My last website got hacked at the end of October, so I took this an opportunity to redesign the entire site.


What is new:
*Obviously an entirely new redesign
*Streamlines the tool bar – everything is still there
*Booking page – I made this a lot more clear about how to book and my expectations.

*Slavey Do List – I will be updating this page on a monthly basis of what your priorities should be

*Gallery – I am taking most of my images offline and they will only be available if you would like to purchase complete sets

I am still going through the laborious task of copying and pasting my old blog entries which will take time, as well as uploading more photos from Footnight, events, etc., and putting in the rest of my links.

I need comments and feedback:

What do you like about new site?
What don’t you like about new site?
What is missing?
What would you like to see?
Do you see any errors like typos/broken links, etc?