It’s been another fucking fantastic year!

10. Dear Prudie: “The All Growl, No Bite” Edition

Look, I’ve been on a lot of podcasts this year and they have all been so great, but I am a superfangirl of Dear Prudie with Danny M. Lavery. I was so excited to be on the show that I flew to Oakland with a cold and mainlined tea and vitamin c and was still so charming that we all went out for drinks later. I drank many hot toddys and eat lots of fried food. I love telling people what to do and this was the first podcast where I could answer letter writer’s about problems they are having. I WANT TO DO MORE OF THIS.

9. Presenting at Los Angeles LGBT’s Models of Pride

Oh the youth! Yet another PACKED room of eager queers wanting to learn! This means so much to me because I love teaching – and they finally got a joke that has ALWAYS been funny but finally got the laughter it deserved. A few weeks later, I got the reviews and it was top marks all around.

8. Presenting at Los Angeles LGBT Center’s WxW event.

I must say that they really upped this event with the new campus! As always I am tabling with my trusty butch lesbian – really my slave jack, but he loves baking bread and women too much to be considered a straight man. I had a PACKED room of womxn for the BDSM 101 workshop I gave. And it was quite exciting to sneak in a few demos with my service boi TK.

7. A&E’s Sex for Sale: The Untold Story

What a pleasure to once again teach couples from the neophyte to the experienced player about BDSM in a dungeon!

6. Appearing in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Hot Girl Summer

5. Appearing in Epix’s Sex Life: Unicorns and Dungeons

4. Appearing in The Guardian: Why I ditched my therapist to hire a dominatrix instead

3. Appearing in The Cut’s: Where to be Gay in LA

2. Travel

I have been so many wonderful places this year because of the generosity of my clients such as Mexico, Iceland, Denmark and Aruba.

1. Parties.

I throw quite the shindig. I hope you made it. Looking forward to continuing the wonderful sexy playfulness for Deviant and BDSFemme – and going to other people’s events.

Last year was a little tough for me and I felt like I survived, but this year I have amped it up as usual to FUCKING THRIVE.

So what’s on tap for 2020?

Here are some sneak peaks:

*Off Sunset in Los Angeles

*Clexacon in Las Vegas
*More travel! Definitely hitting up Mexico City, likely Europe and someplace tropical. Where you taking me?
*My own podcast. It’s time to talk about you.
*Writing a book. It’s not about you.