American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron: Episode 161

On Ep 161 of American Sex Podcast, Justine Cross helps us navigate our emotions around getting back to dating, traveling, and attending sex parties in a post(ish)-COVID world. Although many of us are vaccinated and the CDC has relaxed social distancing guidelines, we’re having unexpected mixed feelings about integrating back into our real-life sex-positive communities. Introverts that thrived online are anxious about their newfound virtual communities disappearing. Visually stunning live online performance has become its own art form that we just can’t duplicate in a real-life setting. Which in-person events do we go to? When? How do we throw our own vaccinated-only gatherings? Justine gives us the pep talk we all need plus lays out practical tips for event planning & navigating post-quarantine uncertainty.

Justine Cross Bio

Justine Cross is a dominatrix and BDSM consultant quarantined in Los Angeles. She owns Dungeon East (and Dungeon West,) 2 premiere BDSM studios.  Justine is an educator, a provocateur, and all-around badass Bitch who also runs BDSFemme – an all-women’s play party.  In a state of rainbow panic and glitter, she organized and hosted the 1st LA Kink Pride – a series of events and classes conducted entirely online. She has appeared as herself on Funny or Die, A&E’s Sex Life, Lifetime’s Little Women, and VH1’s Hip Hop Hollywood.  Justine has acted as a consultant for GQ, the film Bound and Janelle Monae’s “Make Me Feel” video.  She has appeared on numerous podcasts including Savage Love, Dear Prudie, and American Sex and for a number of campaigns and projects for major brands such an educational intro to BDSM series for Yandy. Her favorite things to do in quarantine include buying plants, going to virtual strip clubs and having craft cocktails delivered weekly.


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