Welcome to our 2nd Annual LA Kink Pride! We are *still* hosting this event completely online due to the global pandemic of COVID.

When we threw this event together last year, it was a very difficult time for all of us.  Los Angeles and much of the world was still in lockdown because of COVID and in June the world erupted with protests and solidarity for the murder of George Floyd.  At one point, we had an 8pm curfew and we almost went into martial law.

More than a year later, we are in a better place: Floyd’s murderer was found guilty on all three counts and at this date, most of Los Angeles is open with plans to be fully reopened by June 15th;  50% of the city has one dose of the COVID vaccine and 30% has both doses.

Being online is a necessity during the pandemic but it also made events accessible in ways that I didn’t think of before: we had people joining us from all over the world, we had queers joining us from places that wouldn’t have had a pride in their location – and my favorite: we were some people’s FIRST pride.  It’s okay, I cried too.

I just want people to have a damn good time.  I know I can do this for you.  I also know that this is a huge undertaking in *still* bizarre times so I only ask of you to be kind to me and the wonderful staff of queers who are putting this event together.  We love you.  We are keeping our parties alive.

It is my pleasure to present LA Kink Pride again – it falls during a huge mercury in retrograde so it might not run smoothly, but most of us like it rough anyway.  I encourage you to help out when you can and if anything goes wrong, it’s probably a sub’s fault – sometimes punishment is its own reward.

I am saluting you all from behind my bright pink bandana face mask and black nitrile gloves! I wish you the best and happiest LA Kink Pride ever and I hope to see you virtually and in real life soon <3

With kink and care,

Mistress Justine Cross

Owner of Dungeon East
Organizer of #BDSFemme
Co-organizer of Deviant