Sometimes I shoot on film.

Did I mention I walked my first fashion show? And it was all lingerie! 
I finally have my August schedule which is mostly an East Coast tour so if you are in NYC or Philly and want to see me, reach out now since I am already getting booked. BUT that means if you are in Los Angeles, I am here now thru August 7th. And what are you waiting for? I have been getting SO many messages from people that have been following me for years but haven’t reached out until now. It’s extra exhausting to be at peak hotness for so long so just don’t expect that I will be around FOREVER.
Social media has been extra yikes lately, so if you aren’t on it, or never see my content because I’m shadowbanana’d, please add yourself to my free telegram and Loyalfans. I can post so much more there anyway!

Summer School

It’s summer so we are we have less live events but perhaps I can interest you in something to listen and learn when you are traveling or hanging out on the beach, ME.
BDSM summer school is all online so you can access anywhere and anytime!  There is nothing visually graphic on my slides but I would give it PG13 if you are viewing in a public space. 😉

With kink and care,

Justine Cross