I am so excited to be able to celebrate SO much in person this year. But it is a little bittersweet to not be doing LAKP this year with you.  I am SO proud of what myself and my partner accomplished during an extremely difficult time in so many ways!  We had never produced such a huge event before and everything that went along with it.  It was truly magical being able to connect with SO many queers all over the world and see your happy gay faces on Zoom.  We assumed everything would be back to normal-ish now and the desire/need for a completely virtual event would not be at the forefront of events.  Also, it was stressful to put together something like this on such a skeleton staff.  But I STILL got you.  

First of all, please note that all the instructors and strip clubs are still doing virtual stuff on the Zooms!  Remember who they are here: lakinkpride.com.  If you are based in LA, please follow the IG @DeviantParty for more timely events and me: @thejustinecross

Now onto my Pride month picks!  In person and outside or virtual!

Dyke March – The Robertson lot across from the Abbey
Friday, June 3rd 5-7pm
The Dyke March is Returning#wehopride #dykemarch
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CePQ9vkP6OP/
–I will be there physically – come say hi!

Deviant @ Dungeon East
Saturday 6/4 from 8p-1am SOLD OUT!
But add yourself to the waitlist and maybe magic will happen!  I will be there and dressed super super gay and leathery.  Please say heyyyy..

Dyke Day @ Sycamore Park
Saturday 11th – ALL DAY
Free LA Pride weekend event: trans-inclusive & celebrating dykes of all genders.
–I will be there under my pink striped tent! Please come by and say hiiiiiii.

Pussy Empowered Party @ Pasadena and virtual
Saturday 6/11 from 7pm – 12am
IG: sensual_radiance/
An Intimate, Transformative Experience of Erotic Embodiment & Expression.
–I will be tuning in virtually.

And check out all our UPCOMING EVENTS at Dungeon East, taught by queer instructors….I am in Los Angeles for the next couple of weeks before I go to Europe, so I will only be outside or otherwise wearing a K95 mask at anything indoors!  Please get boosted and take safety precautions as the numbers are on the rise.  Allies are welcome at all of these events (except Deviant).  I appreciate all your support and I am looking forward to seeing you in person or on the interwebs in the next 2 weeks..Happy pride!

With kink and care and ALL THE FUCKING RAINBOWS,
Mistress Justine Cross