Since I am now vaccinated, here are the answers to your questions:

1. Are you seeing clients in person again?

I will be seeing FULLY VACCINATED return clients starting April 7th.  You will be required to show me your vax card.

You may call or text me to book an appointment.  If it has been more than year since I have heard from you – which is MOST of you – please fill out my booking form here.

2.  Are you accepting new client requests?

Yes, as long as you comply to my booking procedure.

3. Are you still going to be doing virtual/online work/shooting clips etc.?

Yes, I still expect this to be the bulk of my time as seeing in person clients will be very limited to my regulars.

4. When are you going to book another tour?

Again, I am not sure if and when I will tour.  I am not especially eager to get on a plane right now for a long period of time even though I am fully vaccinated since so many people have knowingly got on a plane with COVID and some have died of it in flight.  I will post my travel plans here:


4. What are your rates?

Based on current market research of this tweet:

I have decided to raise my rates.  Returning clients will be returning to my new rates.  I know you appreciate my caliber as a professional.

5. Am I just going to relentlessly ask you all these questions on every social media platform, call you, text you, DM you, instead of reading them here on your website where you told me to read them and also if I had just subscribed to your newsletter, I would have already known the answer to this?