Don’t worry, we didn’t change the sign at Dungeon East.

But I am going to Antartica this November! The last year has been really hard on me – on us all – and what has been hardest on me is not being able to travel like I used to. I still booked quite a few enjoyable roadtrips with my partner, luckily California is gorgeous and it has been really sweet exploring as there were so many places I have not yet been.

And this year, I am finally getting on a plane. I have planned a few trips and you can always keep checking back on my travel page for more info. I have yet to book any tours, so far these are strictly vacation only or in the company of a single generous client.

I am going on the most extreme and exciting trip to date, the 7th continent, Antartica! I will be going this November 20-30 as well as doing a wine tour in Argentina, another country I haven’t been to yet.

A very generous sub is paying for part of this trip and the rest will be funded on AVN Stars. Please contribute to this amazing trip. I am also looking for sponsors and influencing opportunities – I am quite certain I will be the first dominatrix/fetish model/kinkster to dominate this continent.