May is Mental Health Month so I put together a round-up of some resources and therapists to refer to you.  By no means a comprehensive list but has any other Domme or dungeon sent you anything about mental health?

Look, a lot is NOT fine right now – except for everyone’s butts, I saw the best butts this weekend, y’all were hot, thank you! – but there is always help.  I hope my space, classes and events have provided you with an appropriate dose of feel goodness, but we are not mental health professionals so scroll down for some suggestions!

Therapists in California that are Kink/Sex/SW Positive

I have personally met, worked with and/or am friends with ALL of the following.  It is up to YOU to decide who may work best for you.

Melissa LeSane
Jamila Dawson
Cat Meyer
Shannon Chavez
Ryan Witherspoon
Kate Loree
Hernando Chaves
Nicoletta Heidegger
Jordan Wolan – Hypnotherapist
Tim Norton
Caitlin Eubanks
Kelsey Harper
Rena Martine – Intimacy Coach

Tzippi (Erica) Folinsky


Of course if you want a lot of BANG for your buck, you can always hire me like Sofia did here in her Guardian article “Why I ditched my therapist and hired a dominatrix instead.”  Naturally, this is very tongue-in-cheek and I refer all problems outside of my wheelhouse to the professionals with more than BA degrees in Literature and Psychology above.

If you are someone in the adult industry who needs mental health and support groups, please check out Pineapple Support. They also have live webinars. Pineapple Support Society is a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry – no matter their gender, ethnic origin, social status, age or sexual orientation. We have an ever growing team of sex-worker friendly, kink-aware therapists who offer face-to-face and online video therapy sessions. We operate 24/7, and we raise funds to help with the costs of professional coaching, counseling and therapy for those who need it. 

A clean and organized space always makes me feel much better mentally and perhaps you need a vouched for helper. May I present our Dungeon Maid, Baevin! She has been keeping the dungeon squeaky clean for dirty fun for the past year – AND she is also very handy and has been able to do a ton of repairs for me as well. She is local to Los Angeles and looking to pick up more cleaning clients, just don’t steal her away from me.