Haha, well this was a helluva year!  Just looking at what I did last year and what I expected to happen this year is pretty different.

All of the usual things I do such as travel, tv shows and public appearances did not happen because of COVID.

10. The Pink Room with Yandy


In February, Yandy took over Dungeon East and turned it into hot girl heaven.  I got to spank, flog and tie up the hottest and sweetest influencers from around town! This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and business partnership as you will see later on!

But if you need some hot sexy new lingerie and toys, take 20% off with YandyYesMistress.com

9.  Disco Dining Club

Again before the world shuttered, I was at one of the most magical and decadent dinner party on the planet.

Disco Dining Club & Chef Draden Medina Present: Medusa’s Profane Midnight Rouse

I legit still dream of this dinner.  I have been a forever fan of Disco Dining Club, even tho this was only my 2nd time attending.  It combines all my love of fine dining, fascinating guests and exciting performances.

While it will be awhile before we can safely consume everything in person together again, DDC has pivoted to Of the Night where they offer party boxes. I have gotten 3 this year alone and they are so wonderful too! www.ofthenight.club

8. I Pivoted on a Dime.

So the world shuttered and everything we knew was different.  My business was 90% in person and I had two brick and mortar locations to book.  I immediately took action with the help of my partner and so many other sex workers who put their time and energy to helping us move to online.  I immediately suspended all in-person sessions and ultimately had to cancel all in-person events.  All three of my websites got an overhaul.

We moved all of our classes to online and offered sliding scale donations, where they still remain at: LosAngelesBDSMevents.com. I made 6 brand spanking new classes and restructured the other ones for virtual learning. I offered recordings of the classes for the first time on Gumroad:

I ramped up ALL my online platforms: Onlyfans, AVN Stars, Niteflirt, Sextpanther, Clip4Sale, and IWantClips.  I started shooting again and added over 100 clips! and I significantly improved the quality and caliber of those clips.  I had several sales to clear out extra clothing and toys at Dungeon West.  We also created our first entirely online event, LA Kink Pride.  I acquired numerous sponsorships for the first time.  Sent out numerous press releases for the first time.

I am so incredibly proud of myself for doing SO much hard work in the beginning – it was long days, sweat and tears, but worth it to be where I ultimately ended up.

7.  LA Kink Pride

With any official in-person Pride event being cancelled, I did what every Boss Bitch who is apparently a secret masochist did, and I rallied the queermos to throw the first LA Kink Pride!  in June! right after riots and curfew and almost going into martial law in Los Angeles because of a much needed revolution for Black Lives Matter.  It was a stressful, but ultimately rewarding time.

We had queer kinksters from all over the world! It was some people’s first pride event! We had ASL interpreters for the first time!  I created a comprehensive spreadsheet to contact sponsors for the first time and thus also created a sponsorship deck for the first time.  While this was just a sketch of what I hoped to create due to circumstances beyond my control, when it’s all said and done, I am also incredibly proud of this amazing event.  Thank you for coming and supporting it!

6.  Local travel

I typically travel 30% of the time.  Just this year alone, I had trips planned to Mexico City, New York City and who knows what else I would have gotten to because we had to cancel everything so early in the season.  Luckily, I live in the beautiful state of California. And there are actually SO many places that I have not been to.

I typically travel solo for work or with a client, so it was especially sweet to me that I got to do a few roadtrips with my partner.  We were able to go to Yucca Valley, Big Sur, Idylwylld, Lake Tahoe, Lake Arrowhead – and of course Palm Springs.  I have never hiked so much in my life, but it was pleasant enough to be outdoors when everything wasn’t on fire.  I posted photos of these trips on my Onlyfans (onlyjustinecross.com)  and AVNStars (AVNJustineCross.com).

5.  Squad Clexacon

This conference awakened the Kracken of my social beast!  I was thrilled to be on a panel about consent as well as leading my own workshop about BDSM, but of course this was also cancelled.

4.  Podcast: Worst Firsts with Brittany Furlan

It was so much fun to join Brittany (safely distancing at her home) to answer tons of questions about my life as a BDSM consultant and lifestyle Dominatrix. Topics included some interesting encounters from celebrities to a client who wanted to be roasted and eaten.

3.  Outfest

This was the first public event I went to because it required temperature checks, required masks and was a drive thru.  As someone who is incredibly extroverted and social, quarantine has been hard for me.  I was an excited, bubbly femme!  It was SO therapeutic for me to finally be out and about among my peers and in a beautiful place where I felt safe.

The night I got home from All Girl Friday, I got the most wonderful note from a transwoman who I saw many years ago at Dungeon West before she transitioned. She wanted to tell me how much it meant to her that I played with her and made her feel good about what we did together. At some point, I brushed her hair out of her eyes and really saw her.

I confess.

I cried.

2. Yandy

Have you seen every single one of my BDSM instructional videos with Yandy yet?

Bondage 101
Electro Play
Impact Play
Role Play
Tease and Denial
Top 5 Kinks

As always, splurge on lingerie and sex toys here, you will get 20% off: YandyYesMistress.com

1.  No more Drumpf!

While I am not overly fond of Biden and Harris, and am so relieved to no longer have to deal with Drumpf. I am queer and partnered with a Jewish person, and I cannot possibly describe the near daily terror I’ve had because of him. And it is a terror I hope you never know.  Or perhaps I do, so that you never allow something like this to happen again.  I drank all the champagne in the house and ordered a dozen donuts.

I have been donating more money this year to causes that really need it:

  • KCRW
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center

Thank you everyone who has contributed to making this an amazing year even though it was hard and weird!