Oh boy this is has been a bit of fire year! (Did I mention that I have been rewatching the original Quantum Leap. I still have such a huge crush on Sam Bakula and it’s particularly exciting to see him in women’s clothing.) I usually do a top ten moments but I feel like I had a few moments that weren’t really TOP but they were sad, important, or growth. So I present with you top ten defining moments in more or less some kind of chronological order as I go backwards in time recounting this year while subs cheerfully tip whilst in the cage as I livestream.

10. Our cat crossed the rainbow bridge

Aw, this is just so sad. It was our last cat. I have never not had a cat in my home as an adult. It is the hardest and greatest gift to bring a furry friend to cross the rainbow bridge. Lots of love and reiki added Jade’s journey. Sadly, Jack’s dog also passed around this time – I’ve known him for over 10 years!

9. Genocide

I mean, what is there to say? This has been on my mind DAILY for the last couple of months as I call reps daily asking for a ceasefire and sharing content about what is happening in Gaza but oh wait that isn’t even the only one happening as I write this. But now people are waking up to a lot of things many of us have known and/or been saying for years. I am forever hopeful that we move toward a better society. I always want to be on the right side of history.

8. 4th Highest Gross for the Kink Bundle

I am not competitive but I love to win! Typically 4th is not on the block, but this was the FIRST time that I participated in the Kink Bundle and the 3 people who beat me are full time, super famous BDSM/kink educators. This also happened during August which is when I’m off so I feel like I didn’t even promote as hard as I normally would have! I got to meet Alessandra at my holiday party and promote other amazing instructors. Wins all around.

7. The Strike

While I do some mainstream work, this really effected me since it effects everyone in Los Angeles. If you live here, you know, if you don’t – it was brutal. It was so hard watching it happen for my friends and seeing so many restaurant closures. I’m glad it’s over and hopefully won’t happen again.

6. I was resplendent in House Party

I seriously can’t stop cracking up about this cameo that is supposed to be at a Eyes Wide Shut type party in this . I think we were on set for approximately 16 hours which is exactly why the strike was needed.

5. I am in my fulfilling my own fantasies era.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love fulfilling yours! However, this is a bit of an occupational hazard that has caught up with me. IYKYK. While we are here, I will once again forever recommend the book Opening Up by Tristan Taormorino.


Always my favorite! I got to go to Portugal, Iceland, NYC, Ithaca, Philly, Cape May, Santa Fe and Mexico. Being in Greendland brought me to tears: twice. First when I landed on the freaking Greenlandic sheet via helicopter and I got to ride next to the pilot! The second was when we unexpectedly crossed the Arctic circle – it was just so emotional, drinking hot chocolate on deck with a bunch of semi strangers listening to cliched songs.

3. The Friend Edit was Real, Y’all

There were a lot of friendships that I let go, ended abruptly or I stepped away from this year. At times this was brutal, confusing, surprising, but always necessary. However, when you clear out what no longer serves you, it allows room for more wonderful and beautiful things that do! I am SO happy that I have renewed some old friendships and made some lovely new friends. I am looking forward to nurturing the relationships in the coming year.

2. Every single person who shit the bed on Me

Sometimes quite literally. DEAR LORDT. I know it’s been a rough few years and I really do not complain publicly, that being said, I had to hire and fire so many people this year – if they didn’t ghost me in the first place! I have been trying to upscale my business to seven figures for the last couple of years and part of that means hiring more people, working with new people and going outside my comfort zone. Unfortunately, almost all the people I tried, did not work out, which caused me a lot of stress. Thankfully, I was still able to get it together and make everything work. I am SO grateful for my Dungeon Maid.

1. Year of the Peg

Oh yeah! I was in Hustler! It’s good to whip out a nice big cock whilst wearing lingerie to tie it all together!

I need to add photos but I also need to hire an assistant. Please see #2. If you aided in the happiness of my year, I wish you the most amazing New Year – and I get to see many of you! If you aided in the stress and sadness, well, I just wish the holiday and year that you richly deserve. I am off this weekend for some much needed self care. I look forward to connecting with you in the new year!