Made a new fan site on Loyalfans!

While I still have my Onlyfans site, I’ve had mixed feelings about them for years.  Unfortunately, they have also recently singled me out to make me to a biometric face scan EVERY SINGLE TIME I sign in.  They will not allow me to take it off, nor will it “remember me” for 30 days.  It’s annoying and stupid AF.

I like a lot of the features on Loyalfans and that it has an actual support staff.

The third annual International Content Creators Day coming up on August 26th will be doing a 100%,  so that’s the day to drop a big load of cash for me.  

I’m going to be down the shore so I won’t be updating much until I get back to Los Angeles in September so get in now while membership is only $1 a month.

P.S. I also joined with Master Alex’s affiliate and she’s a total Lesbian findom babe so when you give me money on LF, she gets it too!