). Still tied, each Mistress sat on the bed, one on each side of me, while torturing me. Mistress Natalie mercilessly taunted me, asking if I wanted to touch her. I sure did! However, she sat just out of reach of my tied hand, laughing as I tried everything I could to touch her, but to no avail.

I am a pain slut. The more pain, the happier I am. Let me say that I was a very happy pain slut that night! Then, Mistress Justine suddenly announced that she had to pee. With barely a thought, she blindfolded me and released her golden champagne into my eager mouth. This was my first golden shower, and now I want more. It was intoxicating. Meanwhile, Mistress Natalie continued to tease, taunt and torture me, laughing at my frustration. I was humiliated, in pain . . . and never happier in my life!

I was in heaven that night, and I can hardly wait to do it again! Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie are the most creative, sadistic and beautiful dommes I have ever met.

I cannot say enough about the Dungeon West experience. The dungeon is classy and upscale, and both Mistresses are simply the best you will ever see.


Mistress Justine Cross

Mistress Natalie West

Dungeon West
Dungeon West

Thanks for reading!

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Sub_JB_91711 on FetLife.

–Originally posted on Maxfisch 3/14/13 by BillyPilgrim

Dear Mistress Justine Cross,

The few minutes we spoke earlier fucked my mind. You are every bit as genuine as your tweets.Part of me is fearful because I know you will fucking own me. Easily. The ease in to which you toyed with my low self esteem. You seemed to know already I throb at being humiliated by a stylish hot mean confident and glamorous woman..which saying you may be the understatement of the year. I know Im not in a place where I can do the things I have furiously jerked to a thousand times….take you shopping for designer leather thighboots, hearing how well the boots i saved months for were received on hot dates with real men…confident men….afterwards hearing id never be confident enough or man enough to please a woman like you…. going to upscale vanilla clubs and being slapped hard in front of everyone, having a drink thrown in my face…all this for being good…eyeing a woman in boots at a club and you saying -loud enough for her and those around to hear- “a woman like that would never fuck a desperate pervert like you…or “i know you are going to enjoy beating off to those boots tonight”. I will be in a place soon though. I graduate in may and will get a real job..hopefully in oil. I want to bank. Not for me. For hot women like you. I still want to live in a sad little apartment like always but I desperately want to spoil a woman like you. Your voice…your mind totally rocked my world. I know sending all this communication seems like the signs of desperation. Because it is. I hope that has come across loud and clear. Thank you. I really hope to have the chance to speak with you again soon.

Your aspiring bootboy, chris
–Feb. 2013

Dearest Mistress Justine —

I wanted to write and let you know that I had a wonderful time with you today (a little disappointed that you could get you hand in up the the wrist – but for next time!!).

I appreciate how relaxed and stress free you made this first time, and that you looked wonderful in the latex and heels.

You truly are expert at bringing me in, up and then taking me back down.

Your careful command of the room was exquisite and making sure i was doing okay was very much appreciated.

I can’t wait to be your play toy again!!!

–c., Feb. 2013

Mistress Justine Cross,
Thank You so much for taking time to help me be a better slave today. Your smile is so infectious. You said You would allow a return, i hope so…it was special.

The hesitation at the start was simply a lack of confidence. my hands were clean, it is a must, if i am to be in Your presence, on the chance You allow anything to rub against or touch. i have been trained to keep the seat down, could swear it was, but the flush was not complete, it had to be done again, which caused uncertainty…. Still my final answer, hope it was down…. Thank You.

Thank You for exploiting my weakness, nipples, dead give away, huh? my hope is it amused You, that You may have enjoyed, getting me twisted(play on words, but true). They are still sore, should be for a couple days. Hope it was not boring, it really was magnificent. One of the toughest nipple times, played, teased, then intensified, let up, ignored, start again. gloves, clamps & weights, that was over the top, wow!!! Never had weights before, that was intense. You were very kind not to add more or shake them too much, thank You.

The sight of Your boots around my cock were special. They could have done so much damage, but today, Your desire was to tease, to remind me how small and helpless i am, how Your boots looked truly awesome, but how quick they can turn wicked and destroy. The heel, long slender, beautiful, but also piercing.. The toe, beautiful, but blunt force can make a point. Then stop everything and rub the hem of Your skirt, just so, the feeling, the nerves, the Hot spot, just drove me crazy. Lucky i was chained, the knees began to give way…. the pleasure was so intense….OHHH!

What a quick turn, everything was focused on my Thought it was over, leaning on the table gave my nipples a chance to rest, but You had other ideas…. After a few warm up blows with Your flogger… What a great idea, (for You) how creative, the weight and the hole in the table. It is intense enough, forced to lay on your nipples with clamps, but adding weight keeps them in play the hole time. Don’t want to move while You work my backside, but pressing against the table is no relief… Caught in the middle, caught in Your web… Struggling, challenging, absolutely the best, thank You so much.

Sorry You had to remind me to be quiet, i promise to accept Your generous training more quietly. Was soo excited, was just squirming, couldn’t sit still as You worked the entire body. Every part of me wanted Your feel, Your touch, my hurt. (a smile & hard as this is written).

It really was special Thank You so much. i do hope to serve again soon. My nipples will be sore for a few days… what a great reminder for me..

Please enjoy the evening and have a wonderful weekend…
d. Jan. 2013

This double domme session with Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie was easily one of the most intense experiences of my life.

I have been seeing Mistress Justine regularly for over six months, but this was my first session with Mistress Natalie. I don’t know why I waited so long for a double session!

Our session included lots of impact play (I’m a hard-core pain slut) with a wooden paddle, canes, and floggers. Also, lots of CBT and NT. I have experienced more pain in individual sessions with Mistress Justine, but the sum total of torture being given by two Mistresses at the same time is what made this so incredibly intense. Being beaten on my ass from behind at the same time my nipples were being tortured from the front, or many variations of torture from two directions, made my head swim. I quickly learned that Mistress Natalie is an expert in delivering pain. She gave my thighs, cock and balls, a very hard and wonderful beating! And, of course, Mistress Justine’s sensual/sadistic skills are amazing.

Here are some highlights.

Predicament Bondage: I have never experienced this before. I was placed on my knees, ankles spread and tied, arms cuffed to a spreader bar and suspension winch, and my cock and balls bound with rope and tied behind me. It was from this position that most of the torture took place. And I was in heaven. At one point, each Mistress, in turn, teased me by bending over in front of me, just out of reach, so that if I wanted to kiss her ass, I had to lean forward and strangle my balls. Which I did! As I was begging to kiss her ass, each Mistress taunted me and laughed as I begged and moaned from the pain in my balls. They took turns teasing me, while the other would raise and lower the suspension winch, making it harder for me to strain and reach. Then both Mistresses leaned in front of me and teased the shit out of me with their perfect asses as I strained to kiss them. And moaning from the pain in my balls.

At various times during our session, the suspension winch was raised so that my body was tightly stretched, which added to the overall torture. But both Mistresses are concerned about safety, so they kept checking my hands to make sure circulation was OK. I really appreciate that.

Lesbian Cuckolding: Also a new experience for me. A couple of times during our session, Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie took a break from torturing me to enjoy each other while standing directly in front of me, while I was painfully bound and helpless. What a mind fuck! I really, really wanted to join in, but, of course, was not allowed.

Stiletto Heel Torture: I really enjoy both Mistresses’ feet and shoes, so it was a great treat when they dug their sharp heels into my thighs and chest, giving me delightful marks.

Dungeon West: Where both Mistresses hold sessions, is the finest, sexiest, most sinister dungeon in Los Angeles! I cannot say enough good things about this play space.

Both Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie are the absolute best. With their perfect bodies, great intelligence, and amazing creativity, they offer the best BDSM experiences I have ever had! I am already looking forward to our next double session! I truly feel like the luckiest sub in the world to know these two amazing ladies!

Mistress Justine Cross: website
Mistress Natalie West: website
Dungeon West: website

Thanks for reading,


Sub_JB_91711 on FetLife.
(Originally posted on Maxfisch by Billy Pilgrim 8/7/2012)

Dear Miss Cross,

I wanted to write this letter to you to tell you how marvelous my time was with you! I have never had an experience such as the one you provided for me. The moments contained within, seem to me, like a fantasy that I should be reading about or that someone else had. But it wasn’t someone else it was me and it was with you. Your beauty is and was so captivating. From the first moment you opened the door, my heart leapt and if it wasn’t apparent I was speechless. I think I mentioned that I’m usually quite talkative however in your presence I was mute with nervous sexual energy. And you took that energy and molded it into an immense frenzy that ultimately crescendo’d with me crying out in your arms and orgasming fantastically. What a warm warm memory this will be for me. Watching you and the animalistic gleam in your eye was at times frightening. Intensely beautiful, dressed seductively, and sheer raw superior feminine power. You scared me how close you were and when you slapped me; no-one has ever slapped me! Giggle, I think I liked it! What a feeling!! Your care of me was exquisite and has left me lusting and wanting for more. What a dream was this!!! I’m hoping that you’ll have me again and that we can explore all sorts of fun fun fantasies. Thank you for making me sissy time so special and I think, if it’s ok to say this, I found my new home, with you!!!

Submissively yours,

Sissy molly montana

i generally consider myself to be a dominant player when it comes to BDSM. A while ago, i felt the need to get some perspective on the submissive side of things. After careful consideration, i contacted Mistress Justine to set up a session. i was a nervous and a little apprehensive at first, but Mistress Justine put me at ease right away. We discussed my interests though i have generally left everything up to Her imagination and desires. She has a wonderful imagination and always has some new, diabolical torture in store when we play together.

i have been to Dungeon West twice (played with her at another dungeon previously). It is an intimate, comfortable space and gives you a sense of Mistress Justine’s personality immediately. She has an amazing assortment of toys and furniture, but it is her command of how to use everything that is the triumph of her dungeon.

i arrived at our last session and Mistress Justine offered me a water and instructed me to wait in the parlor while She finished preparing for our time together. Not wanting to displease Her (and hoping to surprise and please Her), i disrobed and presented myself to Her, kneeling. When She came back, She did indicate Her pleasure and some surprise, but went immediately to work and put a collar on me.

She led me into one of the back rooms and selected an assortment of torture devices for our session. She began by affixing me to the St. Andrews cross, using cuffs i gave Her at our last session. Bound an unable to move, Mistress Justine tormented me by displaying Her perfect legs and ass to me, knowing full well i would be unable to do anything about me desire for her. She then put me in a blindfold, and proceeded to torture my nipples and whispering in my ear about all the things She would do to me in the next two hours. For the first time in my life, i begged for mercy.

Whenever I think about Her, i am instantly aroused and wondering when i will be lucky enough to be in her presence again.

–e., May 2012

For those that are pain sluts, she is the best I have found in LA. For true fans of S&M, this is someone you surely want to make sure you session with.

Read the rest on The Erotic Review.

–Originally posted by STEVIE2460 on The Erotic Review, May 2012

Dear Mistress Justine

I just thought I’d write to say thank-you for an amazing meeting yesterday. As I said in the session, time with you is an exquisite mix of heaven and hell. My only regret is that I didn’t book for longer.

I very much hope that you will return to London soon and that I will be fortunate enough to session with you again.

Best regards

j., May 2012

Hi there Mistress Justine

I really did enjoy our session together, I would be honoured if you did decide to come back to London we would be able to play again?

I am having a hunt though the net to see if there are any cheap flights to LA! I will keep you informed!

I was a real pleasure in meeting you, you power is stunning, your play exquisite, you know what buttons to push and when to hold off.

IT was one of the best session I have had in a VERY VERY long time.

Thankyou Very much Mistress Justine for allowing me to serve you on your short say in London and I hope our paths get to cross again soon

Many thanks,
i., May 2012

I feel like the luckiest sub in the world to session with Mistress Justine Cross. I want to continue to see her as long as she will allow. Here is why.

We have had several sessions together, and they have all been amazing. Each one is a little better than the one before it. Some of the elements of each session are:

Her incredible beauty. Mistress is stunning. In fact, throughout the session it is a constant source of mental torture to be so physically close to her, yet knowing I will never experience all of her body. She allows me to worship her perfect legs and feet, and leaves me begging for more.

Her ability and skill. I am a serious masochist. A pain slut. She understands that, and gives me the pain that I crave. Mistress Justine tortures my nipples so hard that I involuntarily moan in agony, and beg her to continue. Then, there are the canings. She has a perfect way of delivering white-hot pain with an intensity that takes my breath away. She lets me watch her while she is beating me, which really helps me to take the pain. Our eyes often meet during the caning, and it is as if time is standing still. When she is finished, I always want more.

Her acts of kindness. Often, when the caning gets really intense, she will pause and put her hand on my arm, or hold my restrained hand. She knows the extreme pain she is giving me, and yet she also comforts me. It is such a tender moment. It melts my heart and leaves me babbling, “Thank you so much, Mistress.” Then, back to the brutal cane strokes. She really enjoys administering pain, and that is important to me. In fact, I think sometimes she gets annoyed when I keep telling her I want to make sure she is having fun, too. But she has little sadistic touches that let me know her creative mind is at work!

Her play space. I have been trying to think of a way to describe DungeonWest, Mistress Justine’s play space. The best I can come up with is “Sexy/Sinister.” It looks like a classy turn-of-the-century bordello, but with the sharp edge of a dungeon. It is immaculate, with beautiful furniture, full BDSM equipment, gorgeous lighting, and a nice location. When I arrive, I know I am going to have a good time in a safe environment.

Los Angeles is very lucky to have so many wonderful Dominas. Some people like to session with a variety of Dominas. But for me, Mistress Justine is the only one I want to see. I hope we will have a long and wonderful journey further into BDSM.

Here are her links:



Sub_JB_91711 on FetLife.
(originally posted on by “BillyPilgrim” on Maxfisch, Reviews 3/24/2012)

(Originally e-mailed to Footnight from a couple who attended the awards night)
I just wanted to say to thank you for hosting such a great party and that G. and I really enjoyed being a part of LA Footnight. The staff was very friendly, helpful and made us feel comfortable from the time we walked in.

The award presentations were a lot of fun and it was exciting to see everyone having a great time and getting so involved.

. . . We also promised Justine we would have a season with her but she was in such demand that we didn’t see her again until the very end but, not too late for a session. On our way home, G. kept commenting how gorgeous and friendly [she was] and, I agree! We also thought it was cool that we were able to worship the feet of the girl that was just named as having the “sexiest feet”! We agree…good choice.

With Justine being a dom and G. being a sub…it was perfect. We have talked about the party several times since and, G. loved how Justine approached us and got to know G. [She] also loved how Justine controlled the session. Starting first by having G. remove her shoes, having a little foot talk, running hers hands over her feet, and then instructing G. to suck her toes and lick her feet. G. told me that Justine kept pushing her toes deep into her mouth which was just fantastic! If only Justine knew how much of an effect she was having.

Although girls who like other girl’s feet is not that common, it does happen. For a girl to worship another girl’s feet it can be hard as well as creating for an awkward moment if the other girl thinks it is weird to have her toes sucked on. Steve, your parties are a perfect way for anyone with an attraction to women’s feet to relax, and enjoy worshiping feet without experiencing that “awkward” moment. We would recommend your parties to anyone and, especially to couples where the girl is also attracted to other girl’s feet. We would say “just go” you will not regret it. The atmosphere is always friendly, the staff outstanding, and the models always the best.

Please keep up the great work!

–k. and g. a couple who attended Footnight; March 2012

I was not late yet. But I was beginning to panic.

I left the hotel well before my appointment with Justine Cross the Los Angeles Dominatrix to make sure I wasn’t late. The problem was my GPS. It was not recognizing the new play space for Justine. I pulled off the highway and checked my notes. I was entering the address in the GPS just as I wrote it down. I sent her a text asking for her address again. She sent the same thing I already had written down. Who ever heard of a GPS not knowing an address? This was turning into a real problem.

Justine Cross doesn’t like it when I’m late. She is firm on this point. I have never been really late before. Sometimes I arrive five minutes after the appointed time. Even this is a big failure to Justine and I was worried what would happen if I was a half hour late. She always thinks that she needs to prove a point even after we have seen each other several times. Late is not carelessness on my part. It was just unavoidable.

I got off the highway and sent a text. She repeated the address for me. It was exactly what I had written down. But the GPS still did not recognize it as a LA address. She sent another text: “where are you?” She was a little irritated. I drove to her old dungeon location, parked in front of the door and called her. Noticeably irritated, she told me that her new play space was just down the street. Restarting the car, I continued with just her verbal instructions. The GPS was worthless now.

Minutes later I found the address, parked and walked to the front gate. It was locked. So I called again. She made me wait for a few rings before answering. This made me more nervous. She finally answered. I told her the gate had a chain and padlock on it. In a fake dumb blond voice she claimed to be unaware of the lock. She told me to walk all the way around the block, and enter from behind the building. I know her forgetfulness is intentional when she acts like a dumb blond. She isn’t blond and she isn’t dumb either. She made me walk around the block to add to my minutes of lateness.

Entering from the back I knocked on the door. She looked at me through the window before opening the door. She opened it for me to enter and as the door closed behind me I could see she was in another striking outfit. She had on a black top and a very pink skirt. I had never seen her in anything except black before so this was a different way to experience her beauty. Both the top and the skirt were made of synthetic material. They did not follow any fashion standard that is familiar to me. This is not how a girl dresses for the office or for an evening out on the town. This is an altogether different style. It isn’t meant for work or social activities. It is meant for domination.

Justine’s beauty makes my body stop all movement. Caveman instincts in the primitive parts of my brain awaken when my eyes focus on her. These instincts tell my body to stop moving so all five senses can quickly report their findings to the brain. A man’s Y chromosome prepares him for these situations. In a split second he detects both beauty and danger at the same time. My primitive instincts reassure the conscious mind of my ability to handle the situation. Her beauty and deceitfulness can bring danger. But I am clearly much stronger. Strength is my advantage and it will protect me.

Justine’s gaze told me the primitive parts of her brain were likewise evaluating me. The cavewoman in her saw my superior strength and knew that it can be guided in a direction of her choosing. Her conscious mind knows the usual ways to guide a man. Justine has a woman’s soothing touch, pleasant voice and sensual beauty. But she also knows other ways to control a man that are not as ordinary. She was not afraid of my overwhelming physical power. I suspect it pleases her to know that someone so much stronger will do what she commands.

We traded greetings and I told her I was very excited to see her again. She didn’t say anything about being happy to see me. She didn’t thank me for traveling over a thousand miles to see her. Maybe she would have thanked me for my effort if I didn’t arrive late. I was hoping to get her mind off the time. So I avoided asking for compliments.

She began to show me around her new private dungeon. She has named it Dungeon West. It is a building with several rooms. There is a kitchen area to the right as you walk in complete with sink, cupboards and a fridge . . .

One of the rooms has a silver dog cage in it. Inside the cage is a piece of equipment that looks like a combination of hand and foot cuffs. Maybe she puts people in the cage and then restrains their wrists and ankles. This looked very mean to me. But a cage would keep Justine at a distance. She wouldn’t be able to get close enough to torment anyone inside. The silver cage may have a silver lining.

Her new play space has a wide variety of equipment that she can use to torture. There is a waist high bench which she calls a bondage table, a heavy metal chair for restraining men in the seated position and a St. Andrew’s cross. Justine Cross will never get bored here.

We returned to the bondage table room. She told me to kneel, take off my clothes and fold them perfectly straight. This is impossible for me to do since I am not a machine. There is no way I can fold my shirt so the distance from the left shoulder to the collar is exactly the same as on the right. I folded and refolded several times. She inspects each folding attempt and tells me what is wrong before she kicks my clothes all over the floor and commands I try again. She saw a piece of lint on my shirt and said,

“You have a fuzz on your shirt.”

The fuzz was hard to get off completely.

I told her, “this fuzz is the same color as your carpet. It’s your fuzz.”

“It may be my fuzz. But it is your problem, “ she said.

Refolding is frustrating. But this was helping me distract her from my late arrival. I was hoping she would forget. She grew tired of watching me fold. So she told me to stack my poorly folded clothes under the bondage table. Then she said it was time to “settle accounts” for me being late. This is her way of explaining why she is going to hit me. In the world of the Los Angeles Dominatrix every minute of lateness will result in getting hit with something. This time she took a stick out of the vase in the corner of the room. She calls it a cane. But it looks like a stick of bamboo.

She told me I was thirty-eight minutes late. I agreed with her. But I tried to tell her that these were unusual circumstances. She didn’t believe that the GPS was wrong. She said that it wouldn’t matter if it was since lateness is inexcusable. She wanted me to lean over her bondage table while she beat me thirty-eight times. I told her that I was sorry and that it would not happen again. She added five because I was not obeying right away. This was not going the way I wanted. She added another five before I could stand up and move to the table. This meant forty-eight hits. Justine Cross is an impatient dominatrix.

I bent over the table and she hit me. I could tell that she was using less than half the strength in the firm muscles of her right arm. But the cane hurt so much. It was an intense pain and I didn’t know how I could last another 47 hits. The cane lets her cause pain without using extra effort that could break a nail or ruffle her sexy clothes.

She asked, “Did you forget to count? You are supposed to say, ‘One thank you mistress.’”

“I understand,” I said.

“Then let me hear you say it,” she said harshly.

She stood to my left and every time she hit me I would move my ass away from her. She kept telling me to move back and stand straight. But it hurts too much. Disgusted, she went to the chest of drawers against the wall and pulled out leather handcuffs. She put them on me and attached them to the far side of the bondage table. Now I couldn’t move away from her much. She continued to hit me and I continued to yell “it hurts” and “dammit it hurts” in between “thank you mistress.” At one point she missed me and hit the table with her cane. It smacked the table right next to my left side. The noise startled me and I looked back at Justine to see what she was doing. She had a big smile on her face and looked proud of being able to startle me. Apparently forty-eight cane strokes are not entertaining enough. She has to throw in a practical joke to add to her amusement.

Sometimes I would look at her while she hit me. There isn’t a shred of sympathy in her eyes. She was enjoying how I squirmed against the restraints. I continued to look back at her once in a while hoping to see signs that she would stop before number forty-eight. She didn’t stop. This was excessive. It is enough to hit a dog once with a rolled up newspaper. Why is she hitting a fairly intelligent man forty-eight times with a cane?

I know she has a cat at home. She wouldn’t beat the cat because it is an animal that is defenseless against her. She calls all men ‘walking abortions’ because they have a Y chromosome. Doesn’t that make us just a defenseless as her cat? How does she explain hitting one defenseless creature and not another?

We finally got to forty-eight and she put the cane back in the vase. She let me stay standing handcuffed to the table for a while. Then she came up behind me and told me to spread my legs. I moved my feet away from each other. My first attempt to obey was not enough for her. She repeated her command with a louder, more demanding voice.

I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish back there. She spread my cheeks apart at one point. She took about a half minute to explore my behind before being satisfied. I must have passed inspection.

Justine asked what I did for fun in my home town. I told her about seeing football games, classic car shows and a church sponsored pheasant hunts. Justine burst into a long deep throated laugh when I mentioned a church sponsored pheasant hunt. She had to put one hand on my back to keep her balance.The thought of this was so funny to her that it took her several breaths before she finished laughing.

It is hard to predict what Justine thinks is funny. She has laughed at several things I have told her. None of these things have ever been funny to me. But it is hard enough to keep Justine from beating me let alone make her happy. If she thinks something is funny, then I am all for it. My first thought was to ask why pheasant hunts were funny. But asking Justine for the rationale behind her thoughts is dangerous. These questions make her think about why she does things and this could cause me to get a few more hits with the cane.

I explained that hunting is a normal activity where I live. A faith based organization including hunting in some of its social activities is perfectly natural. I also told her that women are welcome to participate in pheasant hunts. It just so happens that they prefer to get involved once the game is ready for the oven. This is just the way it works when everyone does what they want to do.

The LA Dominatrix hunts too, in her own way. The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is her hunting ground along with the occasional naive male that gets hooked by her website. Radical statements and beautiful pictures in the website lure her game closer. She has developed a charming public personality. But charming is not part of her real identity. She hides behind charm so her true character will not scare men away. But once she closes the dungeon door behind a visitor, she can be herself again.

She unhooked the handcuffs from the bench and told me to lay on it facing the ceiling.

The table is about four feet off the ground. This is a great vantage point from which to gaze on the extreme beauty of Mistress Justine Cross. It was great pleasure to look at her while she cuffed my hands and feet to the table. Her eye makeup looked like Cleopatra from ancient Egypt.

I was aware of why she wanted to cuff me to the bench. My strength is the one advantage I have over her. Preventing movement of hands and feet makes me completely helpless. I can’t stop Justine when the pain of her tortures become too much to withstand.

One of my emails to the Los Angeles Dominatrix before the appointment mentioned Justine’s appearance on Attack of the Show on G4tv. She used an electric wand to shock the cohosts and I thought it would be fun to feel if it was as painful as it looked. She opened her black torture case and started connecting all the wires. I told her that I just wanted to try it and we didn’t need to spend a lot of time shocking me. She laughed again.

The wand is like a big electric toothbrush with a hollow glass tip at one end. The tip has a purple glow when the electricity is turned on. She began by shocking my arms and legs. The first shock to my arm hurt a little. Then she used the dial on the wand so even more electricity would go through my body.

Soon she turned her attention to my nipples. Justine told me that nipples have more nerves in them than other parts of the body. The electric shock to my nipples caused much more pain than the arm and leg shocks. Suddenly I understood what the male G4TV cohost was feeling when he was getting similar treatment from the Los Angeles Dominatrix.

It is impossible to take this kind of pain without telling her loudly to stop. All the screaming was beginning to bother Mistress Justine and she started covering my mouth to muffle the sounds. She said the small amount of pain I felt was nothing compared what she has done to other people. She wanted to gag me. But she said I sometimes say things that are funny to her and she might miss another laughable statement if I were gagged.

She made a strange sound at some point while shocking my nipples. It sounded like a poodle barking. She looked down at the table when she barked and commented “this table has metal in it.” I smiled a little. The Los Angeles Dominatrix had shocked herself! She did not share my laughter. Instead she gave me another anatomy lecture.

“Did you know that there is only one other part of your body that has more nerves than your nipples? Can you guess what it is?” I knew what she meant but didn’t say anything.

“Don’t you want to guess? OK Then I’ll show you.”

She touched the electric wand on the head of my penis. This was much worse than the nipples and it made me scream much louder. I wonder why she covered my mouth with her hand again. After all Dungeon West is her private space. We aren’t going to wake the neighbors.

She kept shocking me on the head. It would have been better if she used the side of the penis so the shock would be spread out over more skin. Touching the tip of the wand to the end of my penis made the shock focus on one small spot making the pain much more intense.

I was trying to think of a way to make her stop but couldn’t. The metal table shocked Justine again and I laughed. I saw this as a small victory for me. Justine never takes turns with torture. But somehow I managed to put her on the receiving end two times in a row. My laughing got stronger and was as hard as when Justine laughed at pheasant hunting.

Justine put her electrical equipment away, removed my restraints and said it was time for her foot massage. She told me to move the chair against the wall to the center of the room. The chair was very heavy and hard to lift. She moved her feet toward me while reclining in the chair.

Touching Justine’s feet is a pleasurable experience. These are the things that bring the art in the shoe designer’s mind to life. Her toenails were recently painted with a red nail polish. I held two of her toes in my hands and examined them. The feet pulled themselves out of my hands. She laughed and said I was tickling her. She told me to stop fooling around and start massaging.

I massaged her feet for a while and she was pleased. Maybe she likes massages because high heels make her feet sore. It can’t be easy to walk when the heel is always several inches above the toes.

The foot massage brings her smooth and muscular calves very close to my eyes. My palms left her feet and went to the back of her calves. I moved my hands over the silky skin. I didn’t grip them strongly at first. Light touches let me feel the delicate shape of the calves covered with hairless skin.

Sensations from my hands suggested that these calves were very strong and muscular. I tightened my grip to feel the firmness of her muscles. They were firm while still being soft and feminine. My eyes looked up to see if Justine was unhappy with my firm grip. I was taking the initiative since she didn’t tell me to touch anything but her feet. She still looked pleased so I kept gripping her along the length of her calves. I changed from a light grip to a firm grip and back again. I want to feel those calves again.

It was time to go. I put my clothes back on while Justine put her toys away. It’s strange to call instruments used for pain ‘toys.’ Toys are used to have fun. But we had fun with the pain she was giving me. Pleasure and pain wrap around each other like two snakes when visiting the Los Angeles Dominatrix.

I asked Justine for a hug goodbye before opening the door to leave. She reluctantly came toward me and I put one hand on her back. Something was not quite right so I used my other hand to lift one of hers to my shoulder.

As I was leaving, Justine told me not to masturbate until she saw me again. She is always trying to put more of her controls on me.

–d., March 2012

Mistress Justine,

Once again, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for such a wonderful evening. I feel as if our sessions are beginning to evolve in more ways than I could possibly imagine, and that can only be due to your impeccable skill, not to mention your unbelievable beauty. The way you took me a few days ago to a place that I never felt I could be taken to was awe inspiring. As you already well know, I am not one who likes to be left with marks. But on this occasion, I allowed it more so due to the fact that when I looked into your eyes, I almost felt like I had no other choice. Those eyes are that intoxicating, and your spirit, beauty, and intelligence are enough to drive a sub absolutely insane in the membrane. I have to admit, after I said yes to your request to leave marks, I was a bit unsure as to why I gave the okay. After all, I didn’t wish to be left so marked that I might have difficulty explaining them to another world that I live in and is oblivious to my other passion. But your keen sense of professionalism and your ability to know what your regulars desire and don’t desire is just another one of your fortes, and is what makes you the true Mistress that you are and always will be. I will wear these marks while they are still a part of me as a red badge of honor. One thing you mentioned to me that is so true is that you are simply so far beyond everyone else in this business. It’s one thing to make a comment such as this that others might take as being incredulous. However, when one has the confidence, poise, ability, and intellect such as yourself, well, all I can say is go right ahead and say whatever you want.

And then to have the honor of having you accompany me to dinner, celebrating our two birthdays, and sharing a bottle of your favorite champagne with you was just another way for me to get to know you a little more and to show my gratitude towards this journey you have allowed us to initiate.

Thank you again, and one more thing: In no way have I ever had any intention of seeing other mistresses. Any mention of that was all for the scene we were playing. There is only one Mistress in my life, and that one is the gorgeous, the delectable, and the only true domme in these parts. That is the one and only, Mistress Justine.

–t., February 2012

Today I met Mistress Justine Cross. It was easily the best session I have ever had. I have had experience with about six other dommes, but Mistress Justine is absolutely the best. I hope she is around for a very long time . . . she is the only mistress I want to see. I wish I would have met her years ago. Here are my general comments about Mistress Justine, then a few particulars about my session with her.

As everyone else points out, she is stunningly beautiful. She has the perfect body. It was an amazing experience to have someone as beautiful as Mistress Justine torturing me. She has the sexiest feet and legs ever. My jaw almost dropped open when she came in with her dress and high heels on. She has the body of a goddess. Really. Mistress Justine’s play space is immaculately clean, with really cool furniture, both BDSM and non-BDSM. It looks like a dungeon should look.

One thing that I don’t think other comments have mentioned are her eyes. They are hypnotic. I loved gazing at them while she was torturing me. It made me dizzy with pleasure and pain.

My session with Mistress Justine was more of a sensual one with light corporal and moderate nipple torture, and an extended time of foot and leg worship. Her tease and denial was exquisite. My head was spinning and my body was aching to make contact with hers. Her torturing my nipples was the best I’ve ever experienced. She is very good at reading body language and senses when she can increase the pain level. When she let me worship her feet and legs, it was absolutely intoxicating. I was in heaven sucking her toes and putting her whole foot in my mouth. I think (hope) she enjoyed this, too.
I am a relative newbie to corporal punishment (other mistresses I have sessioned with have been into other things). So, I didn’t last very long before asking for mercy from the whipping. After the session was over, I told her I was sure she was going really easy on me with the cane. She agreed. Next time, I will take a stronger and longer beating.

I sensed that not far below the sensual aide that Mistress Justine showed me today there lurks a really sinister side, as some others have written about. I expect she can be wickedly cruel. Frankly, I hope to experience that next time. But for today, it could not have been better. She is so passionate about her work and lifestyle.

It was a perfect first session with Mistress Justine. The first of what I hope will be many, many more to come. I felt completely safe with her and I loved every minute of it. The only bad thing was how fast the hour flew by! I couldn’t believe it when it was over. Thank you, Mistress Justine, for a mind-blowing session.

Oh, and you should know, Mistress Justine did not ask me to write this. I asked her for permission. I don’t usually write reviews. But there is no way I could not write this one. It was that incredible.

–j. Jan. 29, 2012

First, i think it’s important to note that Mistress Justine is even more beautiful than Her pictures. There can be times when pictures are dated and/or otherwise improved such that the first impression can be a bit underwhelming. With Mistress Justine it is VERY MUCH the opposite!

As for Mistress’ expertise during the session, She was absolutely one of the most knowledgeable i have had the honor of serving. Once She welcomed me to Her dungeon, it began. And what a beginning. i felt meak from the outset. My session was mainly sensual domination and in that context it is terrific for a Mistress to begin somewhat subdued or subtle and graduate from there. Mistress expertly “handled me”, anticipating my weaknesses and desires well before i did. i was nothing. Mistress was all!

–g. January 2012

From Her initial inspection to Her extreme teasing, i could do nothing but obey. At the end, Her ownership of me was unquestioned. i will be thinking about Mistress Justine intently until i have the pleasure of serving Her again, at which time i’m sure She’ll have more surprises. i strongly encourage any submissive to connect with Mistress Justine!!

My knees are weak. You pushed me past my boundaries in many ways and it was scary but amazing. I had tears in my eyes while you forced that dildo down my throat but I’m glad you did it. That was amazing. It’s so liberating to be shoved past my comfort zone. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you again. I need some strangling and a ball gag and a lot of what we almost did tonight. That would be a kinky dream come true. I’m scared but can’t turn away. If I was here another day I’d come back just for that. (I love that). God, you looked so amazing with it strapped on. Amazing things happen in that room. You don’t come out the way you went in! There were moments at the beginning when I was like this is going to be the longest hour of my life and then before I knew it, it was over. I can see how having trust in your domme helps because when we got near or past my comfort zone I thought, I’m scared but she will help me through it, which is kindof crazy but so amazing to be able to rely on you to calm me after you crush me. Thank you so much for easing me into this world. I can see that it’s fun but also that there’s levels that are normal to you but are beyond me that I’ll never be able to deal with but that’s ok.

–.t, Dec. 17, 2011 (He came back the next day.)

Mistress Justine, Today was awesome. Thank you so much. I keep getting chills just thinking about various moments. I was in a fog for about an hour after I left, unwilling and unable to plug back in to the real world. You took my breath away. Thank you!

You’re the expert and the leader so lead me. I enjoy subbing for you. One of my favorite moments was clinging to your legs after your spanking and the easy way you comforted me back from that place of pain. To have the punisher and the comforter in one person is amazing!

–t. Dec. 16 2011 (First time with a Dominatrix!)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you an absolutely wonderful evening. You are an absolutely masterful Mistress with a sculpted body that is beyond belief. I don’t think there is any question that you were and still are the poster child for the word gorgeous. You look absolutely stunning in person.

I plan to go and order those black panties you desire later today. No fear, they are as good as on their way as I write. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing you very, very soon.

–t. Nov. 2011

i seriously enjoyed buying You the cool watch as i could see how good it would be with You, i keep thinking of that picture on twitter of You in the high quality leather skirt and top and thought, wow, there is nothing like that anywhere else on the net and seemed so authentic and lifestyle. Yes the picture of You holding the leash over Your beautiful legs, and really hot toned thighs made me think just how pretty You Woman really are. its a mind trip remembering i am still a pesky male no matter what i do. Also i contributed to the Woman’s PAC against the war against woman the right is pushing, and the wildlife sanctuary up in Tujunga as Betty White is matching the donations dollar for dollar.

In many ways i feel very truly humbled emailing with You. You are different.

–$ slave, Oct. 2011

Mistress Justine,
Thank you again for the incredible experience this week. Your sensuality and sadism are an intoxicating mix, and I can already imagine how many more degrees of both await in future sessions. I’ll definitely look forward to next time.

-MC, Oct. 2011

“What you should know about playing with Ms Justine is that it will make you very happy, elated, and that you’d want everyone to know you’re Her bitch.”

–“bitch n.” Oct. 2011


I can’t begin to tell you how much fun that was tonight. I apologize, I was so incredibly nervous and awkward about the whole thing, but you did such a great job of making it a relaxing and amazing experience. You were incredibly sexy too, way hotter than I had expected, which did not help my nervous energy about the evening one bit

I can’t wait for the next session. Are you available next Sunday?

–c. Sept. 2011

I called Mistress Justine 2 hours before our session just as she instructed me to do and i think she could tell that i was super nervous based on the phone as this was my first session ever. i simply wanted to go to the best for my first session i read her reviews and checked her website out and i felt like we would match as far as what i wanted and what She wanted. i got there and called her again to let Her know i arrived and She came and let me in. i was nervous beyond belief but She was able to calm me down for a little while that is. She has the most gorgeous feet that i have ever seen pictures don’t do justice for how they look. i started worshiping Her perfect feet and you are able to talk to Her just like anyone else it made it so comfortable and inviting. We talked about what all i was interested in and what i was looking to get into. After i worshiped Her perfect feet for a while we started exploring some of my fantasies and such, i got so so nervous and She knew that i was nervous so she had fun with it. The whole session was fun and i look forward to going back to her in the future to keep pushing my limits. The thing that made me the happiest was that She was respectful, She knew that I have limits and She respects those. It was a lot of fun. It was the best experience i have had in a long time.

Thank you Mistress,
n. June 2011

I’ve had the pleasure of serving Ms. Justine Cross several times. She’s a stunning dominatrix with beautiful feet.

You wont’ be disappointed serving this Mistress!

–b. May 2011
(originally posed on Mistress Destiny’s Forum)

For three days after our session every part of my body was either tender, aching, or throbbing. I don’t understand how you do it, but you somehow put me through my deepest fantasies as though we painstakingly planned them out, but they weren’t!
The way you appear and move, act, and speak simply humbles me and leaves me speechless. As I said before, you are a treasure, and a true professional. The Omakase was amazing and your special lap dance was out of this world!
I certainly hope we can schedule again soon,
A loyal Devotee!

Thanks Mistress,

–t. May 2011

“Bad Girl in a HOT PINK BIKINI”

Ms. Justine walked into the room wearing only a tiny hot pink bikini and stiletto high heel shoes. She looked like a Miss America contestant appearing right in front of me live and in person. Oh my, her beauty quickly captivated my attention … she could have made a gay man go straight, she looked that good. Like a beautiful rose, I focused on the flower forgetting about the sharp thorns on the stem that always hurts when you carelessly pick a rose. I asked Ms. Justine if I could take her picture; she agreed but only if I used her camera. She posed with the confidence of a professional model and I felt like I missed my calling as a photographer; oh my she looked better than gorgeous as I took each picture. Her perfectly manicured feet fitting in the sexiest high heel shoes I’ve ever seen attached to the most perfect shaped legs on the planet. Her hips and waist were a perfect match to her perfect body. You could see why this beautiful girl puts in so many hours at the gym; who wouldn’t want t preserve that body. Mesmerized at the moment, I completely forgot why I was there and what pain was awaiting me in just a few short minutes. Yes, I was focused on the flower of the rose and carelessly forgot about the sharp thorns bristling on the long stem of this BAD Girl in a HOT PINK BIKINI.

After taking the last photo, Ms. Justine’s sadistic desires came out. I was quickly ordered to my knees and I quickly remembered my Mistress was in command and I obeyed. She walked close to my body and with her sharp fingernails began to torture my nipples. I could all but cry out in pain as she smiled and dug and twisted and pulled harder. I begged her to stop but that only made her hurt me with more intensity. At the same time she was torturing my nipples she kicked me between the legs and the pain was intense. The only saving grace was that she was wearing that bikini and the sight of her body made the pain bearable. After she was amused hurting me in that first round, she ordered me to open her cane case, a black round cylinder leather case that contains a variety of canes all designed to inflict different degrees of pain. All instruments that Ms. Justine loves to play with and of course excites her sadistic desires to a very high level. She loves her canes. She made me select three of the canes and asked me which one I would prefer … none of them I said, so she selected the thin one and I knew that one hurt the most. I was ordered to the whipping bench dragged by my hair and she began her torture. Each stroke felt like I was being attacked by a swarm of hornets biting simultaneously with each swat. It seemed as if she was never going to stop. I would reach back and stroke her beautiful legs as she continued her caning. I would have cried for mercy if it weren’t for the pleasure of touching this beautiful woman. After what seemed like an endless beating she finally stopped. Ms. Justine ordered me to massage her legs. I could see the smile and satisfaction on her face and I could hear her saying, with pleasure in her voice, that she did a good job on my ass … the welts and marks more than met her standards and satisfaction. I massaged her legs with deep pleasure. I did my best to please my Mistress and she knows how much this pleases me as well. It is a reward of a lifetime! Ms. Justine beauty left me speechless and the words I just wrote in this review can never accurately describe what a perfect body she has. My Mistress owns me and having her for an hour session every other week is far superior to having a full time girlfriend. Ask for a “Hot Pink Bikini’ session with Ms. Justine. All she can do is say no … but if she says yes, you will see her the way I did and you will focus on the flower of the rose and temporarily forget about the sharp thorns on the stem. Don’t worry, she’ll remind you in a hurry and that next time you pick a rose you will be careful.

–sub j. April 2011

Mistress Justine was absolutely fantastic. Up to this point I had mostly engaged in phone domination (phone mistress) and had one encounter at a Dungeon in Los Angeles that was quite forgettable.

She was easy to contact, I found her website through Max Fisch – and read the reviews, saw the photos, and decided to give her a call. I called and then filled out the form an she got back to me fairly quick.

We talked briefly about what my experience was and what I was interested in. I explained my experience, and mentioned that I enjoyed sensual tease and denial with light humiliation.

We set an appointment a few days later, I showed up on time and she let me in. She greeted me with a handshake, then grabbed my tie and pulled me into the back room of the dungeon.

What struck me about Mistress Justine was just how nice and beautiful she was. She was more than ready to torture and tease me, but the whole while I felt safe and had a wonderful time.

My session included tickle torture, nipple pinching, choking, face slapping, and a lot of “Yes, Mistress.”

I had a wonderful time. I’ll definitely be back to visit her and will not be spending anymore money on the phone mistresses. Mistress
Justine is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I plan on being a regular and devoted acolyte. Mistress Justine is the real thing.
More than worthy, and more than fun!

-d., March 2011

Ms. Justine,

Every time see you it gets better this session was fantastic. I liked the room as it warmed up quicker. Just the chair that hurt your head needs to be replaced.

I’ll never stop telling you how beautiful you are. I really want to do an extended session that would include dinner. That would be interesting. I’ll be saving for that and I’ll let you know when I’m ready.
Fear the wooden paddle. Oh my that thing hurts. When I see it I shudder inside. The flogger, it didn’t hurt. You could have unleashed on me. I haven’t looked at my back yet and I may regret saying this after I look. Now the NT. on my way home it really started to hurt I felt every bump in the road. Each mile got worse and by the time I got home I wanted to cry, ( but I didnt). I did enjoy the mirror. You noticed when I moved my head so I could get a better look at you. Hey I didn’t want to look at my face,LOL, or I would have yelled MERCY.

I have really learned to trust you and I feel much better arcing you. I won’t forget the bag of toys next time. You can have them all.

I would have flown to London or NY to see you if you were going to stay longer than a month. I’m glad your not . Until next time you can rest assure this man will be worshiping your photos.

–j. Jan 2011

I found a darker side to Mistress Justine the last time I saw her. I said something she took the wrong way and it made her angry. She has always been calm and cool in the past. But I think she lost her cool this time. She may have been putting on an act. But I doubt it.

My visit began normally. I always look forward to seeing what she decides to wear for the appointment. I have never seen her in the same thing twice and each outfit looks like it was carefully selected for our evening together. She wore a black dress with high heel shoes. It took a while for me to realize that it was actually a nurses uniform. The color black and nursing don’t usually go together. But the combination worked for Mistress Justine. She looked very cute and sinister in it.

I touched the bottom of the hem to feel the material and asked her if it was leather. She pushed my hand away irritated that I would touch her clothing without asking permission. She proudly said that it was latex and not leather.

I sensed she thought using animals for clothing was cruel in some way. Maybe the talk about being a vegetarian on her blog is related to a belief in animal rights. I don’t know how someone could believe in preventing cruelty to animals and like beating men senseless at the same time. But I am a beginner and still have much to learn.

She always has some reason to punish me at the beginning of the appointment. It was lateness this time. I was late, but not by much. I tried to explain that traffic was heavier than expected. But she is not interested in excuses. She made me bend over and count out nine hits with her paddle. I always have to say “Thank you Mistress Justine” after each. This is just her way of setting the mood for the rest of the evening.

She decided to wax the hair off my back. I have a lot of back hair. I thought it would be nice to see what it looks like without hair. So I lay down and let her get started. I felt terrible pain when she pulled off the first patch of hair. I was ready to stop then. But Mistress Justine wanted to keep going. She cuffed my hands and feet to the bench and continued. She continued to wax one patch at a time. I was in pain for one or two minutes after she ripped each patch of hair from my back. Mistress Justine’s mood was lifted higher with every patch. She told me to just say her middle name whenever I wanted to stop. But she has never told me what it was. So I had to keep suffering with her new creative torture.

She was very amused by how I acted when she gave me this kind of pain. Until now, she had only pinched my nipples and beat me with her paddle during previous appointments. But this was different. Waxing back hair caused me pain. But it was not meant as a punishment. Back waxing is more painful than the paddle. However it seems more bearable since I was not being condemned for something that Mistress Justine didn’t like. Mistress Justine was pleased with me. She was just hurting me for fun, not because I did not meet her standards. I was having a good time too.

Mistress Justine chatted with me in between patches. I forgot what we were talking about. But it was nice small talk. Suddenly I said something that completely changed the evening. I can’t recall my exact words. It was just a casual remark. But she took it the wrong way. She thought what I said disagreed with her feminist beliefs. I certainly did not mean it that way. But she thought my comment was an insult to all womankind.

I noticed Mistress Justine was not happy as soon as I finished speaking. She stomped with her high heels to the table across the room.

While walking she said, “That is a fucked up thing to say to someone.”

I told her I was sorry right away and asked her to forgive me. Either she did not hear me or she was ignoring me. She took off her latex gloves quickly and threw them down on the table and picked up her wooden paddle. Then she started to quickly stomp back toward me with her high heels. I kept apologizing while she stomped.

I said, “I’m sorry. I did not mean it that way. Please forgive me.”

Mistress Justine would not listen.

She stood behind me near my ass and said, “Ten” very loud.

I repeated my apologies and asked her to forgive me. I was getting a little nervous because my hands and feet were tied down. I could not move more than two or three inches in any direction. I could not stop Mistress Justine from doing anything she wanted to do. I was completely helpless and she knew it. Also, she looked very mad and she is female, a dangerous combination.

My apologies continued.

“I am so sorry Mistress Justine,” I said.

“Start counting.”

“Don’t be mad Mistress Justine. Please don’t hit me for this. I won’t say anything like that again.”

Mistress Justine said, “Fifteen then, start counting” very loud.

I kept trying to reason with Mistress Justine or at least try to calm her down. Then, while I was still trying to apologize to her, she starts hitting me with the paddle. After the third hit, I knew that she was going to give me the ten hits no matter what I said.

Unfortunately, Mistress Justine does not consider any hits that are not counted by her victim. So the fourth hit was the first of my ten. We finally got to number ten, which was really thirteen, and I was relieved it was over. But then, she hits me again! That meant I was really going to get the fifteen hits she mentioned earlier. I decided not to argue with her and said, “eleven, thank you Mistress Justine.” She was not going to let me reason with her.

I should not have said my remark. But I did apologize immediately. I don’t see why she had to use the paddle since I already admitted my mistake. Mistress Justine can go from zero to serious bitch very fast. It is hard to know this when first meeting her. I don’t want to think that such an attractive woman can get so mad. I want to let her beauty charm me. But in order for charm to happen, I have to avoid thinking about the possibility of imperfections. She is very unfair. I thought Mistress Justine’s name should really be Mistress Un-Justine.

Mistress Justine put the paddle back on the table after I said, “fifteen, Thank you Mistress Justine.” She put her latex gloves back on and resumed waxing my back. I was silent for the next few minutes except when she ripped another patch of hair from my back. I didn’t want to say anything else wrong because Mistress Justine can decide to take things seriously at any moment. I was sulking.

She finished waxing and we moved on to another activity she had planned. It was a humiliating and degrading experience all by itself. I will have to write about that some other time.

Our time together came to an end. I gave her a hug before I left and she gave me a couple of slaps in the face good bye.

Driving home that night, I thought that none of this needed to happen. I wondered if other dominatrixes would have had the same reaction to what I said. Maybe it would have been different with someone else. But I picked Mistress Justine because she looked tough. I am new to the domination game and I want Mistress Justine to do as she pleases.

She needs to be in the lead. But this was something different. I do everything she says. There have been a couple of times when I was a few minutes late. But that is the only thing she has ever disliked about me until now. A small comment greatly offended her. No one, except her, would have had such an extreme reaction to what I said.

I think I know what she was doing now. Mistress Justine already knew that she could get me to do what she wanted. But she wants to control my thoughts too. I have worked hard to develop my mind and I am proud to be able to think for myself. She took advantage of being in charge and tried to take over my thoughts. This is more unpleasant than her wooden paddle. Her handcuffs take my freedom of movement. Beating me for just saying something takes my freedom of thought.

She judges what I say and beats me if she hears anything she does not like. There is nothing I can do to prevent her because she already has my hands and feet tied. I felt more dominated by her than any time before.

Mistress Justine thinks of herself as someone who dominates men mentally as well as physically. She thought my comment revealed an attitude she found offensive. She was trying to change that attitude. I still think that it was an overreaction. But she has complete authority during our visits. I have to accept her decisions.

–d., Dec. 2010

I found Ms. Justine while searching for a dominatrix in the Los Angeles area. I was vacationing in early November and I wanted to try a new experience. I sent her an email and she responded. Her response was bright, cheery and encouraging. She explained how to set up an appointment when I arrived and asked for more detail about what I wanted to do. I made the appointment and called her two hours before to confirm as she asked. She gave me the address at that time.

She is tall and slender just like the pictures on her website. She is very attractive. She tried to get me to describe what I wanted to do and I could not. She said that was ok since I was a beginner and left the room to get some things she uses to hit people.

My first session with Ms. Justine was very tame. She talked with me for a little while and then started with what I thought were some standard routine things. She pulled me off the chair by my hair and pushed me onto the floor. She cuffed my hands behind my back and pinched my nipples. She hit my butt with a paddle. The paddle hurt and she said that she was barely touching me. I wondered what she did to other guys if that was barely touching. She talked about the fetish life at the end and recommended some reading material and websites.

Justine is a very nice girl. I can tell that she was nurtured in her childhood. She acts and speaks like someone who was studious in high school and college. She is cultured and can speak with people she has just met easily. I could picture her as a lawyer in a law office, if she wore different clothes.

I thought that she was holding herself back a lot. She talked about being a dominatrix as a full time lifestyle not just a job. She said that she did a lot of very mean things to guys. But none of this seemed to be what she and I did together. I told her that I was from Kansas and she thought that explained a lot about me. Her comment about where I lived made me wonder a few days later. Why would where I lived make such a difference to her? What would need to be explained about me? I wondered if she withheld her talents from me because there is a myth about Midwestern people being very conservative. She seemed to be challenging me to find a way to unlock her. So I tried a couple of things.

My first try was to send her an email thanking her for the nice visit and suggesting we get together again. A couple of stupid jokes were included in the email. I hoped to provoke her with them. But she replied without even mentioning the jokes. I really thought these jokes would make her mad and make her reply with some kind of angry attack on me. I decided to write an angry attack email on her behalf. I sent it to her and asked her if she could have written it herself. She just replied confirming the appointment time.

I was a little nervous about this second appointment. The email I ghost wrote for Ms. Justine was mean. It warned me that things would be very different the next time. I wondered if I had created a monster when I waked in the door. I think I did create a monster.

She dragged me by the collar through the hallway to the back of the building right away. She had me spend an agonizing amount of time folding my clothes neatly on a chair and then kicked the chair over and had me do it again because it was not good enough the first time. Then, after she was tired of me folding and refolding my clothes wrong, she decided to move on to punishing me for calling to confirm my appointment nine minutes late.

Punishing a grown man is way beyond any standards of propriety on the face of it. Then to consider nine minutes after six PM to be enough to qualify as lateness is wholly unreasonable. Also, I actually called her at eight minutes after six, not nine. She was making up the nine minutes part. She had me bend over a saw horse kind of thing so my ass was right in front of her. I didn’t want to do this. But I was there for a dominatrix session so I needed to go with the flow in order to participate. I did this and she explained what she wanted me to do. I had to count each hit and say “Thank you Mistress Justine.”

She hit me so hard with her paddle the first time that I could not speak “Mistress Justine” correctly. She said that I fucked up and that didn’t count as part of my 9 hits, one for each minute of lateness. She kept giving me orders to put my ass back up where she could hit it easier. Toward the end, she was hitting me on the same areas bruised by previous hits. So it hurt more than in the beginning. She is stronger than she looks. I thought I was done after the nine. But she said I called at the front gate two minutes after eight PM instead of eight. She wanted to hit me two more times. She made this up because I called right at 8. But she insisted on two more hits to “settle accounts.” So I took them just to make her satisfied. I checked my cell phone records later that night. I called exactly at 8 PM. She was wrong, not me.

Mistress Justine was surprisingly calm and cool throughout this punishment process. Every time I drew away from the thing I bent over, she carefully told me to get back on it so she could hit me again. She seemed completely at ease with herself while I was sweating and groaning. I got the idea that she was happy or proud of herself. She liked to hear my groans, liked to see me wither away from the sawhorse in pain. But it is hard to tell for sure because I was in pain the whole time. She was hitting so hard. I wonder if she was using a two hand grip. She didn’t have any sympathy either. During the first visit a few days before she said, “aw is he scared” like she was talking to a puppy. She didn’t say anything like that this time.

She would talk about how men are inferior to women throughout the whole hour. I don’t know if she really believed this stuff. But she said a lot of it. The first draft of the email I ghost wrote for her had a lot of female supremacist bullshit in it. I let it ramble on until it imploded on its own stupidity. I deleted most of it from the final draft because it sounded so silly. I am glad I did because rattling her cage any more could have been dangerous. As it was, the bruises on my ass took two days to disappear. Who knows what would have happened if I had encouraged her any more.

Next she cuffed my hands to this wooden rack. So I was standing up on my feet with my hands held above my head. She did some pinching and then she told me to do something that is hard for me to write down. It was very humiliating. I told her I did not want to do it. But she said the consequences for not doing it would be much worse. She just finished hitting me very hard with her paddle and I didn’t want any more of that. So I did it. It was very mean for her to make me do this. It was not necessary. She just wanted to prove that she could make me do anything she wanted.

After this, she walks over to her purse and comes back with a new toy she just acquired. It was a knife with a double edge, razor sharp. She came very close to me so I could not use my legs to kick her away. She grabbed my right thigh between her thighs and held it still. It looked like razor sharp stainless steel. She held the point to my neck right under my Adam’s apple and looked at me. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she kept looking at me. Then she started to pull strands of my body hair tight and use the knife to cut it. She cut hair from several places including my pubic area. She said she was demonstrating how sharp the knife was. I wanted to take the knife away from her and give her a spanking. But she had my hands tied and she had already held the knife very close to my neck once. I didn’t want to make her mad.

Mistress Justine told me that no one would know if she killed me that night. Police could trace cell phone records. But she would say I was a no-show. She said that for all I know, we were completely alone and there would be no witnesses if she murdered me. It was by her good graces that she let me live. Mistress Justine asked me what I learned before unchaining me. I had to think for a minute and said, “call on time and you are smarter than me.” She said that I also learned that she is in charge not me. I also learned that Mistress Justine is a little twisted. But I didn’t tell her that since she had the razor sharp knife and my hands were tied above my head.

I can’t blame her for making assumptions about me living in Kansas. I made assumptions about her based on where she lived. I thought any dominatrix living in Los Angeles must be the best in the business. She really gives an exciting experience. I told her the paddle really hurt. She said it was supposed to hurt. She hit me very hard and she was not going to apologize for it. But a few were a little less hard than some of the others. I guess that is her distorted way of showing kindness. I now know what to expect from her and it will be difficult to see her again. I know I will be much more nervous walking up to her door next time because she might hit me like that again. I wish I could find some one like her in Kansas.

She did compliment me on the email I wrote pretending to be her. It was not much of a compliment. She did not tell me that I described her thoughts perfectly. She did not say that I had an extraordinary ability to see things from a dominatrix point of view. But she did say that she would refer to it in the future. At least she thought it had some value to her. I should be happy with that. Compliments from Ms. Justine must be very rare. I have a feeling that she doesn’t like to compliment men just as a general principle. It is contrary to her view of the universe.

I left wondering how my ghost email affected Justine’s approach to our second visit. Did it give her a blueprint for what I wanted her to do when we were together? Did it just give her permission to be herself and do what she wanted without trying to predict if it was something I would like? I prefer to think that she was just doing what she wanted during the second visit. I feel that her entertainment is more important than mine.

It is hard to imagine other guys liking this like I did. It was exciting when she was completely in charge of everything I did. Putting a knife to my throat really added to the excitement because she was showing me she had the power of life and death over me. It does not bother her to hurt people. In fact she likes to hurt them. Their hurting gives her pleasure.

It is fun to imagine living under her rules where there is no way to escape and no safe words. Living in a situation where her authority cannot be questioned sounds very exciting because it would be impossible to stop things when the pain got unbearable. This would be a type of total surrender that is probably not possible in the modern world. This kind of environment did exist when the statues like those at the Getty Villa were carved in ancient Rome.

Men are usually thought of as rulers back then. But maybe there were a few Mistress Justines too. They may have been making their servants fold their clothes in some detailed way, beat them for unfair reasons and threatened their lives for the fun of it. Maybe these guys were the ones who walked up to big blocks of stone and started chiseling beautiful statues.

–d., Nov 2010

Just wanted to express how much i respect the way You present Yourself here and in Your professional website. The candid, straight forward, communicative way You address the reader is refreshing, non-judgmental and inviting to say the least. If i happen to find myself planning a trip to Southern California, it would be next to impossible for me not to pursue the opportunity of associating with You.

–j. Aug 2010

Mistress Justine,

I want to thank You for granting me the session today. I had a perfect time. I hope that we can session again sometime.

–s. Aug 2010

Mistress Justine,

First, let me elaborate a little on why I considered Monday’s session to be “perfect.”

It was perfect in the sense that it was one micro-inch short of being too much for me. Not too much, just perfect. I have had many, many scenes with longer punishment scenes that left deeper and longer lasting marks, but I just don’t get the same out of that as I got on Monday.

I also really find you to be extraordinarily attractive, and in tandem with the very hot Ms. Winter, it was a truly great experience that I will remember for a long time to come.

–s. Aug. 2010

Ms. Justine,

Tonight is my first in Indonesia and i went to Your blog and saw Your posting about “limits”. i found what You had to say very informative as i believe that i told You to do what You wanted to do, and You did just what i was most afraid of. i do want to acknowledge how much i enjoyed our time together; You really took me on a trip. i want You to know that i really and deeply enjoyed our time and want to play with You again when i return to LA.

i hope that i am able to attend the upcoming FN. In reading Your blog, i just felt that i should send this email and let You know that You took me to places that were timeless. You deserve to be acknowledged as a great Mistress and i do so.

i very much look forward to serving You upon my return to LA.

respectfully Yours,

r., Aug. 2010

Hi Ms. Justine,

Thank you for yesterday – I had a great time!
Wow, you really cranked it up a notch…or five. 🙂 You definitely had me scared there.

Take care,
C., September 2009

Hi Ms. Justine,

Thanks for the great session – that was so much fun!

I have to give you credit for being extremely intuitive and knowing when to push on and when to ease up. I think I’m beginning to realize you may actually know better what works for me than I do.

The violet wand was really great and you were delightfully sadistic with it. I loved it how unrelenting you were.

Of course, the paddling and caning were pretty awesome, as well. I will admit that after the first session I was wondering whether you could go any harder. Now, I’ve pretty much been set straight and realize you can go a lot harder than I could take. Very cool.

It’s going to be really hard to wait until the next time.

Take care,

C., August 2009

Ms. Justine–

Remember that stern librarian? The one with the dark hair and the serious glasses? The one who would raise an eyebrow and shoot you a nasty look if you talked too loud or brought back your books overdue? Ms. Justine is a lot like her, only way hotter and way more dangerous.

Lying at her feet after an intense couple of hours, I was overcome with a flood of emotions – principally happiness, horniness and limitless adoration. Yeah, Ms. Justine is just that good.

I had so much fun today. I probably could have spent another half-hour talking your ear off, I was sort of bubbling over with good vibrations. Like: when you were gently caressing my cheek with your toes, I swear, it felt as tender and intimate as a kiss. I was kind of shocked, actually – I’ve seen a few dommes since my first at age 25, and I’ve had range of experiences, but that sensation was totally new and completely unexpected.

Let’s definitely do it again soon.

— s. Aug. 2009

Thank you Ms. Justine for the session last Saturday. It was something I was very unsure of attempting, but now that it’s all said and done, I can’t say I have any feeling of regret. I wasn’t able to think clearly at the time when you asked, but I think my favorite part of the session was with the clothes pins, then leading up to the clamps and chains. That was painful, yet exhilarating. Then when you did the rope cbt, looping it around the chain and tied it to the table, then walked away for a minute… that was intense. Thank you again for showing me the darkside Ms. Justine!

— J. May 2009

Thank you so much for the wonderful session today. I just want to tell you that I have never been beaten so hard – it was way past my limits. There is something about you that enabled me to go that far. I am very glad you did it to me because I wanted to find out what it would be like.

I also want to thank you for the fantastic treat you gave me at the end of the session when you put your underarm in my face. I find that part of a woman’s body and that odor to be incredibly sexy! Especially when you are sweaty from beating me!!

Thanks again for the wonderful session. I’ll see you again as soon as my butt recovers. You would be very surprised at how bad the bruises are now. Again, I’m so glad you did it to me.

— S. May 2009

Was really nice to meet you, and I so loved having you stand on my face (hope you enjoyed it as well)! Also loved giving you a foot massage too (hoped you liked that also.)

— S. Footnight May 2009

I love smart and beautiful women and Ms. Justine of LA easily fits that profile. I had enjoyed reading her blog . . . and finally made an appointment to session with her at the location she uses in Hollywood (note, she now only uses a downtown location). Easy to find, easy to park.

Ms. Justine is epitome of professionalism and dominance. She is beautiful, creative, and among the usual vices of D/s that was indulged such as corporal, foot worship (she has delightful feet to worship), light bondage, she introduced me to my first tickle session. I believe she enjoys getting a reaction out of her subs and she certainly got it out of me as I twisted and jerked upon the horse of which I had been cuffed. It was an interesting loss of control as I could only helplessly react to her torment that she administered to me.

If you love smart, beautiful women (and those who wear glasses) who know their stuff, Ms. Justine is just the ticket.

— Originally posted by nakedlunch on Maxfisch

Hi Ms. Justine,

I had a lot of fun meeting and playing with you today and I hope you did as well.
I would definitely like to see you again in the future.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about some new things I could try.

Thank you.

C., March 2009