I’m dressed “casually” for me, as per request, in skin tight blue jeans and my knee high black leather riding boots and a low cut black knit blouse. I arrive at my regular’s luxury apartment. He is freshly showered and incredibly happy to see me. He hands me the mineral water with lemon that I had requested. He leads me over to the couch where he has prepared for our session by recording my favorite tv shows. He takes off his shirt and kneels on all fours on the squares of sandpaper he’s placed on the floor. I prop my feet up on this stool, careful to keep my boots from blocking the view of the television. Now I’m mostly ignoring this footstool and concentrating on my favorite show. Every once in awhile, I give a sound smack to his ass with my black leather riding crop. I roll the crop around on my lap, laughing at the jokes, occasionally crossing and uncrossing my feet, slightly digging the heels into the back of the Ignored. Eventually, he buckles and can’t take any more of this delicious torment. He stands, sweat dripping down his forehead, knees bleeding–he seems spent but refreshed and thanks me for a lovely time.

Most of you know that I get flown into to New Orleans a couple times a year by d. Isn’t he clever? If you can’t get the best in your city, have Her imported.

I like having two beds in a hotel room. One for girls and one for boys! Of course I led. d. over to the sweaty, disheveled mess of boy bed. I told him how I was out all night in the Quarter making men buy me drinks and telling them all about how I was there because a guy flew me out to see him. Since d. never sees me until I’ve been in town for a couple of days, I have plenty of time to get into trouble. Hanging out with Mistress Erin of course always gets me into trouble much faster!

I made him blow me, all the while telling him how much I loved it and how many men I’ve been with and how sometime, if he’s really good, maybe I’ll bring one around for him to give a real blow job!

There are a lot of perfect things about me. My feet are just one of them. I love having my feet worshipped!

As soon as he saw me, he dropped to his knees to worship me like the Goddess I am, licking and gripping my boots. He slowly unzipped them, sticking his nose into the leather, inhaling the coveted stinky feet smell, mixed with the soft leather. He took off my boot and I shoved my foot in his face, forcing him to suck the perfectly pedicured toes deep in his mouth. I shoved the boot over his face–he gets visibly excited, inhaling my feet sweat after days of walking around in the humidity with no socks as per request.

I would not be satisfied until each toe was perfectly sucked off, each muscle in my foot perfectly massages–and let’s face it, neither would you.

I am an expert at tease and denial. Probably one of my favorite activities and I generally incorporate it into my sessions. What I’ve enjoyed doing lately, is tying someone up to a chair, hands tied behind, feet tied to the legs, while I give a CBT lap dance involving my legs, heels, pinwheel, nails and gorgeous self. Doesn’t it feel so nice when I just ever so slightly run my stocking clad leg up your body? I smile. I kick you. I lightly caress your nipples. I mercilessly crush them inbetween my fingernails. I eventually get you so worked up, you are heaving, throbbing, I sit on your leg and admire myself, and my handiwork in the mirror. I hold the pinwheel just close enough to you that your own pulsating is actually torturing–or is it teasing–yourself as I apply more lip gloss and fix my hair.

Just how should I end you?

It’s no secret that I’m spoiled. Wouldn’t you want to spoil me? Whether its vacation in the Caribbean, La Perla lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries, killer heels–I deserve it. Recently, I have acquired a true financial slave.

First, I had to show him what sophomoric women he had been previously dealing with and clean out the “competition.” That didn’t take long. One look at my sophisticated website, gorgeous photos, titillating blogs and who could compete?

Second, I had to take a careful look at his finances and decide what was unnecessary spending. I scrutinized every single detail. I told him he had to send me ten things he could cut back on or eliminate completely in order to serve me better. When I looked at the list he sent me, of course I had to scrutinize every detail AGAIN, and told him what he needed to do in order to better serve me.

Third, I got what I deserved. I also got some pressies off my wishlist, including a diamond studded watch benefiting Susan G. Komen Foundation. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

He wanted a serious role play, in the land of actresses, I’m not faking it. I am the woman in the bar you have already dreamed up. Is this real? Pinch yourself. I’m not going anywhere. I’m in your face, teasing you with my pretty, vicious eyes and long legs, running my nails all over you. I’m flirting with you, asking if you would like to come home with me, then–BAM! I punch you in the balls! What? You hunch over, surprised (but delighted) with my sudden attack. I immediately go back to flirting and teasing you, licking my sparkly pink lips, checking out the bulge in your pants, then–BAM! I knee you in the groin. I keep doing this until you are begging . . . begging for more, begging for me to stop, begging for me to keep going–until I laughed at your utter demise.


Involved red bondage tape, a glass dildo, a paddle . . . and a very hot girl. Everything about this evening reeks of sweat, screams and private Mistress time. I deserved it after all my hard “work.”