Wow, we’ve done BDSFemme and Deviant once each this year and they SOLD out super quick.  The next BDSFemme will be 5/21 and tix will go on sale 5/2.  The next Deviant will be 6/4 and the tix will go on sale 5/16.  Mark your calendars if you want to be sure to get tix. The last play party sold out in 24 hours!

All events are found at:

Need another kind of party?  

Please check out 910 Weho! They are doing a TON of wonderful events like Entrance – A Kink Experience for Newbies. Entrance is happening Friday, April 29th from 7pm-11pm – RSVP here

Maybe you’ve been to parties before, maybe you’ve had a good time.  Want an even BETTER time?  Up your game with my uber ridiculously titled: 

Intro to Good Time Gatherings of an Adult Nature

You might remember seeing it around the interwebs as “Let’s Get this Party started: Intro to Play Parties.”  Shhhh it’s the same class but censored because someone got their panties in a twist about the original title and some wording.

We are offering this class in person and online as is our model for the year to try to serve you BEST both at Dungeon East and worldwide.  Of course if you accidentally missed the live version of anything I do, it’s all on Gumroad.

RSVP here for the online version or for the in person version here.

Spread It

If you’ve already come to this class and LOVED it, please help us out and tell a friend/lover/partner/metamour/kinkster to take it!  We thrive on your love and referrals.  Have something you love and want us to shout out? We will! Because this how we spread the good word.

Guest Instructors!

Sick of seeing my gorgeous face all the time, telling you what’s good?  I mean, not really I’m sure. But!  We have a plethora of guest instructors coming up including Domme Jez – medical play, Goddess Luci – bondage, Ana Algos – everything she does is magic, and Mx Shane – flogging and bondage.

Interested in a private? Just ask!

With kink and care always!

Mistress Justine Cross