Slave Jack pre- Mistress Justine Cross

I can’t even tell you what a complete mess this fuck up was when I met him. He was slovenly, overweight, unsophisticated, not taking care of his business and not in chastity.

However, he now is the perfect example of how much better your life can be when you embark on Mistress Justine’s Path of Excellence.

I have sent him to a proper barber and taught him about threading his eyebrows. I made him get new glasses and finally contacts. I sent him to a trainer, made him eat correctly and exercise on a regular basis. I introduced him to fine dining. I completely helped his business and actually generated him more money – which I then took of course – then he’s generated for the last 20 years of running it. And finally, this slave is in chastity 24/7 – where he belongs.

Thanks to my hard work, he’s become a better looking and more successful human being. He tells me all the time that this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. He takes care of Dungeon West and Dungeon East, my house and anything else I ask.

He takes me and my girlfriend Mistress Natalie West on slavecation every year. He takes us out to dinner or cultural events frequently.

We recently went to Palm Springs for a mini vacay. We hung out poolside with me in my new Agent Provocateur bikini, while he fetched me drinks and pushed me around the pool in my floatie. We actually planed to go for Modernism Week, and I wanted to dress up Mad Men style. I showed him the outfit I wanted to have – something from the retro Barbie area. I found what I wanted, he got it tailored and the rest of the accessories to go with the outfit. He was decked out in a very nice suit and silver tie. We toured the house, while he trailed behind me taking photos in all the rooms. A couple of gay men came up to us and said, “We agreed, that you two are the best dressed here.”

That’s as good as it gets!

Because we were so iconic, I’ve decided against posting photos from that night here. Instead, I will post a never before seen photo on the red carpet from the premiere of the movie, Bound, which was shot in Dungeon West.

slave jack post- Mistress Justine Cross

So thank you slave jack, for giving up your once pathetic life over to me and sometimes Mistress Natalie, and now it is only slightly less pathetic, but you have a purpose – to serve. You are a gentleman, an amazing slave, a generous client and a good friend. Thank you for not being a creep and a pleasure to be around.

I hope I made you cry. Now, go visit my wishlist and make me happier.