Every $50 you donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation enters you into My virtual raffle where you get a chance for a 1 hour session with Me. Donations to this foundation are also deductible.

That’s right. $50 to an amazing cause and you might have an amazing hour with Me!

I’ll sweeten the deal by discounting your session for the month of October. So you get a discount to the session you were already planning with Me AND you get a chance for another one!


Don’t you love breasts as much as I do? And honestly, because I’m TELLING you to donate to this amazing cause.

How does it work?

Go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation Donation page I have specifically created for this project. I will be notified when a donation is made.


1. MY sessioning protocol still stands, i.e. will not be doing something not listed in my interests.
2. Drawing will be on 10/31.
3. One hour session at a location of our mutual agreement; after one hour, standard rates apply.

Both my mother and best friend died from this terrible disease. I am creating this page in their memory.

So please donate, because we all have mothers and best friends.

And we all love breasts, so let’s keep them around!