Before the pandemic hit, I was quite the little gym bunny and I preferred ClassPass because my schedule was random and I could drop in to classes all over Los Angeles – and all over the country!

I used to travel quite a bit in the before times and this made it the perfect gym app for me.  But then COVID caused all the gyms in my city to shut down as we had – and still have – one of the strictest lockdowns in the country.  For my own personal safety, I didn’t want to go to the many outside gyms that popped up, so I turned my living room into my own gym.  I aim to work out 3-5 times a week for at least an hour and my favorite workouts were spin, barre, yoga and strength training.

Unless you are already vaccinated or live in an area where there are no cases AND your area is taking it very seriously – Australia and Taiwan are good examples, not Indiana but I will pray for y’all –  I cannot recommend for you to do in-person inside work-outs.  Outside is better, but I can’t imagine doing workouts with a mask when I breathe pretty hard during an intense workout, so I am staying my ass at home.

I used ClassPass Home for awhile and ultimately decided to purchase a Peloton bike and use the app.  I found that I LOVED Peloton far more than ClassPass.  Again, this is just based on the at home workouts in the last year, and while I love having the bike, I am only reviewing the classes you can do on the apps.


1.  Better Workout
Winner: Peloton
When I first started at home workouts with ClassPass, I thought I was just striking out and it takes awhile to find your favorite instructors and classes because unless it was a live class with someone I knew in Los Angeles, I had a hard time breaking a sweat or even following the instructor.  Then I switched to Peloton and every single workout was amazing and I felt like I was with all the high quality, high intensity workouts that I had when I did in person classes in LA.

2.  Cost
Winner: Depends
This gets a little complicated.  ClassPass uses a system of classes for credits that you can use for live classes whether they are in person or virtual.   They used to offer ClassPass at home to watch the videos in their library for only $9, but it seems like you can only have that option now if you also purchase a monthly membership for $49 which brings it to $58 a month if you want both. Peloton’s cost without the bike or tread is $12.99 for complete access.  If you have the bike or treadmill, it is $39 a month (in addition to the actual cost of the bike or tread).  So, this makes Peloton both the cheapest and most expensive.  This article from Insider does a great job of explaining the difference for the memberships on Peloton.

  • If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve – which I do! – you can get up to $60 back on a Peloton membership.  With the Preferred you can get up to $120 back.  Always have a credit card that you are racking up points with – I finally just got this one so that was a nice unexpected perk.  I couldn’t find any similar offers for ClassPass.
  • With the Peloton membership cost ($39 monthly plus cost of the bike), you can have multiple user profiles.  This is great for me since I can have myself, my girlfriend and the slave who is paying for it all!

—Update: There is now ClassPass Go that is free with your membership or $8 a month. Find ClassPass Go Here

3. Music
Winner: Peloton
Honestly, for the first few months, the music was so bad on every single class I did with ClassPass, I thought that they weren’t allowed to use licensed music.  Again, I might have just been striking out – as this wasn’t the case with the LIVE classes I scheduled, but all the at home classes from the library has atrocious music – who was picking this?  With Peloton, not only is the music much better, the soundtrack comes up on your screen so you know what it is!  On the bike, you can like it but I’m not sure what happens to it after that.

—Update: There is now Classpass Go where you can choose your own music. Find ClassPass Go Here

4.  Racial Diversity of Instructors
Winner: Tie
Honestly, they both have a racial variety of instructors.  I didn’t run numbers, but it’s important to note that ClassPass is mostly hiring or featuring people who already have a brand and their own gym.  Peloton is hiring its own instructors that might *also* have their own brand and gym.  ClassPass and Peloton both promote black (person of color) gyms and instructors during Black History Month.

5.  Body Diversity of Instructors
Winner: ClassPass
If it’s really important to you to see workouts from ALL body types, that’s just not a diversity that I have seen on Peloton.  ClassPass hired yoga teacher, body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley. Peloton instructors are overwhelming ripped, skinny, buff etc. and there’s nothing wrong with that, but all bodies are good bodies – and you can be “fit” looking a lot of different ways.

6. Celebrity Instructors
Winner: Peloton

Read about the partnership here with Peloton and Beyonce


7. Streaming quality
Winner:  Depends
Again since the live classes from ClassPass depend on the instructor/fitness studio, you are at their mercy – some used Facebook live which was really annoying – but most used Zoom.  Peloton streams directly from the app and you don’t need a second streaming device.  It always worked really well for me except when I was experiencing incredibly annoying internet issues.  (Fix: I now have Google nest, many LAN lines, as well as one specifically for the bike if I need it.)

8.  Streaming devices
Winner: Peloton
I have Apple TV and you can use the Peloton app on it – you can’t with ClassPass.  I am not entirely sure why, but Apple dropped ClassPass for awhile because when they went virtual, they wanted a cut (Read the Article)  I am not sure why you can’t get the app on Apple TV, but I personally like working out in front of a larger screen because it seems more real life.  Yes, you can mirror it but it’s one more step.  For me, I like seeing Peloton every time I open Apple TV so it always reminds me to use it.  Peloton is streaming on Roku, but ClassPass doesn’t seem to be.

9.  Woke level
Winner: Peloton
By FAR, Peloton.  They obviously, unequivocally stand with Black Lives Matter.  While both are promoting Black History Month, Peloton is sending out emails, posting content about BLM and doing specific classes promoting it. In response to the uptick of violence against Asians in the US, they released a statement about how it’s not okay and that they stand in solidarity with their Asian employees – ClassPass didn’t.  It is really important to me to spend my money and support organizations who use their money and voice for social change.  I also really love that I can use a hashtag with my name and I use #blacklivesmatter.


10. Interaction with other people
Winner: Peloton
You can add friends and see who has taken the other classes.  On the bike, you can high five people who come up in the feed for achievements or just cuz.

Extra Credit! Badges!
Winner: Peloton
I need all the stinking badges. I don’t care how pointless they are! I love them! I love getting them! I love collecting them!

So overall, if you are doing 100% from home workouts, I recommend Peloton.  If you can safely rejoin the in person classes, I’d probably do ClassPass.  I still go to one class a week thru ClassPass because I really love the instructor and it requires no equipment.

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