One amazing benefit of various lockdowns and shelter in place actions around the world is that it has drastically reduced carbon emissions. Very little transportation is happening and many businesses are closed or have shorter hours. Schools and most work has turned to telecommuting and working from home, including sex work. Los Angeles has the best air quality it’s had in over 20 years.

I’ve always had a decently small carbon footprint: working mostly from home, studios are close to my house, fuel efficient luxury vehicle, mostly plant based diet, responsibly sourced products when possible . . . until I factor in my substantial travel. I’m on the road 30% of the year with multiple flights circling the globe. Like you, I miss so much about pre-COVID times: I miss getting cocktails with my girlfriends, doing real time sessions and most definitely traveling to exotic locations – I’m particularly glad I just went to Aruba a few months ago.

My gift to you today is that I am making my subscription sites free. Enjoy my exclusive content behind a paywall that is – temporarily – removed. I post daily content including photos and videos. I also host live streams weekly and will actually respond to your DMs. While we cannot session in real time, I will post scenes from my in person sessions and behind the scenes of photoshoots.

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