A woman is engaged to be married. She has been with about 80 lovers, and he has never been with anyone but her. He begs her to tell him all about her adventures to the point of obsession. Why does he wants to hear it all, and does she have to tell him?

A man with a roommate feels like he’s living with our horrible president: i.e. rich, entitled, lazy and mean. How can he convince this brute’s girlfriend that she can do better?

On the Magnum, a man wishes LA had the kind of kinky parties that NYC has. Whip smart dominatrix Justine Cross explains how to find the best sex parties and how BEHAVE YOURSELF when you get there.

After a painful break up and move-out, a man is dismayed to see his ex-girlfriend’s car parked in his apartment complex. Why? Because she’s probably FUCKING SOMEONE IN HIS BUILDING.


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