Guest on Eat.Play.Sex Podcast Episode 79: Dominating Personas, Kink as Therapy and Getting Past Your Mental Blocks in Kink


Dr. Cat Meyer|7/22/2020

What makes a good dominant? How does one even start on the path of exploring BDSM? Professional + lifestyle dominatrix, Mistress Justine Cross takes us on a little walk through the fun + exciting exploration of the different personas that exist as parts of you. She shares with us about different styles of domination, as well as, practical tools to help you lean into the edge + try it on.


In this episode you’ll hear:

Different types of domination styles + how to begin your exploration into what there could be

Creating your own persona: aspects to consider

What qualities make a great dominant + what makes a poor one?

The importance of boundaries + their expression learned in the kink world.

Tips on how + where you can get started in exploring the world of BDSM

What to do when the play goes to far, how to bring it back

Why + how do people use kink + domination as a form of therapy?

How does someone get past the mental constructs around good/bad or not wanting to hurt their partner in play

Stay tuned to the end as we answer some of our listener’s questions.

Then head over to SexLoveYoga YouTube channel for a behind-the-scenes Q+A about Mistress Justine’s personal tools for keeping her erotic life alive.

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