Here’s my roundup of what I think you should do with your loved one or many – some are based in Los Angeles, but some can be done anywhere! Some are expensive, some are low cost and some are FREE. There is truly something for everyone, so read on loved one . . .

1. Ask your/self/partner what you/they want to do & do it – FREE

I know. This is an extremely wild idea. I was going to wait to tell you this one when you were a little bit older, but I think you are ready now. No surprises, we’ve just had far too many in the last couple of years. I have talked to countless lovebirds who truly want to do something wonderful for their partner and it’s something like a surprise visit from the dungeon or Me. Please do not do this. It can be something fancy or something casual, just ASK.
I even have a handy dandy sex negotiation worksheet if you like or a kink negotiation worksheet. Whether it’s to get the party started or maybe to recalibrate or refine what you got going on, this is a great jumping off point.

2. Book Me – $$-$$$$

I offer sessions for individuals and couples (PLEASE fill out booking form together with your respective responses).  Not ready for a session yet? I also provide BDSM/Kink coaching for solo or partnered people.  This is just one example I how I helped someone through coaching; other possibilities have included 1) helping someone create a very special fantasy weekend for their partner, 2) talking through hang ups with not being as experienced as a partner or 3) fine tuning a good kink relationship into a truly outstanding one. Another low key option is to book a meet & greet in a public space – just confirm that I am as lovely in person as I come across on the page and insta. I have also been hired for private parties or to put together a bespoke private class.  There are MANY possibilities for our time together. And if it’s something that isn’t my cup of tea, I happily make recommendations.

3. Book a dungeon or get a gift certificate – $$-$$$$

Shameless plug for MY dungeon in DTLA, Dungeon East. Sure maybe you’ve been here for the amazing classes and parties, but have you ever treated yourself to some alone time in the space with a friend or kinky playmate? Or seriously just by yourself.  We have a ton of toys and maybe you just need a place to scream.  You could also book a sexy/kinky shoot. Use your self timer or check out our list of recommended photographers.

3. 90% Payouts on Tips for IWC now until 2/29 – $-$$$$

Do you know that this is currently THE BEST POSSIBLE PAYOUT for adult platforms right now? So if you wanted to send a tip of appreciation of Me or tribute to my valentines with my girlfriend, this is where I prefer for you to send it right now especially with the eminent demise of wishtender.

4. Take a BDSM class or gift it to someone – $-$$

All of my classes are recorded and online at Gumroad.  Get 30% off with promo code: vday30.  Watch solo or partnered or your polycule.

BDSM for Beginners: Intro to Kink and Play ←My Most Popular!
On Top: Exploring Your Dominant Persona ←My Even More Most Popular!
On Your Knees: Power in Submission
Get This Party Started: Intro to Play Parties
Hurts So Good: Intro to Impact Play
Better Sex Through BDSM
Invisible Pain: How to Inflict Pain Without Marks
How to Survive the Holidays with Justine Cross

More Classes with DomSubLiving

5. Save 13% on Clips at C4S – $-$$$$

Do you know I have over 1000 clips here dating back to 2012?  My more recent ones are far better but for some reason everyone who’s everyone keeps buying this one with duct tape. But really there are hundreds more that I think are much better and I even put together my favorites in a bundle here. Clips are a great way to get to know me, get to know yourself, get to know how to get off in under 10 minutes, but this doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor! these can be watched with someone to get ideas for your own journey.

6. Toys – $-$$

I have a lot of new in the box or gently used items in the Kinky Little Corner Store at Dungeon East OR online with my affiliates here.  Really it’s a good practice to ALWAYS buy something thru someone’s affiliate links.  Just put on socials, “I want to buy [this rad product] does anyone have an affiliate code for it?”  This is a little way to help someone, yay!

7. In Person Classes and Events at Dungeon East – $
Winter & Spring Class & Event Schedule:

8. Read a book – FREE – $

Currently reading The Sex You Want by Rena Martine.  I love it! 
Other favorites include:
Opening Up by Tristan Taormino
Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Vanna White’s autobiography – It’s just a hell of a book.

If you are going to BUY a book, please consider supporting an independent book store or you can BORROW from your local library or local slut. Maybe you already have it!

10. Watch Me on Youtube – FREE

Do you know I have a 5 Part Educational Kink Series with Yandy?  I cover 

With kink and care,

Mistress Justine Cross