More up on Onlyfans and in your Dreams!

For the first time in over ten years, my travel plans are grounded and local. This decision is necessary and strange – you know how much I love to travel. As of now, most countries are closing their borders to us and rightfully so because we are a disease. Unfortunately for you if you were planning on seeing me in real life anytime soon, but I have plenty of options for you online on my virtual session page.

Since I will be unable to travel all over the country or world this year, I am ordering lots of wine from places I cannot be through Please contribute to my classy drinking habits! You may not be able to afford to send me to Bordeaux or New York, but most of my favorite wines are around $20-50. The best way to send me funds is via because I receive 100% revshare, but you can also contribute on my Onlyfans or AVN Stars where I am sure to give you plenty of personal attention as well!

I am going to the following this summer, and it’s my first time at all of them! I would love recommendations:

Big Sur – 7/13-15

Idylwylld – 8/10-12

Tahoe – 9/7-10