I absolutely fucking love what I do but it never hurts to tell me! Although, I could hurt you for NOT telling me.

My regular client Joe, just mentioned the other day how much he loved my new site. My absolutely OLDEST regular, Douglas, who I have been seeing since I began domming over 8 years ago, mentioned that I looked ageless. I do sincerely appreciate these heartfelt comments.

Here’s a great letter I got the other day from India:

Hello! How are you doing?

I came across your email id and even though you must be getting tons of mails like this and you might not reply back but I just couldn’t resist myself from writing to you

You are a rockstar, an international icon and the testament to that fact is that I am writing to you all the way from India. I think you are one of the most beautiful girls in the industry and i simply love your work. Your scenes are absolutely unbelievable and I cannot imagine how much effort and hard work you put in to make everything.

I am sure you get a lot of mails from people who admonish you for your line of work but believe me they are complete idiots. You cannot imagine how many lives you have touched. I am sure thousands of guys and girls like me have watched your scenes and felt nothing but ecstasy and thanked you for being a screen goddess!

I have cum numerous number of times watching you and i just enjoy watching you in action over and over again! I just wanted to tell you people like me would always be supporting you

My best wishes to you and I hope you make it big in whatever you do.. Would be pleasantly surprised if i hear back from you because I would love to know more about you 🙂