Here’s what’s on deck for July and how to keep me happy!

July 2016
I will be in Los Angeles 6/27-7/17.
I will not UNAVAILABLE July 3-5 for the holiday weekend – add me on Snapchat to find out what I’m up to!
I will be accepting sessions in Columbus – July 18 – 21 and Pittsburgh – July 21 – 24. In Pittsburgh, I will also be accepting doubles with Mistress Natalie West.
Check out my itinerary.

Here are your priorities for the month:

Add me on Snapchat $50

*Add me on Snapchat – I will add you for free if you are a regular, otherwise it’s $50. I will be posting exclusive content here, in particular, really filthy, perverted, femdom videos. If you loved my Vine, add me here.
*Add me on Followplus Missing my full photosets and want exclusive content, I will be posting it all here.
*Add me on Periscope as Justineplays (same as twitter) – I will be broadcasting some sessions, my media performances and weekly slave motivation reminders.
*I want to order a new queen size bed and media table It’s Not Trash. Because it’s custom, I will be getting a custom quote for these items. They are built to last which is why I want them. Just think about how important you will be in my life if you buy the bed that you don’t get to ever use!