A few months ago I found out that someone in the BDSM community died. I don’t like posting memorials on my blog. I don’t like when people I know die. However, since I knew her and have very fond memories with her, I wanted to write a few words in her memory.

I was introduced to Her by another Mistress in Los Angeles at the time and suggested I contact her. I was still working at a commercial dungeon at the time and wanted to become independent. The first time I came over to her dungeon, there were literally three hot Dommes from out of town on her couch lounging about, and then I knew I had arrived! Later, She had a few instructional classes on BDSM and it was there that I learned how to use sounds. Later when I started using her space as an independent Domme, I was still nervous and would sometime come out mid-session unsure of what to do next, and she was always there to give me suggestions.

She was an amazingly experienced Domme who was very loving and supporting in the BDSM community. My heart goes out to all who knew Her.