In some ways this year was a little weirder than the one before. I felt like once I was double vaxxed and could go out in the world safely, it was mostly behind us – hahah, whoops! In 2020, I felt like I had a really clear path of being 100% virtual and only doing social distance hangs socially, but then it got murky.

It took me A LOT longer than I expected to get my home Dungeonette space together and about a year to get my wifi working properly. I planned a few international trips to Argentina, Antarctica and Costa Rica that all got cancelled because of COVID – and I was SO incredibly upset because I love travel so much and it’s my form of self-care. Also my cat Maddy died in July (she was approximately 30 years old) so the rest of the year was really hard on me. There’s a lot of ongoing weirdness with online sex work like Onlyfans saying they would kick off adult content and then doing a 180 on that decision, but THEN AVN Stars- which I LOVED – decided to demonetize us with very little notice. Also clip stores like C4S and IWC are a hot mess because of new rules like some acts and words no longer being allowed and making sure there is a photo ID and a release for every model. My insta and tiktok got disabled and then I got them back and then I lost tiktok again. A lot of changes in an industry that aren’t being clearly and uniformly enforced is really annoying and stressful. AND THEN I GOT COVID.

But I honestly had a lot of really amazing moments all year too and when I look back it really was mostly positive and I had a very strong and happy year. I got to travel! I booked my three biggest mainstream gigs! I ran a kick ass queer kinky event! I got to play in person again! I met some new and wonderfully generous clients! We got to have parties again at Dungeon East! I am so in love with my partner!

Here’s the Top 10 Moments of 2021:

10. “I Spent the Day with Dominatrixes” with Anthony Padilla

9. Sex with Emily podcast

I think this is the biggest podcast I have ever done, so fuck yes! I KNOW I need to do my own podcast, but until then listen to the episode here.

8. I wrote My first ever article and it had incredibly cute illustrations!

10 Tips & Tricks for Anyone Practicing BDSM

Ten tips by Mistress Justine Cross for folks who wanna get down and dirty and dip their toes into the world of kink.

7. Yandy Pride Try on Haul

Yandy has been SO good to me. I love how they support the LGBTQ+ community and they sent me lots of rainbow colored fun outfits. Looking forward to wearing them outside of the dungeon this year!

6. I explain BDSM to Lily Singh

This was my first time back on set and it was pure bliss. This was SO much fun to shoot and was on network television. I got a residuals check!

5. The 2nd Los Angeles Kink Pride

This series of events went off MUCH better than last year since we had a better idea of what we were doing, a lot more events, well known instructors, and we could also have friends over for a hybrid hang! Some highlights: It was also my first time peforming with CyberClownGirls and I got some really cool art from it.

4. I got vaccinated! and then boosted

I am really thankful that I talk to old rich white men who get their way all day because I got a tip of how to get vaccinated early and my partner and I went. It was such an anti-climatic relief for it all to end in the wet-n-wild aisle at CVS in the valley. I had to pee several times in the parking lot while waiting. Then we went out to dinner. Fast forward a few months later and we got boosted. A couple months later I got COVID, but it was so mild that I barely noticed and am extremely thankful it was just that. I can’t imagine there is anyone I know reading this who isn’t vaccinated with 3 shots already but if that is you, please go now.

3. Appearing on Kelsey Darragh’s Confidently Insecure in 2 Parts

Youtube pulled part 1 and it’s currently being appealed, but you can find part 1 on anywhere you would listen to a podcast. Watch and listen to part 2 below. This was particularly awesome because we shared a really cool colleague in person and it was lovely to meet online. We also had SO much to talk about that Kelsey decided to do a part 2 segment which she never does! I know, I know, I need my own show.

2. We had in person events. Dungeon East was full.

BDSFemme returned. Deviant returned. Our Holiday Party returned. Classes returned. S&M Social (formerly known as Open House and Domme Meet & Greet) returned. I was SO happy to see everyone back in the space. It was fun. It was healing. It was over the top amazing at every single event. It made my heart so happy and full. I love providing this happy and safe space for you. Our live classes and events will continue in person as well as online and you can always purchase tickets on Eventbrite:

BDSFemme with Queen Ana Blue, Mistress Justine Cross, Domme Jez and Mx Shane.
Deviant: mx ruby blue, Mistress Justine Cross, Mx. Shane, our celebrity bartender JP

Holiday Party: April “Fucking Christmas” Flores and Justine Cross

2. I shot the biggest mainstream gigs of my career

I shot with Lily Singh, Try Guys, HBO’s Euphoria and a major motion picture that has yet to be released. I actually did so much that I am now eligible for a SAG card. I think everyone and everything is telling me that I just need to be doing my own thing. I want my own podcast. I want my own show. I want to write books.

  1. I’m just really in love with my partner

I just couldn’t do as much as I do if I didn’t have a loving, caring supporting partner. I love her so much, I love our lives, I love our home, I love everything in it and around it. In the beginning of the pandemic, she really helped me switch over the business from in person to online, we did LA Kink Pride together, she is ALWAYS proud of me no matter what I do. I’m also really proud of her because she is really stepping up her OWN business getting trained in psychedelic journey work in cannabis and soundbath healing. She is just really talented and beautiful and waking up with her everyday where we actively contribute to a better world is just fucking fantastic. Anyway she’s kinda private sometimes and currently in a journey so I need to check in about what more I can post about her later.

I know it’s been a trying year but I hope you have a lot of top moments too!