Here’s my money shot . . . you know what to do with these sexy feet!

As if you had any doubts!

Thank you so much for my loyal fans for nominating and voting me for having the Sexiest Feet of Los Angeles Footnight.

I loved walking down the human “red carpet” with my new black patent leather shoes with leopard heels. Of course I stepped on all the crotches. As I was walking, I overheard someone say, “Such precision!” Well, I am afterall a dominatrix.

Had a blast at Footnight as usual–can’t get ENOUGH attention on these pedicured toes (and perfect legs for that matter). I met a sexy couple from Vegas who shared their foot fetish, did a hot double with a domme, and just enjoyed myself with devoted regulars and new converts.

I also had more professional photos taken there, so as soon as I have them, I will post more here.

Again, thanks Footnight and to my fans for making it such a lovely night!