Eager to book a private rental or maybe you came to an event here already but weren’t able to use the toys? Here’s your opportunity to tour the entire facility and our toy closets!

Wine, beer and soft drinks will be served as well as hors d’oeuvres. This event is age 21+.

This is an open house and mixer. Please use this opportunity to chat with Dommes, guests and check out all of our amenities.

Opportunities for free rentals throughout the night: 1 hour rental, 2 hour rental and an overnight, respectively. Book your next rental with us and get 30% off.

Domme Meet & Greet

Too shy to schedule a session with a professional domme? Now you can meet one at our Domme Meet & Greet.

Confirmed Dommes:

HBIC Mistress Justine Cross

Mistress Justine Cross (she/her) is a professional BDSM consultant and lifestyle Dominatrix based in Los Angeles. She is the owner of Dungeon East, Los Angeles’s premiere dungeon studio.

FOLLOW her on twitter: justineplays and instagram/clubhouse/tiktok: thejustinecross

WEBSITE: LosAngelesDominatrix.com

About Dungeon East

As the only dungeon in the world featuring all-white decor and home to the infamous YES MISTRESS sign, Dungeon East is an exquisite, one of a kind space available for film and photography shoots, events, and lifestyle rentals. Owned and operated by Los Angeles’s number-one Dominatrix Mistress Justine Cross, the open floor plan studio is 1400 square feet and features custom-made BDSM furniture.

Three distinct areas make your visit, shoot, or overnight stay comfortable, clean, and fun: a waiting/lobby area, a play area that includes BDSM furniture, implements, and toys, and a comfortable domestic setting with a bed, kitchenette, and full bathroom, all stocked with guest amenities.

The space’s high style has attracted numerous film and television productions.

Rentals include use of all furniture and supplies, and are always exclusive—you will have the entire space to yourself.

Situated in a discreet, code-secured building in the up and coming Arts District, Dungeon East is conveniently located just minutes off the 10 freeway. Ample unrestricted street parking is available 24/7.

To ensure the privacy and safety of our guests, the address is given only to those who have confirmed bookings.

**Please note: This is not a commercial dungeon with a sitting staff or receptionist. We do not train Dommes; we do not hire switches or subs.**

COVID 2024 Policy

1. Everyone must be fully vaccinated

2. Masks encouraged but not required

Can’t make it to class? Many classes have been recorded and can be downloaded on Gumroad

Need more one on one BDSM instruction? Book private consult with Justine Cross