Me in all My Glory at the 5 Hour Festival of Exes aka Dyke Day, IYKYK

I feel like I have been bouncing between a festival, a convention, set and another convention – oh wait, because I HAVE.  I have finally landed.  No more traveling red cart for me for awhile.

I cannot WAIT to tell you about the show that had me as a BDSM consultant – I will say this, it is hilarious and I wish I could take credit for the jokes but I didn’t write them.  Grateful that this is one show that won’t end up in twitter discourse for the inaccuracy of BDSM – every time a BDSM happened, I was there, making sure it was accurate and safe. AND there was an intimacy coordinator – we’ve come a long way and gotta keep going in this direction.

Dyke Day was a blast! It was so nice seeing old friends and meeting new fangirls/gays/theys.  I’m really loving in person events and hope to do more like this.  Really cracked me up how many people stopped to take a pic infront of the the YES MISTRESS sign and then ran away. I caught one and they said, I thought it was just a sign!  Yes, it’s a sign to learn about the dungeon.  It’s okay, young one, when you post it on your socials, your dad will know! 😉 But truly, I am so thankful that I can celebrate pride with my queers in public.  Sunday had me at my private pool party which was catered by The Drunk Chef – which was SO FREAKIN DELICIOUS.

While I am finalizing my plans for my typical East Coast tour in August, I will be in Los Angeles through June and July. I am aching for one on one time in the dungeon with you.  Or perhaps virtual playtime is more your cup of tea.

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With kink and care,

Justine Cross