Mistress Justine Cross | Los Angeles Dominatrix

Just a quick trip in the Bay.

I will be arriving to San Jose early evening on 4/16 and leaving for San Francisco early afternoon 4/17. I will be available for sessions in my hotel. I am also there for IMsL.

Mistress Justine Cross | Los Angeles Dominatrix

I will only be in San Francisco from late afternoon 4/17 and leaving the next morning. If you want Mistress Natalie to join us, make it worth our while.

Please contact me BEFORE I arrive in order to book a session as I tend to be fully booked upon arrival. Although sometimes, same day appointments are possible. If my schedule allows, I will entertain dinner or lunch dates that are booked with a session. Also, while I love receiving gifts, please keep in mind that as I am traveling with a fully stocked dungeon in my suitcase, I would appreciate small and light presents.

Address Me as Mistress Justine.
What are your interests? I hope that they are the same as mine.
How long have you been playing?
When was the last time?
How were you referred to me? (i.e. what website)
Who are your references? (Yes, I check them. Yes, it’s okay if you don’t have them.

I look forward to continue exploring BDSM with my devoted regulars and making some new friends!