Justine Cross in Philly<br />

Me celebrating a decent craft cocktail in Philly and 4th place

Happy to be home!

What an amazing three weeks on the East coast. I toured so many museums and ate so much gluten. What’s your favorite kind of gluten? I had NYC pizza, pretzels, cannoli, fresh pasta, but also this amazing kale salad that had granola in it and it WORKED.  I love seeing my oldest friends in such peaceful, green places.  I FINALLY saw the Barbie movie.  I read and reread several books like Opening Up by Tristan Taormorino. But enough about me, let’s talk about me. THANK YOU everyone who bought or shared my Kink Bundle. This is the first time that I participated in this baller event and I got 4th place!  I am normally not so excited about 4th place, but I am very excited about the three women who are on top of me 😉  I have been fairly quiet on socials lately not just because I was on vacay but also there has been SO much purging, so again thank you for subscribing to my newsletter and reading it.  If you want an NSFW feed, go join my telegram chat below.

With kink and care,

Mistress Justine Cross

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