Financial Domination

As a top Los Angeles dominatrix, I’m used to being spoiled. I love hot tub parties in the Hollywood Hills and shopping in Beverly Hills. I always like to hurt you, but sometimes it’s not by kicking you in the balls, but instead raping your wallet.

Adopt a Bill

Here are some bills you can adopt for your monthly tribute:

  • $50 kitty care
  • $50 car insurance
  • $100 mani/pedi
  • $100 internet
  • $120 cell phone
  • $135 Peloton
  • $320 Hungry Root
  • $3500 rent


Give me your budget or just give me your credit card.

Amazon Giftcards

A lady can never have enough!

Send all to:

*I do NOT accept P a y P a l*


You can always mail concealed cash, gift cards and presents to my PO Box:

Justine Cross
106 1/2 Judge John Aiso St. #431
Los Angeles, CA 90012