This year I decided to forgo my Fetish Unicorn and go as the iconic Catwoman a la Julie Newmar. I think this was my favorite costume so far!

I started the night in a black Prada dress to go to a reading. Even as I entered this vanilla setting, a man come up to me and jokingly said, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like I should kneel before you.” Without skipping a beat, I replied, “That feeling is correct and I fully expect you to do it the next time we meet.” He seemed surprised that I would reply so seriously to what he presented as a teasing joke, but I think we all know how much he meant it.

After impressing geniuses with my dazzling wit and my exceptional ability to drink whiskey, I left to party! Like any Los Angeles villainess, I changed in the car with only a streetlamp and a gay man to help unzip me. I emerged fully Catwoman–meow!–complete with teased hair over my shiny ears. A catsuit never did this body wrong, but instead of latex, I opted for the black metallic spandex similar to the original and black leather stiletto ankle boots. A gold fishscale belt with a lion’s head and gold circle necklace completed my outfit. I had a sexy date, Robin, who I led around on a leash and blew people’s minds. The compliments “stunning” and “elegant” got thrown around a lot, I hope you can enjoy my lowly iPhone photo from inside the bar, as I didn’t have my favorite fetish photographer Tommy O. in tow.