“I’m constantly taking classes, buying books to further My SW education. This was the best class I’ve taken. So many “a ha!” Moments that helped Me bring it all together. I’ve never really felt comfortable doing cam/Skype shows but after Justine’s class today it all finally clicked & came together. Highly recommend!” Julie Simone

“Thank you so much for teaching! I learned a lot and took soooo many notes.”  –Mistress An Li

“Thank you for such an excellent class, extremely useful, thoughtfully delivered.” –Alexandra Snow

“It was incredible, I learned so much. Thank you!”  –Miss Jenn Davis

My class went better that I could have possibly hoped.

From my professional experience, I have condensed everything I’ve learned to save you time and energy to get the proverbial ball rolling (even though we would rather crush it under our heel 😉  Just like you, my need was immediate because most of my income came from IRL sessions. These are methods that I have quickly adapted to in order to establish a more robust online presence – and they already showing profit.

The first week of April, I made just as much money as the entire month of March using only online methods. I am currently on track to make nearly the same numbers as I did before the shelter in place happened which initially stopped 85% of my income.

What you will learn:

  1. Roadblocks/mindset – How can I get from IRL to online safely and with confidence?
  2. Pro’s and Cons of an online business model
  3. Customers – Maintaining existing client relationships and attracting new clientele
  4. Mending the nets – All the things you should be doing to benefit you now and in the future 
  5. Online Sessions – Do’s and Don’ts
  6. Clips – You’ve signed up, now what?
  7. Subscription sites – What they are and how they benefit you
  8. Payment methods – When cold hard cash is not an option, how to keep your money

I have recorded the class and will be making it available for purchase for $20, please tribute here.

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I have recorded the class and will be making it available for purchase for $20, please tribute here.

I will also be converting this knowledge into a book which I hope to have available soon!