I really celebrate PRIDE all day every day, but especially this month!

Here’s how you can join in the celebration with me this month:
10 Reasons to Book a Double Session with Me and Mistress Natalie

I am all about lesbian cuckolding with Mistress Natalie this month, and can you blame me? She’s hot as fuck, and lescuck is a quadruple threat fantasy to blow your pathetic little mind.

No other Dommes offer this one of a kind experience, and certainly not at the level of chemistry and expertise that we do. Here are some excerpts from reviews that attest to this particular aspect of our double play:

“Lesbian Cuckolding: Also a new experience for me. A couple of times during our session, Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie took a break from torturing me to enjoy each other while standing directly in front of me, while I was painfully bound and helpless. What a mind fuck! I really, really wanted to join in, but, of course, was not allowed.”

“They took breaks from torturing me to enjoy each other, while I was tied to the bed, going out of my mind while watching their passion for each other, wishing they would let me join in (of course that did not happen). Still tied, each Mistress sat on the bed, one on each side of me, while torturing me. Mistress Natalie mercilessly taunted me, asking if I wanted to touch her. I sure did! However, she sat just out of reach of my tied hand, laughing as I tried everything I could to touch her, but to no avail.”

To that end, I will not be available for sessions June 10-12 in Los Angeles, as I celebrate with Natalie and friends. I will be available for cash drops as I will be out and about though! You can always tribute me to aid in my fun. However, I prefer venmo to my e-mail address.

We will be shooting more femdom, lescuck, lesdom clips this month too! Want a custom? Contact us! Rates start at $100.

June 11th 2:30-3:30 – I will be spanking booty at the DAGGER BDSM tent at Dyke Day.

June 18th – I will be hosting BDSFEMME – a female only play party at Dungeon East.