I love returning to all my grateful slaves, subbies, fetishists and masochists of the South and Tri-State area. My suitcase is going to be filled with delicious latex, leather, stilettos, boots, Erostek and electrodes, masks, gags and more. What do you want me to pack in my toy bag for you?

Tour Dates:

New Orleans – September 15-18

Cape May – September 19 & 20 – available for cash drops/drink slaves ONLY

Philadelphia – September 21-23

NYC – September 24

San Francisco – September 26-28

New Orleans
How I love this city! I’ve done it all – almost. I have many ideas specific to this city of debauchery and decadence. Here are a few:
*Shopping trip to Fleur de Paris – I would love a fancy Lady hat!
*Public humiliation – because who can really tell?
*Strip clubs – my favorite! How have I not been to a single one here?
*Phoenix – haha
*Forced intox – because again, who can really tell?
*Fine dining dungeon dinner dates – I still have not been to Commander’s Palace, Galatoire, Restaurant August, Dante’s Kitchen, or Irene’s.

In New Orleans, I will be accepting solo sessions but also doubles with Mistress Erin. Mistress Erin and I have known each other for over five years–we met at a dungeon here in Los Angeles and have tormented many the fine, Southern gentlemen during her time of ruling the Quarter with an iron fist. I will be accepting appointments at my upscale hotel in the CBD.

Cape May
I am on vacation so I am not really sessioning. However, you can entertain my vanilla friends by dropping off cash to me on the beach or buying us drinks while we are out.

Yes, I know the Pope is coming. I will be doing doubles with Mistress Natalie West and also solo sessions at Destiny’s. Please contact me directly to book. I will be available 10am-10pm; same day appointments will mostly likely only be available in the afternoon if I have availability. I highly recommend advance booking. I may also consider select outcall in Philadelphia and South Jersey if you make it worth my while.

I also have a vanilla friend I have known since high school who would love to voyeur for a session! “Katie” is a very cute strawberry blonde who shocked that perverts like you exist.

San Francisco
I can’t believe how long it has been since I have been to San Francisco! I will be available for solo sessions or doubles with Mistress Natalie West. I will be going to Folsom so my session time is limited, but I am open to doing public scenes at the event itself. Otherwise, I will be accepting sessions at Morgana Maye’s La Maison or my upscale hotel.

Please contact me BEFORE I arrive in order to book a session as I tend to be fully booked upon arrival. Although sometimes, same day appointments are possible. If my schedule allows, I will entertain dinner or lunch dates that are booked with a session. Also, while I love receiving gifts, please keep in mind that as I am traveling with a fully stocked dungeon in my suitcase, I would appreciate small and light presents.

Address Me as Mistress Justine.
When would you like to make an appointment?
How were you referred to Me? (i.e. what website)
What about Me interested you?
How long have you been playing? When was the last time?

I look forward to continue exploring BDSM with my devoted regulars and making some new friends!