Jack has been my slave for about two years now. When he first started seeing me, we both had no idea that he would be such an integral part of my slave stable or my dungeon, Dungeon West.

He had no idea how much I was going to completely change his life–and not just because of things done to him in the dungeon, or slave tasks done outside the dungeon. I put him on the Mistress Justine’s Plan of Excellence.

It was on our second session that he said to me, standing naked, strapped down to a St. Andrews Cross, “Mistress, I’m so sorry you have to see me this way. I’m so ashamed of my body.” To which I retorted, “You should be.”

Slave jack has lost 80 lbs since I first met him two years ago. He cites my contempt at his disgusting, overweight body as the clincher for him to finally be motivated to dramatically loose weight. But it wasn’t enough that he just lost the weight, I also made him bring weights to our sessions and taught him how to actually use them properly. Then I would beat him profusely for doing it wrong in the first place, and beat him more as a reward for losing so much weight. Sometimes punishment is its own reward.

Then because he had lost so much weight, I came to his house and went through his closet. I have a bit of a closet fetish and really enjoy making fun of people’s clothing and throwing it out. I picked up shirt after shirt, all in XXL and laughed, “You were really THIS fat? Wow, you are totally disgusting.” And he would say, “Yes, Mistress, I was totally disgusting and I’m still disgusting. I hope I can someday get up to your standards.” Very few things were left when I went through his 3 closets because of course, I threw out everything that was ugly too. At the end, we had about 20 large garbage bags of clothing to donate to Goodwill–I’m both a sadist and a do-gooder.

Later, we went to several discount department stores like Ross and Marshalls, because of course I couldn’t let him spend a lot of money on his new wardrobe because that meant less money for his Mistress! I taught him about flat front pants. I told him to buy pants a little bit tighter than what properly fit him. (Update: That was about a year ago, and he already needs new pants.) I told him how to dress business casual for his job.

Of course, my ultimate goal is to make him spend less money on himself and more money on me, I also taught him how to save money. As previously mentioned, I took him to discount department stores for the first time–he had no idea that he could get name brand clothes for a fraction of the price. (Ross and Marshalls, please take note that your advertising is not working, and a dominatrix with a knack for marketing may be your next best thing.) He had no idea that you could get housewares, and pet supplies either. Idiot. Then I brought him to the dollar store. Again, he had no idea that many products he was wasting my money on could be bought at the dollar store for a fraction of the cost.

After invading his closet, I saw that his house was in a sad state of bad decorating from ex-wives, a mismatch of decors, and a mix of cheap ass furniture and expensive antiques–also nothing that matched the taste of my slave. I went through every single room and told him, I don’t like this, I don’t like this, throw this out, throw this out. He agreed with me every single time, “I never liked that either Mistress, and now that you’re here, it’s confirmed.” He has a rather large 4 bedroom house and like him, it was a total disaster. I told him he had to steam clean the carpets, he got rid of several questionable prints on the wall, kitchen table and chairs, couches, bookshelves. Then I made him make a private Pinterest where he could pin decorating ideas and furniture that I could approve or disapprove. I also accompanied him purchase the furniture. So now, instead of an ugly wooden table with six ugly wooden chairs, he has a sleek modern black marble table with 4 black modern chairs.

His large truck proved useful on many occasions, picking up furniture for Dungeon West or for myself, but it was ugly, and it had to go. He also chauffeured myself and Mistress Natalie quite often and we were embarrassed by it. So he bought a brand new hybrid SUV. And of course, he thought ahead to make sure that the seats were 60/40 split for transporting Mistresses as well as items needed for Dungeon West at the same time.

After seeing how helpful the home invasion was, he asked me if I could come to his work studio to help redecorate. It was mauve hell. It had not been updated or redecorated in more than 20 years. I started at the the entrance and made him follow me throughout the space with an iPad and he typed as quickly as I could spurt out insults and suggestions. I told him to get rid of nearly all the furniture, paint the walls, put down new carpet, among many other improvements I told him he had to make. I also yelled at him for the utter disorganization of his office and threw paper clips at him.

He already had a successful business for the last 20 years, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I made him redo his logo and branding, wrote a new business moto, explained social media to him and built a new website. His business has been even more successful under my guidance.

Are you ready?