I keep posting that I would love to play with couples.

Here are a couple of scenarios, I find hot:

1) Instructing a Lady on how to give the proper beat down to her boy–that which I am an expert and would LOVE to try to get a sub on his toes serving TWO women, because really isn’t that what you are there for? Making him beg to touch us and get a whiff of our wet panties, making him scream out in pain when we spank, paddle and whip him, making him worship our feet and basically just using him up in every way until we are BOTH satisfied.

2) Double teaming on a submissive lady, tying her up, forcing her down on all fours while we take turns beating her and making good use of her open and ready holes.

Now I’m incredibly turned on and have to go do something about it . . .

Sounds great doesn’t it? But here’s the problem, I have gotten several calls over the last few months. Only one person ever calls me. No, its not always the guy.

Whatever the scenario is, its always the same. Every person that calls me, says, “Yeah, I just want you to show up or we’ll just show up and it will be a surprise.”

Um, what?

That’s a fucking GREAT idea!!! You can’t get what you want in the bedroom, so you are going to hire a professional to fix everything unbeknownst to person in questing.

Again, I would love to participate in your fantasy and I would love to help you actualize yours, but let’s make it safe, sane and consensual for EVERYONE concerned. Don’t you want to participate in MY fantasies too?