In case you have been living under a rock, you know that Onlyfans is banning adult content starting October 1. There’s a lot to unpack about all this, but that’s not the point of this post. It’s to give you all the reasons to make the switch NOW to a better fan site, AVN Stars.

  1. AVN Stars is adult industry backed

Have you heard of the AVN Media Network? Yeah they are only one of the biggest names and companies in the adult industry. They have awards every January in Vegas which is the equivalent of our Emmys or Grammys for adult stars and content. It’s a pretty reasonable conclusion that they are not going to kick you off for being an adult content producer since that’s their entire business and why they created the fan based subscription site.

2. AVN Stars promotes you!

Just look at the difference of their home pages. Onlyfans has been pushing mainstream content for a long time now. Do you want to have someone mansplain photography to you? Find out more about Floyd Mayweather perhaps? Or do you want HOT ADULT CONTENT? You can search for models and a bunch are always displayed on their homepage based on posts so you can always see what’s trending too. They also do special livestreams with performers that the promote on their main site.

3. AVN Stars has excellent customer service

I had an entire year of not being able to get paid out by Onlyfans because they said that my tax information changed – even though it didn’t – and I could not get anyone to respond to me until one day I entered the same information and it went through. My experience with AVN Stars has been stellar! An actual person gets back to me with real answers with very fast turn around.

4. AVN Stars has a clip store

I have about 1000 clips and I am happily uploading them all to AVN Stars since there is a straight 80/20 cut across the board which is better than any other clip site at the moment. This is great for passive income and to get clients interested in you before they contact you or subscribe to your site.

5. AVN Stars has a free follow option

If you were serious about making money with Onlyfans, then you probably had two accounts. One was a free account that you posted content on to either lure fans to your paid site or just offer another way to tip you with a low commitment; and then the regular monthly subscription one. With AVN Stars, you don’t have to make another account because you can post free content on your feed or locked content. You can send messages to either subscribers, followers or both.

6. AVN Stars has an option to *not* message performers

I get so excited on Onlyfans to see it full of messages, only to see that it is from a bunch of hot performers with quite frankly much better messages than me. With AVN Stars, you have the option to *not* spam fellow performers. Hallelujah!

7. AVN Stars has all the good stuff that you are used to

Twitter integration? Check. Content feed? Check. Mass DMs? Check. Livestreams? Check! Stories? Check. Unsend DMs? Check. All of the stuff that you are used to on Onlyfans is the same thing that they have on AVN Stars.

8. AVN Stars has contest and awards

Last year they had weekly contests like “Best Eyes” which was a great way for your fans to get engaged and new fans to notice you. They also post their top models on their main AVN site as well as in the AVN magazine – which is an awesome bonus feature. If you are interested in getting notice for their yearly award show, this is the way to do it to get in there. Again, they actually promote models.

9. AVN Stars lets you link to other sites

While I personally find it best to make money on the site that you are using through them, you also won’t get in trouble for promoting your other clip sites, or other services like skype or premium snapchat.

10. AVN Stars gives you access to their monthly magazine

They used to send you the paper copy but let’s put less stress on the post office and the environment and check out your free access to the digital version instead. It’s normally a pricey $20 an issue. In it are interviews, full page glossy ads for the best sex toys and again, promotion for AVN Stars. Several AVN Stars have even graced the cover of this magazine.

There are a lot of other fan sites right now, but for me these are the best reasons to make the switch. I feel forever confident with AVN Stars because they have been in the adult industry since 1982 and they support adult content producers.

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