TBH I find American flag bikinis extremely hysterical.

I hope you are all having a super awesome holiday celebrating our need to make flag cakes out of fruit. I will be here the ENTIRE holiday weekend as well as the entire month of July before I am off on my East Coast tour, so if you feel the need to celebrate your freedom to be enslaved, you know where to find me.  Perhaps you do not as my assistant has told me of many men emailing back to my newsletter.  I have given them permission to respond as they see fit.  If you can’t get away from solo cups and fruit flag cakes, might I suggest binging on all my content of me in a micro American flag bikini?
If you need to take a mental health break from socials, remember that my Loyalfans and Telegram are always free.
This Week’s Schedule for Justine Cross
7.10 – day or night
7.11 – day
7.12 – night
7.13 – night
7.14 – day
7.15 – day
7.16 – day or night
Dungeon East Availability 7.10 – 7.16
7.10 – day
7.11 – night
7.12 – day or night
7.13 – day or night
7.14 – day or night
7.15 – day or night
7.16 – day or night
7/12, 7/13 
7/19, 7/20 
7/26, 7/27
8/9, 8/10
8/23, 8/24
8/30, 8/31
*MORE weekday nights are available, just ask!

Summer Schedule

With kink and care,

Justine Cross