Care to know more about me and my fetishes? Then check out this insightful interview in Nylonzine. Of course, there are also plenty of photos from Ed Fox shot in Dungeon West.


Here’s the current issue Nylonzine.

More about Nylonzine:

Welcome Foot-Fetish People & Nylon lovers! Nylonzine started out originally under the name Nylon11.com in December 2003. Since then we’ve released nearly 40 issues packed with the hottest in Nylon & Fetish. In 2006 we changed our name to Nylonzine because we felt this name gave you a better representation of what we do here: Delivering to you THE magazine about all things Nylon. If you have not already done so: Bookmark us! And read on…

Nylonzine contains Foot fetish, Nylons, Pantyhose and Fetish Art. We have interviews with people who have these fetishes. Featuring some of the hottest models on the planet (Dita Von Teese, Eve Ellis, Emily Marilyn, Kumi Monster, …) and well-known photographers from the fetish scene. We make reviews, we announce fetish events and more…

Nylonzine currently has nearly 3,000 subscribers and is rapidly growing. Thank you very much!