I started feeling meh on Sunday night which didn’t surprise me since I had been talking nonstop all weekend and going to all the parties – that had vaccinated only guests – were completely or partially outside.

I woke up Monday morning with a scratchy throat and a text from one of the events that someone tested positive for COVID.  I thought, ok I’ll just get a test to give myself a piece of mind.

And then I tested positive.  Twice.

Jordan Wolan tested negative twice.

Because Costa Rica requires a negative COVID test to leave – and also ethically & morally you shouldn’t travel while testing positive for COVID, we cannot go. I would even want my gf to go solo but we have no idea if she will just test positive later since we have been at almost everything together this weekend & live together. 

My symptoms are a slightly sore throat and that’s it.  Like I feel 1.5 on a 1-10 scale if a 10 was deathbed – it feels like a really minor cold.

Considering how careful we’ve both been for two years, this completely freakin sux and we are trying not to be devastated. 

I have been so publicly outspoken about COVID safety and encouraging people to get vaccinated, my in-person events have always required vaccinations and it’s been a requirement just to use my studio since August, I’ve only rented out equipment if the set was COVID compliant. I got vaccinated as soon as possible and then also got boosted. I continue to wear a mask whenever I’m around strangers. I have said no to gigs that weren’t safe, no to clients that weren’t vaccinated, convinced organizers to make their events vax only – and it really sux that I now have COVID and can’t travel internationally. 

I adore travel – it’s one of my acts of self care and helps my mental health.  Costa Rica will be there later and Jordan keeps reminding me that my health is most important and to just get better which is all true but it’s annoying AF bc I barely feel sick.   

We live in one of the strictest cities, county and state regarding COVID; I have been SO incredibly careful and so have all the people we have spent time with – so I can only imagine what’s happening elsewhere.  I again urge you to get vaccinated, boosted, wear masks, only attend events with vaccine requirements

We will quarantine and get tested again next week. Luckily we have enough space in our home to isolate. I’m pretty bummed but trying to not let it crush me. 

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