My first new class in 2 years is live and available for download and purchase on Gumroad.

Do you have masochistic tendencies but can’t have any marks? Are you a Sadist who has a play partner that can’t have any marks?

Join the HBIC, Mistress Justine Cross for NEW class, Invisible Pain, for all skill levels, but some techniques are very advanced. The skills that she will be sharing will be fun and creative ways to deliver pain without marks and will help us all find ways to explore and discuss desire, fetish, and sexual interests in an open manner. There will also be plenty of Q and A time when you can ask all the sadomasochistic questions you can think of.

All classes are 18+.

We will cover:

  • What is pain?
  • Trigger and Disclaimer warning – some of the methods discussed are real abuse tactics that will be reframed for consensual BDSM
  • Why do we not want to leave marks
  • What toys will leave marks
  • Places on body that don’t show marks
  • Toys that don’t leave marks
  • Acceptable forms of pain
  • Chemical pain
  • Verbal pain
  • Abuse tactics reframed
  • Resources and local events