Well, it’s been a helluva year. SESTA/FOSTA kicked my ass professionally and some personal coinciding issues didn’t help, but I dug my manicure in and said fuck this, I deserve it all anyway! I am so happy to be finishing the year strong, filled and surrounded by love, and so much abundance! Here are some of my many highlights from a very colorful year:


10. Michelle Tea Gets The Tea From … Mistress Justine


What an honor to be interviewed by Michelle Tea! I am a long time fan and was super fomo when I missed this reading that she did in Dungeon East a few years ago.


9. Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Models of Pride: BDSM 101



First time presenting at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Models of Pride event and I slayed! I gave my BDSM 101 talk and we had a great discussion afterwards.


Looking forward to presenting again next year!


8. Guest on Sluts and Scholars: Head Bitch in Charge with Mistress Justine Cross



I had the honor of being on several podcasts this year, such as Masocast, Tinfoil Hat and IWantRadio, but this was my personal fave.


7. Dominatrix Justine Cross Will Smack Consent Into That Thicc Skull Of Yours


I wrote the content and starred in this video about consent – and it was catered to the queer community! What a fun but seriously great way to discuss consent.


6. Guest Star in Little Women: Los Angeles



I love teaching people about BDSM/kink, but especially newbies and women! These Ladies were a total blast and super sweet.


5. Featured in Huffington Post: 7 Sex Tips From Professional Dominatrixes




4. Returned to UCLA for My Presentation on BDSM 101: Sexy, Safe and Consensual



3. Travel



I love travel and my schedule reflects that! Domestically, I hit up Palm Springs, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, San Jose, Ithaca, Philly and Cape May. As an international playgirl, I got to three continents this year with Jamaica, France, Thailand and Hong Kong. Special thanks to slaves j, other j and b for being so generous to making all these destinations happen!


2. Parties

In case you haven’t noticed, I throw a helluva a party. Whether you have been to the women’s only event BDSFemme or the queer all gender play party Deviant that I co-host with mx. Ruby, or were truly lucky enough to be personally invited to one of my not advertised, private events, you are promised the best time.




Earlier this spring, basically my entire industry was declared a federal crime in the most sweeping legislation to ever be passed with SESTA/FOSTA. We still don’t know what will happen. I am an overachiever. When I was taking stock on my numbers, accomplishments etc., it occurred to me that EVERYTHING I have done this year is in spite of EVERYTHING being against us in the adult entertainment industry at the moment.


So what’s on tap for 2019?


Here are some sneak peaks:


*Shot an episode with Shahs of Sunset
*Upcoming A&E special on sex work with Sienna Sinclaire
*More travel! Definitely hitting up Chicago, NOLA, Italy and someplace tropical
*More podcasts! Already in queue
*Writing a book. It’s not about you.