It’s been a helluva year for most of us, but I still managed to stay on top of my game – how? Listen to my guest appearance on this business themed podcast The B-side.

Professional dominatrix and business owner, Mistress Justine Cross, chats with John and Justin all about the sex worker industry, BDSM, fetishes and kinks. Justine talks about establishing her brand, building a global business in the pandemic, the struggles she faces with marketing a business in this type of industry, the negative stereotypes and unfair regulations imposed on sex workers, and much more. Mistress Justine Cross, the LA Dominatrix, has been active in the BDSM industry for over 10 years. After working at dungeons in LA, she decided to build her own empire opening two dungeons in LA. Since the start of the pandemic, Justine has become a GLOBAL Dominatrix reading clients all over the world. | Live Events: | Recorded Classes: | Twitter: @justineplays | IG: @thejustinecross | TikTok: @thejustinecross | Clubhouse: @thejustinecross —— Theme Song:Β North x South – Ghosts | Instagram:Β @thebsidebrands | Email:

Note: This was recorded in early March 2021.