I have a lot of toys. Sometimes I even forget what I have, but as I’ve been busy listing toys for Dungeon West, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to rediscover the wealth of my toy bag. This is why, even though I actually got Kinklab’s neon wand in December for the “dungeon-warming,” I played with it once for “private Mistress time” and haven’t used it since.

A lot of you know me from my appearance on Attack of the Show when I zapped hosts with the violet wand, which was a lot of fun!

The neon wand is very similar to the violet wand in that you can put it anywhere on the body, it only two components (the wand and the electrode), and that it is the easiest, simplest of electroplay equipment, but here’s what I like more about it:

However, it is less intense than the violet wand. One of my favorite things to do is tie someone down to the bondage bed and zap him to exhaustion, where he becomes his own bondage, haha! People have different pain thresholds, so if people are new to electroplay, I would probably start with the neon wand first.

If you are considering buying one, it is also much cheaper than the violet wand kits, which are anywhere from $500-$700, while the neon wand prices at about $135. My own violet wand kit has over 10 attachments, including standard mushroom tube, probes, bulbs; and an attachment that allows my body to conduct electricity, like featured on AOTS where I used the metallic garland.

Another favorite activity of mine is first playing with the neon/violet wand with an electrode, then using Kinklab’s Power Tripper so I’m conducting electricity through my body and picking up something metal. I see my willing victim’s eyes go wide, and I say, “Hmm, I’m just a girl, I don’t get how electricity works. What do you think THIS will do to you? Let’s find out!”

Somewhere through the screams, I’ve been told that the Wartenberg pinwheel is like a knife with electricity coursing through my body to yours. Anyone who has seen me, knows how much I love to use my fingernails in session for a sensual tease and deny, but I also have metal “fingernails” which produce a much different, more painful experience.