Mistress Justine Cross | Los Angeles Dominatrix

This will be my first time visiting Toronto and my first time domming Canada – my dance card will be full and so will My suitcase! with delicious latex, leather, stilettos, boots, Erostek and electrodes, masks, gags and more. What do you want me to pack in my toy bag for you?

Tour Dates:

Toronto – October 8-11

Ithaca – October 12-14 – available for cash and kombucha drops ONLY

NYC – October 15-17


Slave chauffeur – I’d love a ride to and from airport to downtown
Unholy Harvest – Already have play partners lined up, but if I should see you there, please introduce yourself.
Fine Dining – I’m the best and I welcome delicious recommendations
Social plans – I have a lot of friends there so same day appointments will NOT be available, book early and confirm with a deposit.
I am also available for SELECT doubles with Mistress Natalie West.

I am on vacation so I am not really sessioning. However, you can entertain my vanilla friends by dropping off cash or kombucha. Or if you have a hiking boot fetish and want to pay handsomely for the privilege of seeing me in them.

I will be in NYC for a couple of days and I expect to be fully booked. I will be accepting sessions at Parthenon in mid-town. Same day appointments will be available, but I strongly recommend advance booking with a deposit.

Please contact me BEFORE I arrive in order to book a session as I tend to be fully booked upon arrival. Although sometimes, same day appointments are possible. If my schedule allows, I will entertain dinner or lunch dates that are booked with a session. Also, while I love receiving gifts, please keep in mind that as I am traveling with a fully stocked dungeon in my suitcase, I would appreciate small and light presents.

Address Me as Mistress Justine.
When would you like to make an appointment?
How were you referred to Me? (i.e. what website)
What about Me interested you?
How long have you been playing? When was the last time?

I look forward to continue exploring BDSM with my devoted regulars and making some new friends!