In no particular order, I began quarantine on 3/16/2020. This has come to mean different things for different people.  I formed a pod with my partner and with my long time slave jack.  For the last year we three were the only people that we spent any time with inside without a mask – anyone else was outside, at a distance, and/or with a mask on.  I am hopeful to be fully vaccinated soon and will post updates then. On a dime, I moved everything online.

For my own accounting and also so you can appreciate the huge amount of work I have done this year, I decided to make a list.


1.  I updated all three websites,, and – a bit overdue for a tweaking and I’m especially loving mine! What’s new…

–Mailing list!
–Bringing all my many main stream gigs to the front
–Fleshed out all the pages, especially virtual sessions
–Contact form – for eventually when I take sessions again
–Shop page – finally all my clothing and toy recs are now posted with my promo codes

2.  Signed up with SextPanther

Technically I did this right before quarantine, but really only started using it during and it is my FAVORITE way to do virtual sessions because I can text/phone/cam ALL IN ONE.  You can also buy my clips – they are called premiums – as well as tip me directly.

3.  Signed up with AVN Stars

Also, technically signed up before but again just really started using it now. I honestly like it better than similar fan site such as OnlyFans, but this is adult industry backed so I have less worry about getting kicked off.  They also have a clip store so I will be continuing to upload my library there. It is FREE to follow and only $1.99 to subscribe.  As a subscriber, I send PPVs several times a week that are 20% off my regular price on other sites.  I will also go live a couple of times a week to engage with fans.

4.  Updated all my profiles on NiteFlirt

I have been on NiteFlirt the longest – since 2008! – but I haven’t been super active on it, but now all my profiles are updated and I have been adding new clips to the site for the first time in years.  I will still sign on almost daily, but SextPanther has better features and a better pay cut for me hence why I find it far better for both of us.

5. Created new classes

All of our classes moved to online platforms and in addition, I created the following SEVEN new classes:
On Top: Exploring Your Dominant Persona
On Your Knees: Power in Submission
Thriving Virtually: Translating IRL to Online for SWers
Hurts So Good: Intro to Impact Play
Better Sex Through BDSM
F*ck Instagram: Empower & Future Proof Your SWer Business
On the Prowl: Success with SextPanther

6. Posted all my classes and guides on Gumroad
I’ve never recorded my classes before and just did live ones randomly, but so many people wanted to view them all over the world that I decided to put them all on Gumroad including three free guides – you can still pay for them and I won’t mind 😉

7.  Created the first virtual Los Angeles Kink Pride

With any kind of regular in person pride cancelled, I sprung into action and created the first ever LA Kink Pride with classes and events over a week – it was all online and people from all over the work attended! Ready for this year’s?

8.  I uploaded over 100 clips

I think the exact number is 138.  While that is quite a few for me considering, I have really upped my game in creating the content to look more polished and I really pushed myself more.  Most of my clips are on Clips4sale because I’ve been on it the longest, since 2012, but my better quality ones start on IWantClips – this is also my preferred site to order customs as it time stamps all of our correspondence and I get 100% off the cut.

9.  I closed Dungeon West

This was really bittersweet.  I closed because the space was meant for myself and other people to use but that wasn’t happening enough to keep it open. I wasn’t seeing in person clients because of COVID, and most other professionals weren’t seeing anyone either.  Although I could safely be open for rentals, I could no longer allow group events like parties or classes; productions were extremely limited as only recently were COVID procedures put in place.  We had a helluva sale though and I really cleaned out all my fetish closets and toy chests!

10.  Joined Tiktok: thejustinecross

I have to keep it very vanilla there which means that you gotta pay me for the spicy content.  I do have one video that almost went viral at 130k views of me unboxing Moonstruck chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  Still just playing around with it, but if you can just follow me so I can get to 1000 followers and go live, that would be ideal.

11. Joined Clubhouse: thejustinecross

I am loving this app a lot more right now since it has been pretty lax about sex workers on it!  I also started a clubhouse called BDSM Happy Hour – please join me and help me start rooms under this umbrella.

12.  I was on so many podcasts!

Confidently Insecure with Kelsey Darraugh
Manwhore with Billy Procida
Truncle Jett Chats with Queer Creatives
Lez Hang Out
Queers Next Door
Sluts and Scholars
Dr. Cat’s Eat.Play.Sex
Worsts Firsts with Brittany Furlan

13. Posted my first PornHub video

So now you can check out my first uploaded video here: Your First Time in the Dungeon.

14.  Appeared in LAist

“After one of dominatrix Justine Cross‘ two dungeons closed last year, she made the switch from doing 85% of her work in-person to doing 100% of it online. She’s now active on six websites and is teaching virtual classes online. She has been able to grow her personal brand during the pandemic. (Frequent “dings” of requests coming in from her NiteFlirt account punctuated our recent Zoom conversation.) For Cross, working from home means that time-intensive, one-on-one sessions have given way to more interactions — and more money.” Read the full article on

15. I became Yandy’s Mistress

Have you seen all of my try on hauls and tutorials with Yandy?
Thank you for being such a sex positive and sex worker positive company! And yes for inclusive sizing!  You can always get 20% off everything with my code:

16. I got a condo

Whoa, was I due for a major upgrade.  I LOVE MY NEW PLACE. It is SO nice and new and modern.  I have a lovely balcony, rooftop deck gorgeous hardwood floors, central air/heat that is so silent I can’t even hear it and my very own Dungeonette – that is what I am calling my new dungeon/office.   I moved the bondage bed, St. Andrews Cross, spanking horse and toys & clothing from Dungeon West into here where I do all my admin and shooting.  I still need to decorate though but this last year and moving took a lot of effort.

17.  I started my investment portfolio

For a lady of my business sense I was a little bit behind on this, but I am quickly making up for lost time.  I am not going to say exact numbers but let’s just say it will be in the $$$$$ range by the end of the year. Make sure you contribute more to my funds than yours this year!


I formed a tight pod with my partner and also with my longtime slave jack.  For the last year, we didn’t see anyone else indoors but did social distant safe hangs or virtual meet-ups.  I am incredibly grateful every single day that these two people are in my life and we agreed with our COVID precautions throughout to make sure none of us got sick.

I am sure that I am forgetting something but that’s all I got for now.  I am expecting this year to be an improvement of everything I tried last year but also a hybrid of more in-person stuff.

Please stay safe and keep wearing a mask and getting vaccinated as soon as possible so we may resume our normally scheduled activities ASAP!