Well, you can always *beg* to be my Valentine.  Here’s how you can obsess about me all weekend:

Join Me at Sacred Wounds – Friday 2/12 7-10pm pst

Tonight I will be at Sacred Wounds.  Will you impress me by tipping the most?

This gathering is not for the faint of heart. Perhaps 2020 has trained you well, and you are ready. Select your donation, and join us for an erotic ritual – Leveled Up style.


Buy My Valentine Clips

Buy ALL my new Valentine Day clips and then tell me which one was your favorite!


Catch up on My BDSM Classes

All pasr recorded classes are up on Gumroad
After teaching every week for almost a year, I am a little burned out on classes. I need a massage.



Who needs some new toys?  Here are my picks – and a lot of discounts:

$50 Off Feel Good – VDay 2021

Baci for clit stimulus

Ose 2 for clit and G spot stim



Lovehoney is unfortunately already sold out of the BDSM beginner kits that I would normally recommend here, but get this starter pack instead:

Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (11 Piece) 

Get 40% off toys for couples here.



The Pom: This is the perfect little palm sized vibe that is just uhhh good. 



I love all their lingerie which also comes in plus sizes.